This isn’t absolutely current, but very recent – another big Magnetic Hole in the surface of the root-beer Sun…

…producing neon results like this here at “Home”…

We had an Angel, a Phoenix, and a Pi, now we get a Cookie-Cutter.  Keep in mind that in the scale of the first picture, Earth is about as big as the “o” in “solar.”  These pictures come to us from

Evidently instead of Sunspots, which wax and wane in number on an eleven-year Cycle, the Sun is substituting wardrobe malfunctions during its current Sunspot downtime.  We’re close to Sunspot Minimum, as the last peak was in 2014.  It’s useful to remember that either kind of these Solar Eruptions have the demonstrated potential to wipe out Electricity as we know it on at least half of Earth.

As we move into the Digital Age (which starts in earnest next year), where you can’t buy a doorbell without a direct video link to the facial recognition software at police HQ and your refrigerator works for Amazon, some folks will be scrambling pretty hard to reorganize their Lifestyle if and when the Sun Decides we need a Cleanse.  We’re also about to move into a microwave oven, as 5G moves in.  If you have any Sensitivity to Electromagnetic pollution, you may find this useful –

And while we’re on the subject of eleven-year Cycles, have you noticed how far North and South the Moon has been venturing?  I used to live in a city near a mountain range, and at Summer Solstice the Sun would Rise at one end of the Range, while it would Rise over the other end at Winter Solstice.  Having that Natural Stonehenge made it easy to notice when the Moon would Rise even further north or south than the Mountain Range.

The Moon (or any planet) is said to be Out of Bounds when it’s beyond the Tropics of Cancer or Capricorn, which circle the globe at 27 Degrees 23 Minutes North and South – ie, further north and south than the Sun ever goes.  Folks are more Emotional when the Moon is Out of Bounds (OOB for short).  For about eleven years the Moon goes OOB for a few days every two weeks, then for the next eleven years or so it stays between the Tropics full time.  The Moon begins it’s eleven-year OOB Adventures in 2020.  The last time this happened was in the late Summer of 2001.

I’ve updated the Overview of the 2019 First Half at to add an omission or two, a few times-of-day, and more Sign Changes.  We focus most on Stations because the impact of planets on our psychological and social Experience is greatest at their Stations.  While a lot of folks write about the New and Full Moons, not so many write about the influence of the ‘roids and the dwarf planets on the Lunar Cycles.

Compared to the Stations and the Moons, Sign Changes are usually pretty mundane.  However, every Sign is a Reaction to the previous Sign, so a Sign Change can make a significant Difference in the Zeitgeist.  We expect that Chiron moving out of Pisces, for instance, and Uranus moving into Taurus, will be Big Deals.  Chiron in Aries should give us Relief from all those Heavy Karmic Emotions we’ve been working with, and Uranus in Taurus is likely to see us building New Structures that Support the Descent of Soul into Body.

Something like Klotho (Beginnings) entering Pisces (10 June) will be more subtle, but still, if we’ve been Introducing New Social Threads to our Tapestry while Klotho’s been in Aquarius, we may see a shift to Starting New Emotional Timelines once it’s in Pisces – maybe even our Emotional Reactions to some of our new Social Endeavors.  Not to mention whole New Emotional Realms resulting from Converting our Fears into Power!

Today Vesta (Beliefs) moves into Pisces, so over the next couple of months we may Encounter some of the Held Emotions that create our Limiting Beliefs.  Dealing with these Karmic Nightmares from a position of Power rather than one of Fear will be a Whole New Experience, one that is likely to Feel more Exhilarating than Deadly.  With Varuna (Life Force) still on the Leo Cusp, every Sign Change should Enhance our Vitality, as long as we Poor-Sweetheart any Discouragement or Anxiety.

While we’re here we may as well update Dan Scranton’s Arcturian message…

“We have the ability to sense when you are asking for something, and we are able to detect exactly what you are asking for, even if you don’t verbalize it or think it consciously in your head.  And we are just one council in one dimension, and we are only focused in this galaxy.  So you can imagine how tuned in to all of you Source is.

“Source is all that is, and yet Source still has the ability to sense and understand every single one of your desires.  Now, we also want to point out that Source has many different ways of delivering that which you desire to you.  There are many agents working on behalf of that very benevolent, loving, ubiquitous Energy that Source is.

“We tell you this because we want you to know that your job is not to make it all happen.  You are told from a very young age that you will have to work in order to not only survive, but also to get the things that you want for pure enjoyment purposes.  And so you are regularly programmed into thinking that it is all up to you and that you will usually only be able to get something that you desire through hard work, blood, sweat, and tears.

“The re-programming is underway now, and we are happy to be a part of that re-programming.  We want you to have faith, to trust.  We want you to relax and to know that you are also an agent of Source.  It is your job to desire because it is through your desires that you create, and it is through those creations that Source expands.  We recommend that you do your jobs and that you let the rest of us do ours.”

In 5D we Manifest through Cooperation rather than Competition, so pushing the envelope often backfires.  Besides, a Big Prerequisite for Co-Creating What We Want is Knowing What We Want, and in order to Know we have to be Relaxed.  Otherwise we’ll continue to Get what we grind on about Unconsciously or Semi-Consciously, which is often What We Don’t Want.

5 Responses to “Housekeeping”

  1. QuillessBending Says:

    If the Sun eliminates most or all of our electrical grid, those EMF reducing gadgets don’t have any more purpose than trash, unfortunately… and my Black Tourmaline piece that I had for YEARS (longer than any other stone that I have ever had that wasn’t given to me by family as precious jewelry…) fell out of my pocket last year. I looked for it for a long time, and no-go. I still wonder if it was because I no longer needed it, or if it was interference/attack from an opposing entity.
    Anyway, if this transition is actually happening, shouldn’t we be able to withstand it and evolve? I mean, we all have sensitivity to the EMF insanity. Just, most are so deadened, they don’t realize they are being affected at a fundamental level. Those of us with awareness of it actually stand a better chance moving through it, IMO.
    And as I am sitting here, I have my laptop partially resting right on my ovary area. Sure, if I had a proper desk, that my chronic pain allowed me to work at without causing more immediate or long term suffering, I wouldn’t be reclining on the couch-bed to work, but hey… we all do what we can. Either I expose myself, or I don’t move forward in life. Trying to protect myself would be useless, I think, anyway, living in the densest metro area in the USA.
    There is no way out of the pollution. It’s everywhere. I have been preparing for the electromagnetic collapse for some time. Hopefully it’ll happen after I’ve finished learning and internalizing how to cast charts by hand from an ephemeris, haha… and after this cold snap, so people can figure out how to rebuild with nature without too many people dying.

    • astrobuss Says:

      Thanks, Bending! I bought one of their meters many years ago, and it was very useful; for instance, it showed me that Trees blocked the excess radiation from a hi-test power line. A Tinfoil Hat might protect us from the Solar Flare itself.
      Your Black Tourmaline may have just gotten burned out and needed a Cleanse. I’d get another one, and leave it in the Moonlight overnight once a month.
      As for Evolution, I don’t know whether the deadheads will be the winners of the genetic lottery, or the Sensitives. At the very least, the Sensitives will have to Learn to Heal themselves.
      I don’t Expect the Sun to blow us away, but it is possible. More likely to be the Antichrist though.

      • QuillessBending Says:

        I live 1 house away from my neighborhood’s power line… yet it is the only “field-like” area in walking distance. Ironic, these choices. Shall I walk my dog on pavement, with houses as scenery, or in the trees, but totally in the core of harmful frequencies? Yes, I choose the trees…
        Oh, I bet the products are great. I used to use Biopro chips on my phones, until I just threw my hands up in defeat in general…yeah, taking a more “what may come” approach has been my MO lately. No sense in trying to squeeze out your hat in a deluge, right?
        Yeah, I may have to do that and just buckle down and get another one… I am finding that nothing comes close to the Black Tourmaline. It truly is a miracle stone. I tend to resist purchasing stones, for numerous reasons, instead preferring them to “come to me,” but I think I’m going to shop around.
        Isn’t it an interesting question as to which “side” of the consciousness spectrum will be most immune, or most likely to survive? I used to frazz out and run to the other room when someone would use the microwave. After a while for my own sanity I just “let it go” most of the time and now I like to amuse myself with thoughts that by exposing myself to microwaves in the room (and whatever else is already floating around) that I am actually immunizing myself…
        well, it’s the same thing as the “eating pure all the time” gig. When the time comes when you don’t have a choice as to what to eat, then what condition is more likely to stay sustainably healthy? The one who gets totally sick after eating junk food, or the one who is used to it? A love of mine came up with the “10% toxicity theory” that proposes that we should always strive to make 10% of our diet junk food. That way, we can maintain optimum health, yet remain prepared if we have to transition to a desperation diet.
        Oy… it’s certainly challenging to continue with casual daily with all of this and that going on. I hope the Sun does it, anyway, not, erm… our Commander in Chief!!! But either way, it looks like the “radio-activity” will be continuing to rise, catastrophe or not. I can actually hear it lately, especially within the past couple of weeks, sort of a faint buzz in the background.

      • astrobuss Says:

        It depends on just how sick we get from junk food or power lines. I have a friend who can’t even sleep in a house with electricity; she has to sleep in a shed in the yard. She’s a Miraculous Healer, and I know it’s not just talking herself into it.
        And Brain Fog and Energy Wipeout from eating junk (or even good food with Gluten or Dairy) are fine as long as you have the luxury of taking an hour-long nap after eating. Makes it very hard to travel. When I have to travel it takes me a week to condition myself and two weeks to recover.

  2. Iconoclast Says:

    Reblogged this on Infinite Shift.

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