Group Souls

A reader writes…

“I’ve got this quincunx rectangle and I’m wondering if you would be so kind as to help decipher its meaning?”

Absolutely – we don’t spend enough time talking about either Quincunxes or Rectangles.

The “standard protocol” for interpreting any Rectangle or “Box” is to interpret the diagonals.  We’ll talk about that, but it’s a bit of a cop-out, especially here, where we wouldn’t want to ignore the Richness of the Quincunx and Unx for the boring old Dualistic Oppositions in the diagonals.

The chart in question may be obscure to many of you – it’s a “Progressed Composite.”  A Composite chart is the chart of the Group Soul of two or more people.  It’s done by taking the Midpoints of each planet in the two charts, and it represents the “invisible” third party that Manifests when two people enter Relationship, their Group Soul.  The Group Soul may be invisible to the naked eye, but I’m sure all of you have noticed that when you enter a Relationship, someone you don’t Recognize arises.

It’s entirely possible that neither party in a Relationship or Transaction Recognizes their Group Soul as someone familiar.  That’s probably true with most of the People we meet and pass like cars in the night.

Suppose for instance one of you has Venus (Values) in Libra (Relationship Above All) and the other has Venus in Sagittarius (Detachment Above All).  There’s Potential for Mutual Judgment here, as the Libra Person probably won’t think the Sagittarius Person Respects Others as much as they should, and the Sagittarius Person may feel that the Libra Person gets too Attached.  Of course you’d get over that by actually Listening to one another and Trusting that the Other Person knows more about themself than you know about them (duh! – but how often…?!?!).

Well, when these Folk come into Relationship, their Composite Venus (halfway between their two individual Venuses) may be in Scorpio.  Scorpio is a Fearless Explorer.  Venus in Scorpio won’t stop diving and digging until they feel like they Grok things as Deeply as they possibly can, and even then they’ll still be Curious.  You might think of Scorpio as Secretive and therefore possibly a little Sneaky, but Scorpio is Secretive because they Learned early in Life that if they spoke Openly, they’d Scare the Shit out of everyone because of all the Cultural Taboos they’d upend.

If either Person Projects this New Companion on the Other, and the Other doesn’t Notice the Invisible Third, then the latter will have no idea what the former is talking about, and they’ll feel like they haven’t been Seen for Who They Know Themselves To Be at all.  Like all of the hour-long Relationships you’ve had in your Life.  Unless you’re very good at Listening and Trusting Other to Speak their own Truth.

Or if either Person Merges with the Scorpio Newcomer and tries to go too Deep on the Other, who doesn’t see the Newcomer, then the Other will likely Feel completely Invaded.

On the other hand, if both People hold hands with the Scorpio Newcomer, the two of them can talk together for hours about Realms that they don’t usually Visit, and Bingo, it’ll feel like Soulmates at first Sight!  We want to be Present with our Group Souls, but not Merged with them.  At least not all the time.  Unless you’re a Two on the Enneagram, and then it’s your Top Skill.

We often fashion ourselves to End at our Skin, or at the least at the Edge of our Aura.  But our Boundaries are Arbitrary.  You End where you Believe you End, Moment to Moment.  You could be Big as the Universe one minute, and Small as a Dot the next.  You could be Merged with any of the Different Group Souls that you’re in cahoots with in one Moment, and Fully Drawn Into your Individual self the next.  Your Identity and Ego vary Constantly.

You know how it Feels when you’re with your Best Friend or Friends, and someone else comes along and joins in.  Suddenly the Delicious Rapport you’ve been Feeling can fade away, and unless you’re quick at Adapting, it can be very Disappointing.  Imagine all of the People you Know.  You have Group Souls with each of them.  And all of the Combinations of People you Know, and all of the Groups of People you hang with at times.  You probably have far too many Group Souls to even Count!  You have Group Souls with People you don’t even know Personally!

And, Moment to Moment, you’re Merged with any number of your Group Souls, to one Degree or another.  So much for Ending at your Skin.

Western Culture is really Deeply Invested in the Ego as the Atom of Existence, but that’s a pure Fantasy.  Your Ego and Identity is no more Constant than the Bird who just dug a Worm from your Lawn and then flew away, unlikely to return.

Who was it that wrote…

“First you must know who you are
Then you must know who [he][she] is
Then you must know who you are”

Wasn’t it Richard Brautigan?  Sounds like Brautigan.  But he left out “Then you must know who your Group Soul is.”  Think about how you can become a Different Person, depending on who you’re with.  That’s Group Soul stuff.

Then there’s Time.  Astrology has many ways of measuring time, but the two most common are called “Transits” and “Progressions.”  Our Transits are the Relationships between the planets in the Sky Now, and the positions they were in when we were born.  Our Progressions are like that, except that we use “a year for a day.”  We look at what our Transits were when we were thirty days old, and those are our Progressions for when we are thirty years old.

So a Progressed Composite chart is getting pretty esoteric.  It’s a Snapshot of our Group Soul at a moment in time.  But it can be very useful.  Group Souls aren’t any more Constant than Egos.  Like yourself, they may have a dominant Theme, but the Dances they do around the Theme, and the Explorations with other Themes and with the Interactions between Themes, are likely to be as evident.  People are complicated even without Group Souls.  Add Group Souls and Time, and you’ve really only one Choice.

That’s to move to Intuition.  The mind just fuzzes out when we get anywhere near the Complexity that’s really There, and Here.  But Intuition can zero in on the core of whatever is Happening.  Even if we don’t Trust our Intuition, we can PIAVA to Know.  That’s how astrology is used most effectively, as a Trigger for Intuition.

So let’s look at this Quincunx Box…

We’ve taken it out of context and grafted it onto another chart, so ignore everything that’s crossed out.  We’ve also simplified it down the just the few planets that are within a few Degrees of one another (in different Signs).

It’s quite a Potent group of planets – Expansion (Jupiter), Soul (Uranus), Instinct (Moon), and Communication or Intellect (Mercury).  We could start by just Intuitively putting these four Concepts together.  We could read it as “By Expanding our Instincts we can Communicate better with our Soul.”  Or “What if we Amplified our Instincts – would that Allow us to Listen to our Soul more Easily?”

Of course we could make any number of Negative interpretations, such as “Our Instincts are too Unexpanded to be able to Convey Messages from the Soul.”  But why would we Choose the Negative?  That’s just shooting ourself in the foot – or the head.  Would you make Negative Prayers?  Every Thought is a Prayer; is that what you want to Ask For?  Now if Negative Intuitions arise on their own, that’s good information, because you’ve just Identified Negative Beliefs in the Unconscious.  You’ll want to Tap those Out and replace them with Positive Beliefs.

That “What if we Amplified our Instincts – would that Allow us to Listen to our Soul more Easily?” interpretation leans toward the Quincunx Spirit here, as it Asks a Question.  The Quincunx means Curiosity, and the more we can leave the Curiosity Unresolved, the closer we get to the Spirit of the Quincunx, because the Quincunx doesn’t Ask us to “Figure it Out” or Answer the Question.  It Asks us to Give our Full Attention to the Wonder and Awe in the Question, to move to Beginner’s Mind and see the World through the Eyes of a Newborn.

“What if we Amplified our Instincts – would that Allow us to Listen to our Soul more Easily?”  Can you Ask the Question and then leave it dangling, without an Answer, just more Curiosity?  That’s what the Quincunx Asks of us, and if your “left” brain is a busybody, it may be almost impossible.  If that’s the case, the only way you can Open to True Curiosity and Awe will be to Change the Subject – Let the Question Arise, then go watch TV.  That way your Intuition can work on it while your “left” brain is otherwise engaged, and Surprise you later with Wisdom to Complement the Wonder, rather than Extinguish it.

If we look at the diagonals and interpret them as Oppositions or Contradistinctions, we might Believe that the chart is saying that the Soul is too ineffable to actually Communicate to us.  But again, why would we Choose the negative?  We need to Transcend the Duality, not get immersed in the Apparent Competition.  So how can we Merge Communication and Soul?  That’s pretty Easy – it’s Speaking our Truth.

We might interpret the other diagonal – Instinct and Expansion, as a direct Suggestion – Expand your Respect for your Instincts!  So if we go straight to the diagonals we might interpret our Interaction with this Other Person a This Time as the Suggestion that we Speak our Truth and Respect our Instincts.

What if we focused on the Quincunxes instead?  Quincunxes are always Questions.  “How is it that Intellect and Instinct Complement one another?” [Change the Subject].  “Do I Merge my Ego with my Soul by Expanding, or??” [Change the Subject].  It’s important not to Answer the Questions, because the “left” brain will always try to keep us in the Cage it has us in, and not let us Think out of the box.  If we aren’t Learning we’re Stagnating.

And the short green lines, the “Unxes,” those are about Pattern-Breaking, but we can make them more Powerful by phrasing them as Questions too.  For instance, “What does my Soul have to do with my Instincts?” [Change the Subject].  And “How might I Expand my Communications” [Change the Subject],  Since Unxes naturally Break Habits, while we’re watching TV our Intuition could be Building us New Habits of Communicating more Expansively, maybe about how great it is to Trust that our Instincts Serve our Soul.

We might be Surprised to find ourself telling these things to our Group Souls tomorrow, without even Realizing that we’re Channeling.

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  1. Ann-Marie Says:

    Good day! I love your blog. Do you do charts?

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