Creating What We Want II

Here’s an interesting, ironic, and surprising Perspective from Daniel Scranton’s Channeling of his Arcturian friends…

“We are planning to assist all of you in the sneakiest ways that we possibly can because we need to find the cracks that you will create for us so that we can slip in the help that you want and need.  You are constantly in a state of creating, asking, processing, or receiving, and you are mostly not in that receiving mode that is so important.

“So we have to look for opportunities, as do your guides and the other high frequency beings who want to help.  We are all seeking to find those cracks where you are allowing yourselves to surrender into the moment so that you can receive.

“Most of you are tense, afraid, resistant, or sad for the vast majority of your waking hours, but you’re not any of those things enough, in terms of intensity, to notice.  That’s why we will guide you towards that which is joyous to you, that which you love to do.  We will guide you towards play, as will the faeries, so that you will open up and let in that which you have summoned.

“Now of course, you do a lot of receiving while you are asleep, but then when you wake up your consciousness re-enters your body, and since your mind is unaware of what just happened, you go about your day as if you haven’t received everything you’ve been asking for.  Those downloads can sit in your energy field for years before you inadvertently let them in.

“We want you to recognize how much you are receiving, and take a few moments right after you wake up to let it in.  Put yourself in that receiving mode before your mind starts telling you about all of the things that you need to do, or at the very least worry about, and you can make this year be the year of conscious receiving.”

To be technical about it, we do suggest that we not send out more than a few PIAVAs at once, so we can be Open to Receiving the Information returning to us about why we haven’t been Manifesting that all along.  We’re all Adepts at Manifestation, but we seldom focus on What We’ve Already Created, because it’s in our Nature to Always Want More.  Immer strebend, as Goethe put it, which in his view is what allows us to be erlösten.

The basic idea is that when you PIAVA (Pray For, Intend, Ask For, Visualize, Affirm, Command, etc) something, if you’re Ready to Receive it, it will Manifest, since All Prayers Are Answered.  The tricky part comes when you Aren’t Ready to Receive it.  What Manifests then, is an Illustration of why you haven’t been Manifesting it all along – an Offering from the Universe to assist you in Learning how then to Get Ready to Receive.

Once you PIAVA, the next step is to Change the Subject.  Looking for your car keys is the classic example.  You look everywhere you remember having had them recently, and they aren’t there.  So you PIAVA, “Ganeshi, Please Remove All Obstacles to my finding my car keys.”  Well, if you keep looking in the same places, they probably still won’t be there (though sometimes “Inanimate” things do go Walkabout, then return later).  So you Change the Subject – check your email for instance, or look to see if Trump Tweeted you.

Chances are, once you Change the Subject, your car keys will “Magically” appear.  But if they don’t, step three is to Pay Attention, to what Did happen, particularly if something unusual occurs.  You want to wait a while between step two and step three – a day or two is best.  That allows time for the Lesson to ripen.  So, What Did Happen after you Changed the Subject?  If nothing unusual seemed to occur (such as a Tornado moving your car to the next block, or a complement from your mother-in-law), then among the usual things that did happen, did any of them have anything to do with cars or keys?

Maybe you get an email advertising car insurance, or the Antichrist Tweeted something about Key Maralogo.  Then we have to figure out what it means, which usually isn’t all that hard.  Maybe we forgot to mail an insurance payment, or left our keys in the car, and it’s now on its way to Florida.  If the Lesson escapes us, we may have to PIAVA to Receive Clarity about the Lesson we Requested (it actually behooves us to think of our PIAVAs as Educational rather than Acquisitive), because when we’re in Deep Denial we often end up with puzzles worthy of Gollum.

The most relevant Question is usually whether the Resistance is within the Object of our Desire, or within us.  That’s why we recommend that we toggle back and forth from Theta to Tapping…

Theta What You Want, then at the “Show Me” stage, if you don’t get a Clear Picture of Receiving it, then either Tap out any Resistance you detect in yourself and/or modify your Command to sneak up on your Object, Rinse, and Repeat; and

Now, if we have to wait even one day between Changing the Subject and Paying Attention, you can easily imagine that any Paying Attention we do will be very Confusing if we’ve PIAVAed three more times since our original Changing the Subject.  If our PIAVAs are Manifesting quickly most of the time, then rapid fire is no problem.  And if we get into the Habit of Visualizing every Action before we Commit it, then we’ll be doing exactly that.  But if we’re working on a Big Lifetime PIAVA like Abundance or Peace, or working on a smaller issue that’s proving to be thorny, then we might be limited to several PIAVAs a week.

Dan’s friends are talking about this Paying Attention stage, but without the Intellectual Analysis we’re accustomed to using to solve riddles like figuring out the connection between our mother-in-law and our car keys.  Even for that, we’d probably be better off Opening to the Question in Meditation rather than Dissecting it with Anal-ysis.  It is after all our Expectations that Limit our Reality, so Intending to Revert those is a Powerful Practice in its own right.

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    Great. Thank you.

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