Self-Judgment and Self-Love III

Feel the Change?  We’re just now (2:30 pm PST 17 January) making the shift from Guilt and Self-Judgment (Nemesis Station 6 Gemini) to Self-Love (Sappho Station  20 January 12 Gemini).  If it’s subtle it might be because this Difference isn’t in your Awareness cross-hairs.  It would be a very useful Difference to look for, since Unconditional Self-Love is a prerequisite for graduation from Earth Bummers.

Of course it may not be your cuppa – for instance, you may not have any natal planets near these locations.  Gemini 3-15 will be particularly Lit Up, but also 3-15 of Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces, and to a lesser extent 3-15 of any Sign, and even 18-30 of Libra and Capricorn.  In other words, not a lot of folks will be excluded from the Opportunity.

There are several things going on in the General Cosmos that you may find useful…

Movement of the Magnetic North Pole has been increasing…

While it’s not as big as the last few, a hole in Sun will be spewing Electromagnetic Noise (or Codes, depending on your Sensitivity) at us…

Did you know that the Sun was made out of root beer?

And here’s what appears to be a handy guide to the 20 January Total Lunar Eclipse…

So much for the green cheese theory.



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