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We’re still working on the 23 February Aletheia Station till Saturday – see Ancestors Full Moon 2 (Boundaries VI) and the rest of the Boundaries series, but we’ve been studying that pretty well for a while now, so without Forgetting that this is All About Boundaries, Truth, and Ancestors, let’s skip ahead to next week, when we add Strong (Stations) doses of Fate and Choice (Moira Station 26 February), Intuition (Asbolus Station 27 February) and more Truth (Veritas Station 28 February).

Since the Stations of Fate/Choice and Truth are within a few Degrees of each other, we can combine them on one chart…

The chart carries a number of Boons.  We can start with the Complete Grand Sextile (blue hexagram).  And both of the Stations are involved in Self-Resolving Challenges (Diamond Stars or T-Squares with Benefits – the heavy red triangles).  And besides that there are two additional Self-Resolving Challenges (Diamond Stars in light red triangles).

Challenges usually turn out to be No Fun At All, so when we encounter a Self-Resolving one it’s a real Gift.  We get to Work the Challenge – which we’d have to do regardless – with the Support of the Universe rather than its Resistance.  Self-Resolving Challenges aren’t that common, and we’ve been getting a lot of them lately!  It’s a Blessing that we’re Aware of them, because we’ll be in our Gratitude while we absorb their Learning Opportunity, rather than letting our Ego Bloat when we see how smooth the sailing is.

Let’s start by getting to know the Players.  The two Stations come first…

Moira is the Greek Goddess of Fate.  Fate is what happens to us (ie, we’re its Victim) when we’re Unconscious of the Patterns involved.  It’s usually Self-Sabotaging, even when it’s Positive, as we often don’t Appreciate Grace, and Suffer when its withdrawn.  We wouldn’t be far off to consider Fate to be a synonym for Karma.  But once we become Conscious, “Fate” reveals itself to actually be Choice.  We can Choose to Repeat our old well-worn Patterns, perhaps because we’ve figured out how to make them pay off for us, or to Trial and perhaps Adopt Brand New Patterns that might work a lot better.

Fate/Choice/Moira is one side of the base of the Challenge (T-Square) part of its Self-Resolving Challenge (Diamond Star).  The two sides of the base of a Challenge can be seen as the (False) Duality in our Thinking which Creates the Challenge.  So here the Duality is between Fate/Choice and…

Trust (asteroid Eurydike).  In this context, Trust probably means Suspending Disbelief.  When our Fate or Karma Victimizes us, we don’t usually see it as the result of our own Beliefs and Actions – that’s almost the definition of Victim.  Even when someone offers us Wisdom about our Patterns, our Initial Response may be “Oh, so you’re Blaming the Victim!”  Just Trusting that our Karma is predictable and that it may be Possible to Learn its Patterns and Change them, is a Big Step – we would be Suspending Disbelief around being a Victim.

We escape Duality by moving to the “Coin” – the Principle that Unifies the two ends of the Duality (like Heads or Tails).  What Unifies Fate and Trust?  Recognition is one possibility – Recognizing that we can Trust our Fate not to Change until we find the Levers behind the curtain, and pull them.  That is, Consciousness, or at least the Striving for Consciousness.  We Immer Strebend as Goethe put it.

So a Challenge or T-Square suggests that we’re Stuck in a Duality.  Or rather, it gives us the Opportunity to Liberate ourself to the extent that we’re Stuck in a Duality.  Most of our Dualities can probably be phrased as Can-Can’t.  “I Can have What I Want” says our Desire for Liberation.  “No you Can’t” says our Programming (aka Karma), or “Not Till You Earn It” or “Don’t try to Punch Above Your Weight,” or however your Programmers Kept you Down.

If you don’t Trust your Ability to Do What You Need to Do, or you aren’t Willing to Do it, you may spend a lot of time in Anxiety about it.  Every time you Imagine What You Don’t Want, you Ask the Universe to Deliver Exactly That – What You Don’t Want.  Those kinds of Habits (Fate, Karma) can be hard to Break, but how much time do you spend Imagining Having What You Do Want?  What’s your Don’t-Want/Do-Want ratio so far today?  Four hours to three minutes?

That’s a nasty Karmic Habit!  What would happen if, every time you caught yourself thinking Don’t-Want, you guessed how long you’d been thinking that way, and then spent three times as much time Imagining Do-Want?  You might Transcend your Fate!

Being Stuck in a Duality has Consequences, usually that we’re Frozen between the two Competing Drives and Can’t get What We, but we also Can’t get rid of the Desire to get It.  The Consequences are reflected in the planet at the focus of the T-Square, in this case…

Manifestation (Makemake).  So whatever you’re trying to Manifest but having Difficulty Letting Yourself Do It, a Makemake T-Square – if you Choose to be Conscious about it rather than Victimized by it – will give you clues about the internal Psychological Tug-of-War that needs to be Unified.

You might even play word games in your PIAVAs – for instance, “I Wonder What Trust and Choice say to one another when they’re in the same bathtub” or “I Affirm my Belief that I Can and Will Transcend my Limitations.”  (Notice that I Can and I Will are very different Energies.)

Lack of Trust in your Ability to Choose may not be your only Inhibition to Manifesting, but it probably impacts you to some degree, and this Challenge gives you the Opportunity for some new Trial-and-Success games around it.  Note that “Error” is a Success in the sense that you’ve Eliminated one more way it Doesn’t work on your journey to finding out how it Does.  If we took this attitude toward our natal T-Squares, it would Transform our Life.

But, this is a Self-Resolving Challenge!  So we may not need to work so hard at Unifying our Dualities.  Maybe we can just Shift our Perspective and get Insight from Seeing things a whole new way.  How might we do that?  Well, the first thing we need to do is Invoke our Curiosity.  What makes a T-Square Self-Resolving is the green wedge that also points at its focal point.  The green lines in these charts represent Curiosity.  When two green lines converge it’s called a Finger of God, and it means Pay Attention! to the planet it’s pointing to.

But that’s an oversimplification.  What it really means is Pay Attention! to (or rather, Be Curious about!) the two planets at the other ends of the green lines, and to What You Don’t Realize about the Relationship between them and the planet that’s being pointed to.  So these two Players are…

Action (Mars) – it may be Asking whether your Action toward Manifesting What You Want is commensurate with your Desire for it.  Mars can also mean Anger.  Is there anyone that you’re trying to Punish by not Manifesting What You Want?  If someone knocked on your door, maybe Ed McMahon, and Offered you What You Want, would you be Willing and Able to Receive it?  Do you Deserve it?  What about those Starving Kids in China?  Maybe you’re in Guilt, which is a kind of Anger at the Self.

These aren’t Questions to be Answered, they’re Curiosities to be PIAVAed and then Change the Subject.  If you let yourself Answer them, the Answers will be coming from your Stuckness, and nothing will Change except maybe the color of the wallpaper.  Dangle the Questions, then duck into the next room.  That leaves your Intuition having to find a way to solve the Riddle, and She’ll solve it by Reframing the Problem.

The end of the other green line is…

A whole new (Klotho) and very Deep (Sun) Belief System (Vesta) about Abuse (Nessus).  We might be able to Shift our Victim Beliefs around our Fate, but it gets a lot trickier when our Fate happens to include Abuse.  Of course Abuse includes a lot more than the Physical or Sexual Abuse that the word usually invokes.  One form of Abuse is not being Recognized for Who You Really Are.  If you grew up with that sort of Abuse and haven’t Healed it yet, your Live your Life as an Imposter.

Any Culture (including Family Culture) that has a lot of Rules or Expectations is going to have a lot of Imposters, because the more Rules there are, the fewer Souls are going to be able to be Who They Really Are in that Culture.  If you don’t have Permission to be Who You Really Are, then you’re unlikely to have Permission to Receive What You Really Want, and that’s going to put a huge dent in your Manifestation Abilities.

To be continued – must Sleep now…


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