The Demise of Karma III

Dr. Kim gives us a Gift…

Since the two Stations occur only half a Degree apart (in Different Signs), the Eris-Station (Revelation of What’s Been Denied; 12:30 pm PST 10 January) chart is very similar to the Lachesis-Station (Realizing that Karma is Dead; 6pm PST 11 January) chart…

The only major Difference is the Moon; for Eris-Stationary the Moon Conjoins Neptune (Surrender to Spirit), while for Lachesis-Station it’s Conjunct Chiron (Poor-Sweethearting).  Factoring in the Moon is never a bad idea, since it represents our Instinctual Response to Whatever Is Going On, and since the Moon often Acts as a Trigger for whatever Impact the other planets are likely to Indicate.  The Moon crosses the Degree of the Eris-Lachesis Midpoint (an excellent candidate for Maximum Impact of the Eris-Lachesis Combination) at 9am PST 11 January.

The Combination of Eris and Lachesis would be something like Coming to Understand that We Can Sidestep our “Fate” and Karma by Bringing it into Consciousness and Choosing Alternatives.  Asteroid Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) is a big Enabler here, as it’s Merged with (Conjunct) Lachesis.

Now, if we factor in the Moon, at the Midpoint between Neptune and Chiron in Pisces when it’s in the same Degree as the Stations, we basically get What She Said – Dr. Kim in the video above, that is.  This Moon, Eris, and Lachesis are all one Sign apart, and one Sign is the Twelfth Harmonic, which is about Pattern-Breaking.  Hard to beat that for Choosing Alternatives.

Plus, if we step one Sign further, into Gemini, we encounter dwarf planet Chaos, aka Unlimited Potential, which is a good description for the Lack of Limitation in the Alternatives we can Choose and the Vast Potential of the Results we can Manifest.

Yes, there’s a Challenge (T-Square) – it’s Allowing our Karma to End!  Since it’s our Ego that’s Attached to our Karma, our Ego may not want to Let It Go, even as much as we’d Love to see it Vanish!  Ego clings to Karma because It’s What We Expect, and since our Ego firmly Believes that its Status Quo is what Keeps us Alive, Letting Go of our Karma is a Perceived threat to our continued Existence.  To “our” continued Existence, that is, where “our” is actually, really, our Ego.  So yes, an Ego Death is Required.

We’ve written extensively about how to Recognize an incipient or ongoing Ego Death, and made many suggestions about how to deal with it.  Skim for the gory details.

The T-Square is focused on the Stellium of Sun (Essence), Pluto (Change), Atropos (Endings), and Karma (Bad Habits).  I think of Pluto as the current in a big River.  If you try to paddle upstream, you just end up going backwards over the Waterfall.  But if you’re willing to paddle downstream, you can steer to one bank or another to portage around the Cascades.  In other words, you can make as many Adjustments as you need to, but you can’t successfully reverse course, because the World behind you is no more.

So Pluto’s Changes can feel Mandatory to the Ego, if the Ego Fears that the appropriate Adjustments would threaten its (“our”) Survival.

This might Feel Confusing, but Remember that Confusion is the first stage of Growth.  We can’t ultimately Separate our Identity from our other senses of Self, but it’s Critical that we tackle the Effort.  How might your Life Change if you Identified with your Immortal Soul rather than your Mortal Ego or temporary Physical Vehicle?  How would things Change if you Identified with your Unlimited Potential rather than your Karma?

If you Recognize that this is Important, and it’s New to you, consider reading Steven Levine’s Who Dies?.

With the Sun involved, it’s not just our Ego that’s being Changed, it’s our Essence.  So combining Sun and Pluto with asteroids Karma-History and Atropos-Endings makes a pretty Severe Challenge to our Current Egos.  The T-Square Challenges the Opposition between Eris (Denial Exposed) and Pallas-Aletheia (the Truth about our Boundaries), but it makes a Trine Bridge (Easy Way Out) across the Opposition between Juno-Lachesis (Choosing to Reject Karma) and Ceres (Sustainability).

If we say that another way, we can Escape the Inevitability (Ceres) of Accepting our Fate (Juno-Lachesis) by Surrendering to a Momentous Ego Death (the Stellium).  You may have noticed that we’ve interpreted Juno-Lachesis as Rejecting our Karma in one moment, and as Accepting our Fate in the next.  The Linear mind isn’t usually Comfortable with accepting Opposites as Equals.  But that’s only because the mind is Dualistic.  Reality isn’t.  Reality is both Unitary (not Separated) and Multifaceted (Complex).

It’s often said that the Unconscious doesn’t understand Negation – it hears No more Scarcity and More Scarcity as the same thing.  If No more Scarcity is our Intention, but More Scarcity is our Habit, we’ll end up with the latter – without the appropriate Preparation we wouldn’t Recognize the former.  So, outside of the Dualistic mind (the only place where Contradiction resides), Rejecting our Karma and Accepting our Fate are the same thing.  So is Choosing our Options.

We’re intersecting the Presence or Absence of Choice (Juno) with the Presence or Absence of Habit (Lachesis), since a Timeline and a Habit can be seen as the same thing.  The astrology says that this intersection is happening.  Whether it Manifests as Fate or Choice is determined by our Expectations and Intentions.  When our Intentions don’t Manifest it’s because our Expectations are Stronger, especially when our Expectations are Unconscious (not Recognized as Ours – the “Unconscious” is Everything except the Ego).

Have I lost you yet?  Confusion is the first stage of Growth.  Our intellectual concepts form a Cage that the Ego vigorously Defends – “Don’t bother me with Facts” is too often our Anthem.  When a Bar on that Cage slips, and we can see Out, or the Strange can see In, we’re in danger of Growing.

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