Kegels 6

As we mentioned early on, the Sedna Station chart also includes a Grand Cross – the globe-spanning box with the “+” inside, drawn in thin red lines.  A Grand Cross represents a coordinated set of Hassles, which complement one another, each Hassle being at least a Distraction from, if not a partial Resolution of, the next Hassle.  Grand Crosses often indicate Success because they result in Skill at Multi-Tasking, and if they’re joined by many blue (Grace) lines, as this one is, it’s a particularly Positive sign.

A Grand Cross is composed of two Oppositions three Signs apart, making, you guessed it, a Cross, or at least a Plus Sign.  One of the Oppositions in this Grand Cross is between the Nodes, which indicate our Lifetime Path.  The South Node, which looks like a stethoscope without the tail, is where we came from (ie, Past Lives, but those are just Mirrors for our Karma and Held Emotions).  The headphones-shaped North Node represents our Mission, or Where We’re Going.

Anything Squaring the Nodes, as the second Opposition does, is an important indicator of how we can Break Through blocks on our South-to-North Node Path.  The second Opposition here joins (or separates) two Stelliums (which are groups of three or more planets) –

  • Uranus-Mars-Eris (Soul-Action-Revelation) is Big, as anything involving the Soul always is.  The Mythological Mars and Eris were siblings.  In Ego astrology, Mars stands for Violence, and Eris for Discord.  Mars was the God of War, and it was Eris who threw a Golden Apple labeled “To the Fairest of Them All” into a banquet of the Big-Name Goddesses, leading to all manner of Competition and Jealousy among them.

The Greeks never bothered to notice out loud in their Stories that if these Ladies just Recognized their Vanity and had a good laugh about it, the incident would have faded into HerStory in a short while.  Greek Mythology prototyped the Patriarchy, so of course female Vanity was Storied as an antithesis to Peace, while Male Vanity was Rewarded with Power, Respect, and License to Rape at will.

This is a second Gender-Balance Issue in the Sedna-Station chart, after the Medusa-Perseus theme introduced by the Fixed Star Algol, which stands behind the Station.  In Ego astrology, Uranus represents Disruption, because as the Soul it Disrupts any Ego Investments that impede the Soul’s Evolution.  So to the Ego, we have here Disruption, War, and Discord.  Know anybody who’s Acting that Out?

To Growth astrology, we have Soul-Action-Revelation, or a time to gain Insight on what we’ve been Denying, and Act to Support our Soul rather than our Ego…

…if we’re capable of it of course.  Is there any sense in which you’re Acting this Out?  I’ll wager there is, and it might be Self-Loving for you to Identify it and Acknowledge yourself for it.  The whole Sedna-Juno theme after all is Opening to the Edges of Consciousness.  Nobody Lives in Fear more than the Ego.

  • The other Stellium is Haumea-Aletheia-Pallas, Rebirth-Truth-Boundaries.  Pallas is already the counterpart to Mars, as she, Pallas Athena, was the Goddess of War, but also the Goddess of Wisdom.  So you have Mars shooting first and Asking Questions later, and Pallas Asking Questions first, and Shooting only as a Last Resort.  Hence, we interpret Pallas as Boundaries.

So this Stellium is about being Reborn into Truth about our Boundaries, meaning that our Conflicts are revealed as Failures of our Ability to set Effective Boundaries.  For those to whom the only Effective Boundary is a Wall, Rebirth into Truth can be a serious assault on the Ego.  We can repeat part of the passage from John Matthews’s The Sidhe: Wisdom from the Celtic Otherworld (pp.49-51) that we quoted earlier this month in the Manifesting in 3D and 5D II post…

” ‘If the spirit within you can speak to the spirit within another, then you can create a link that enables you to combine the two within one.  In this way you can bring about changes that are very subtle.  You could, for example, change your form by establishing a link with a creature.

” ‘So long as it was willing to sustain the exchange between you, you would become the creature and the creature would, in a certain sense, become you.  It is a matter of overcoming otherness.  The identity which we all possess, Sidhe, animal, humankind, is only a matter of outer form. 

” ‘The reality of Spirit is much deeper and more constant, since it does not require form of itself.  This is the importance of reestablishing contact between yourselves and the spirit within everything.  Once you have reconnected your own scattered selves, this should be a natural outcome.‘ “

In this view of the World, our Goal is the Recognition of the foundational Spiritual Truth that We Are All One.  So this second Opposition is very clearly a Contest between Ego and Soul, and between Competitive 3D and Cooperative 5D Manifestation.  Which one will most Support our Mission and further our Evolution?  Which are we Choosing?

Don’t be Embarrassed about either – if we can Identify an arena in our Life where we’re Choosing the 3D-Ego Approach, and Shift it toward 5D-Spirit, that would be a great Boon for our Life, a far greater Boon than Feeling Smug about our 5Dness.  It’s probably there – see if you can Stretch your Consciousness and Find it.

As for those blue Grace lines we mentioned, Uranus-Mars-Eris is the head of a Kite – a Grand Trine (three planets evenly spaced around the Zodiac) with a fourth planet halfway between two of them.  It means Grace, Directed toward the top of the Kite, helping us move to 5D’s Acting to Support the Soul through Revelation of what we’ve been Denying, instead of 3D’s Egoic Struggle to Avoid Discord and Disruption.

In this case, though, the short blue (Sextile – 2 Signs) bar across the top of the Kite creates a Finger of God (Pay Attention!) pointing at the tail of the Kite – Rebirth-Truth-Boundaries, affirming that this end of the Kite is not to be Ignored either!  The base of the Finger of God is made up of Sedna itself and Chiron, the two runaway Stars of the whole chart, further Emphasizing the notions of Unity, soft Boundaries, and Inclusiveness.

There’s a second Kite formed, pointing at Ixion-Eurydike (Trusting our Forbidden Genius), and this one has a Finger of God pointing right at the Top, making this Trust even more Important.  The base of the Finger of God is the Sextile between the North Node (Mission) and Sedna et al (Becoming Conscious of our Unconscious Fears and Learning to Choose the Endings of their Timelines).  In other words, Trusting our Forbidden Genius will not only bring our Fears into Consciousness, it will Allow us to Extinguish them!

In, katie suggests…

“Yes, self love is so many different things and all of the things I have mentioned.  It also extends so much deeper because for me it is also about loving and accepting your authentic self a.k.a your intuition and not being afraid to follow it/completely surrender to it.  Your intuition is a gift because it hasn’t been touched by any of the conditioning.  This can also make it scary because since it hasn’t been touched by any of the conditioning, it’s unlike anything you are used to.

“We all have wonderful intuitive gifts at the core.  They may not look like anyone else’s and they aren’t meant to.  Self love includes loving and honoring all aspects of yourself whether it is third dimensional e.g. your body or beyond e.g. your intuition.  I’m sure I couldn’t have read this in an article somewhere if I just looked up what self love meant but there is such a huge difference between reading about it, hearing your friends talk about it and living it.”

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