Gifts 2

The Moira (Fate and Choice) Station occurred 26 February (3:30 am PST).  We discussed its role as a Player in the Makemake (Manifestation) in the recent Gifts 1 post.

On 27 February (4:30am PST) dwarf planet Asbolus (Intuition) was Stationary, Conjunct asteroid Sappho (Self-Love) at 17 Gemini.  If you’re Noticing that you are NOT Beating Yourself Up in situations where you normally would, Good Work!  If you aren’t Noticing this, or you’re still in Self-Judgment, Shift your Perspective from the Material to the Spiritual (the Asbolus Station Squares Neptune).  How to do that?  Ask what sort of Energy is Active rather than what sort of Matter is Lit Up.

For example, rather than Attending to the Hardcopy Reality that your car won’t start, focus on Where you were going and Why – was your trip associated in any way with Anxiety?  With Giving Away Your Power?  With Serving Others or Serving the Sacred?  With Outrunning your Support Systems?  If some part of you didn’t Want you to take this trip, what part would it be?  Is that a part of yourself that you Admire?  That you Trust?  Oh, and did you remember to depress the clutch pedal or put the automatic transmission in park?

Then Ask yourself, “What’s Karmic about this kink in my plans?”  Your Intuition will be interacting very Gracefully with the End of your Karma (Asbolus-Sappho [Intuitions about Self-Love] Trine [Dumb-Luck Blessings] asteroids Atropos [Endings] and Karma).  There may be important information there.

The real Doozy though is something like Could The Most Important Thing be to Transform Our Codependent Relationship with Respect for All Things?  (Asbolus-Sappho Quincunx Saturn-BeeZed-Hylonome-Hopi.)  There’s a Difference between Sympathy and Compassion, and it’s easy to Confuse Empathy with either.  Of course no two folks will use the words exactly the same way, but in General Sympathy involves Feeling-With, while Compassion is closer to Feeling-For.

As we move from Competing with Nature to Collaborating with Her (ie, 3D to 5D), we have to Surrender Judgment.  Judgment goes both ways – Judging as Bad or Judging as Good.  We achieve Neutrality by moving beyond Judgment.  Neutrality means we don’t have Identity in Outcomes – no Outcome is a blow to our Ego.  When we deeply contemplate Inequality, How do we Feel?  If we Want to Change Inequality (either because we Want More for Ourself, or because we Feel For or Feel With its Victims), a Heavy Emotional Charge will hinder our efforts.  To Manifest most efficiently we need to be Neutral and Passionate.

I know, Neutral and Passionate sounds like an Oxymoron, but it’s we that are the Morons when we assume that what appear to be Contradictions are properties of the World.  They aren’t, they’re properties of the Observing Dualistic Mind.  The Natural Universe includes all Possibilities, Combinations, and Permutations.  Wherever we Perceive an Apparent Contradiction, we find a big Opportunity for Growth in Consciousness.  Without Neutrality we can’t Objectively and Creatively consider All Options.  Without Passion we aren’t Inspired enough to devote our Energy to the issue Consistently.

Asteroid Hopi represents Respect for All Things.  Dwarf planet Hylonome symbolizes Merging.  Hopi-Hylonome then is about Merging with the Universal – we’re Unable to Distinguish between Ourself and the Universe.  How do we Respect Ourself as a member of All Things?  That Relationship is being Transcended (asteroid Bee-Zed), and this Transcending is The Most Important Thing (Saturn) for us now.

These Differences are Subtle but Important.

We mentioned in Gifts 1 that the 26 February Station of Moira and the 28 February (11pm PST) Station of Veritas (Truth) occur only a few Degrees from one another (in different Signs), so we can interpret them as one chart.  We also mentioned that this chart is chock full of Blessings, and we detailed one of them, the Makemake Diamond Star (Self-Resolving Challenge about Manifestation) that involved the Moira Station.  The second Blessing we can consider is the Karma Diamond Star (Self-Resolving Challenge about Our Karma) that involves the Veritas Station.  We’ll take that up next.

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