Boundaries IV

I’ve been a little surprised at how useful and Powerful Poor-Sweethearting has been around Boundary issues.  I found myself quite Angry yesterday about being overcharged on a purchase, but more so, Angry at myself for not Speaking Up when the cost was higher than I expected.  At the time I didn’t want to rock any boats, make anybody uncomfortable, or appear Flappable!  (

But hmmm, where’s Hylonome-Codependence?  Waxing Squared by Mars-Agitation!  So what’s this Cycle about?  The Initiation was early April 2018 at 12 Capricorn, “An illustrated lecture on natural science reveals little-known aspects of life.”  An illustration of natural social science I guess, and a useful one.  This Degree was one of the Harmonic Convergence Initiations in 1989, between Saturn and Neptune.

That Cycle is now in its Void phase, nearing a Waning Sextile.  We can think of the Saturn-Neptune Cycle as a commentary on how well our Ego embodies our Spiritual Values.  There’s no question that we’ve been getting ample Insights into little-known aspects of Social Science (or at least, usually-Denied if not little-known) over the last thirty years – about Gender, about Authority, and of course about Sovereignty.

So it occurred to me to Poor-Sweetheart myself, especially about the Anger at myself, and the Emotional charge was immediately reduced.  Not long thereafter I Realized that I really didn’t mind the overcharge, because it was the best grocery store in the Universe that overcharged me, grocery stores have famously low margins, this store consciously tries to keep their prices down because their neighbors don’t have a lot of money, and I’m more than happy to contribute to their continued success.

Now tonight, while I’m questioning myself about having Spoken Up in a meeting, wondering whether I done good or not, I Poor-Sweethearted myself again, and it immediately helps again.  These are both about Speaking Up or not, perhaps related to the 10 February Initiation of Mercury (Communication) by asteroid Klotho (Beginnings) at 30 Aquarius.  This last Degree of Aquarius has a rather unusual and long Sabian Symbol…

Deeply rooted in the past of a very ancient culture, a spiritual brotherhood in which many individual minds are merged into the glowing light of a unanimous consciousness is revealed to one who has emerged successfully from his metamorphosis.”

A bit different from the usual “Bird on a wire” or “Famous Blue Raincoat” Symbols.  I’m not even sure how to understand it grammatically.  I guess it means that someone has just Emerged from an Ancient Trance – or Let Go of their Karma.  Certainly fits the theme of The Other Wind that I was just quoting.  And I guess it could apply to an Ancient Trance of being Ashamed of, or Punished for, Speaking Up.  That would certainly be plausible in my own case.

Since this is a Transit (occurring in the Sky now, rather than in an individual chart), it should impact everyone – has anyone else encountered similar issues this week or last around Speaking Up?  Mercury-Klotho is a one-year Cycle, so if this trend is new starting a few days ago, it bodes well for the political situation.  Yesterday’s Guardian article about social media might be an example…

And of course we’re looking at Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) moving into Gemini (Atomizing), on 10 February (8:30pm PST), which promises to Disassemble all manner of previously-hidden Trances, Ancient or Otherwise, even if it’s only in Gemini for a few months …

This is the same chart we looked at in Boundaries III, but for that version we drew up everything within Sensitivity (3°) of Makemake (6 Degrees); we’re centering this one on 0 Degrees.  The main Configuration in this version is a fine illustration of a Diamond Star (Self-Resolving Challenge), drawn in the heavy lines, though the Configuration excludes Juno and instead focuses on Varuna (Life Force).

A Diamond Star is composed of a T-Square (red triangle) and a Finger of God (green wedge) pointing at the same place, which results in a Double Trine Bridge (blue lines) across the Challenge of the T-Square.

The roots of the Challenge itself are about the Truthiness of our Boundaries (Aletheia-Pallas approaching the Cusp of Scorpio) and Instinctively but Actively Making Space for our Soul to Come Forth (Moon-Mars-Uranus on the Cusp of Taurus).  The Grace or Self-Resolution comes through the Klotho-Mercury Initiation we’ve already Spoken Up about, and a Wonderfully complex Stellium comprising Ixion (Forbidden Genius), Eurydike (Trust), Quaoar (Survival Instincts) and Pholus (Fully Responding).

So it’s our Forbidden Genius that’s been Trapped in a Unanimous (or Indistinguishable from Background noise, aka Unconscious) Trance since Ancient Times, as we Wondered whether it might be.  The Implication is that Speaking Up is not just about Expression, but about Survival, about Fully Responding to our Survival Instincts by Trusting the Native Wisdom that we Channel.  The Wisdom that Speaks Us, our Forbidden Genius.

And Never Looking Back.  Noticing our Self-Doubt or Self-Judgment and Quenching it quickly with, eg, our Poor-Sweethearts.  Eurydike, wife of Orpheus, died at the fangs of one of those Serpents (Dragons) while fleeing from one of those Serial Rapists that the Greek Myths celebrated.  Orpheus’s Grief was so Profound that he was allowed to Retrieve Eurydike from the Other Side, under the Condition that he Did Not Look Back while she followed him out of Hades.  He Distrusted and Looked Back too soon, nullifying the Bargain.

Hence we can’t Second-Guess our Instinctual Speech, lest we kill the Golden Goose – and diminish our own Life Force.  Notice that there are two other Fingers of God (meaning Pay Attention!) in the chart.  One points to Juno – Growth in Consciousness, and the other to Aletheia-Pallas – Let Go of Boundaries Against Your Own Truth.  Truth is in the Heart, not in the Mind or “Facts,” and everyone’s Heart is Different.  If we wish to Grow and Survive we can no more Squelch our own Truth than we can Disallow the Truth of Another.

Cuspal Angles and Configurations hide a secondary Challenge.  Angles and Configurations are Full of Grace when they connect planets that share the same Element – Fire, Earth, Air, Water.  Fire Signs are four Signs apart, for instance, so an Angle connecting two planets four Signs apart is Graceful because the planets share the Element, such as Fire or Water.  Which is to say that they understand one another’s Motivations and Methods, and so Communicate easily.

But when our two planets are on Cusps, they can be Harmoniously Related by Angle, but be in Signs of Different Elements.  Conjunction indicates Merging, so Eurydike/Trust, Ixion/Genius, Quaoar/Survival, and Pholus/Responsibility are Merged here.  They are virtually indistinguishable.  We can attribute our Attention to Global Warming, for instance, to the long span of the Quaoar-Pholus Conjunction (they move slowly, so stay Merged for a long while), especially while they’re in Capricorn (Meaning Just Fix It).

Anyone who Trusts their own Genius (Eurydike-Ixion) will be Paying a lot of Attention to Responding to Threats to the Earth’s Survival (Quaoar-Pholus).  Or Paying a lot of Attention to Responding to Threats to their own Survival on the scale to which they’ve grown accustomed.  One group operates from the General Premise that We Are All One, the other group from the Premise that it’s Us-Against-Them and the ends justify the means because We are Better Than Them.  Since the Trust of Genius and the Threat to Survival are Merged, neither group is open to Debate.

The Disconnect here is that Quaoar and Pholus are in Earth Sign Capricorn (Just Fix It), while Eurydike and Ixion are still in Fire Sign Sagittarius (Just Burn It Off).  So while our Drive is to Ground our Responsiveness to our Survival Instincts and make it Tangible, our Genius is still Burning Off the Chains that have kept it locked in a Trance since Forever.  A Surrogate for that Trance might be our Belief that tomorrow will resemble yesterday.  California, British Columbia, and Scandinavia are doing a Credible job of literally Burning Off that Trance!  Remember that Cold is the Absence of Heat, so Freezing it Off is just the other side of the Coin.

Ixion won’t make its Grand Entrance into Capricorn till December 2020, just as the Digital Age Begins in Earnest.  Ixion sticks a toe into the first Degree of Capricorn earlier, and dangles another into the last Degree of Sagittarius later, but its Primary Entrance is in December 2020.  The Digital Age is Heralded by two centuries of Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions in Air (Mind) Signs.  Jupiter (Expansion) and Saturn (Focus) are the two primary Social planets.  Among other things, they impact the Economies of the World.

We just finished two centuries of Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions in Earth Signs, while the Industrial Era Manifested things in hardcopy.  The old joke about Aquarius is that its favorite haunt is the Pub, where it loves to Design new Social Orders.  Aquarius is more than that, but it’s a fitting snapshot for Fixed Air.  It’s hard to imagine Fixed Water (Ice?), but Fixed Air is even harder.  Think Rules, Ideologies, Fixed Ideas.  While the Age of Aquarius is hailed for “Sympathy and Understanding, Harmony and Trust Abounding,” will it all be Conditional on Following the Rules?  Perish the thought.

In Capricorn, Ixion is unlikely to become a lot less Forbidden.  It’s more likely that folks will Divide up into Secret Societies.  If so, at least we won’t need to Bear this Demon Alone any more, assuming we can find our own.  As a friend used to say, “There are eleven million people in New York City – if you’re one in a million there are eleven other people here just like you.”  We will Recognize the Vibes; the only thing that will keep us Alone is our Shame.  The ‘Rumps and the Anti-‘Rumps could be just the warmup – the only thing missing is the Secrecy.


One Response to “Boundaries IV”

  1. Casey c.d Says:

    I love when synchronicity occurs > I literally was working this configuration out yesterday, not understanding the a.) Geometry OF it that I was noticing the approach of this exact configuration to appear via transits of (Nep/Jup/ approaching NN Cancer) and b.) IF or What it actually was ‘telling me’ when appearing via transits integrated with Natal placements!!! (Now I See it’s a Diamond Star> Thank You;)
    My chart for the up coming many months is showing these aspects hard-core via transits to Natal planets and transits completing the patterns of these conjunctions/oppositions/and squares …. I would VERY MUCH like to further investigate on this > Would you be available to perhaps provide me further feedback and knowledge per your expertise? Please let me know the best way to connect with you if so! ;)
    Thanks again, per usual your posts have given me SO MUCH Greater Knowledge in my journey of becoming an experienced astrologer!!! Sending gratitude your way JBuss!! 🥰

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