Ultima Thule II

The Ultima Thule Discovery chart isn’t a simple one.  There are major Configurations in four different Degree Zones, in pairs…

  • 11-14, the heavy lines on the first picture
  • 24-28, the light lines on the first picture
  • 1-7, the heavy lines on the second picture
  • 17-20, the light lines on the second picture

The 11-14 Degree Zone, the heavy lines on the first picture, includes Ultima Thule itself, Opposite Moira (Choice), with Atropos-Pallas (Ending Inappropriate Boundaries),  BZ509-Lilith (Transcending Resistance to Sovereignty), and Sedna (Fear/Power) serving as Bridges.

Sedna sits on the Fixed Star Capulus, in the Constellation Perseus, representing the sword that severed Medusa’s head, and suggesting that Ultima Thule will be very Instructive in our Shift from the Patriarchal Yang Male to the New Yang Female Era that’s replacing it, just as the Destruction (Perseus) of the outer symbols of the Yin Female Era (Medusa) accompanied the dawn of the Patriarchy.  We’ll Learn more when Juno (Consciousness Expansion) crosses Capulus on 23 January.

The 24-28 Degree Zone, the light lines on the first picture, features a Jupiter-Varuna T-Square (Challenge to Increase our Vitality) on the Nodal Axis, with Eurydike on the North Node (Trust the Process) and Hopi-Eris on the South Node (Judgments Reveal Held Emotions).

These two Zones are Octile-Trioctile to one another (the orange lines), indicating that each provides Insight on the other…

The 1-7 Degree Zone, the heavy lines on the second picture, include a Venus-Juno-Asbolus T-Square (Challenge to Intuitively Review and Revise our Values) based upon the Opposition between Orcus (Oaths) and Klotho-Nessus-OR10 (either Beginning to Open Up to Intrusive Abuse Memories, or Beginning to Finish Processing them).  In general, Oaths produce Limiting Beliefs, and the Intrusive Memories can lead us to those, so we can Disavow them.

The 17-20 Degree Zone, the light lines on the second picture, featuring a Square between Saturn and Stationary Sappho (Can you Hold on to the proposition that The Most Important Thing is Self-Love?), and an Opposition between Uranus and Mars-Vesta (Can you Allow your Soul to Revise your Beliefs, rather than Condemning your Beliefs because they weren’t Manifesting What You Want?), Bridged by Chiron (Miracles) and Sappho-Saturn.

These two Zones are also Octile-Trioctile to one another, again indicating that each provides Insights about the other.  Mars-Vesta and Uranus make a Mjölnir Kite (Epiphanies) across the Square between Venus-Juno-Asbolus and Klotho-Nessus-OR10 (Expanding Consciousness to encompass Abuse and Privilege)…

Lots of Action here, for a rock or iceball 42-47 times as far from the Sun as our Home Planet, only 20 miles long, that takes 300 years to complete one orbit.

4 Responses to “Ultima Thule II”

  1. Jesse Sinclair Says:

    I found this place upon searching some data that read “no text listed for this aspect” ill be honest I don’t understand a whole lot in this field hence me searching about it, but I really want to understand more and this blog, the way the content is displayed, I personally find fascinating… can someone please direct me to a starting point?

    • astrobuss Says:

      Hi Jesse, you’ve started on a post that isn’t very well explained, since there was more going on than I had time to describe well. In general I recommend just starting at the current post, and using the “Categories” in the right-hand column to look up anything that’s unclear. I know, that can be a lot of work, but you don’t have to do it all at once. Trust that you’re picking up more than you realize as you go, feel free to ask any questions you want, and before you know it you’ll be comfortable. Bear in mind that I regard Confusion as an important early stage of Growth, and highly recommend savoring Confusion as a positive thing!

      • Jesse Sinclair Says:

        Thanks for your prompt reply, that is what I usually do with sources of information I don’t fully grasp, more specifically I guess I should say is there seems to be an emphasis on the degrees and shape of the geometry of charts which has been of interest to me for quiet some time but the last place I seen this kind of thing was entirely in French and French doesn’t translate too well in larger paragraphs so it all still completely eludes me as to what exactly is going on… Oh and I probably should mention it wasn’t this page that I initially seen I just clicked the top of the page hoping to be brought to a home page or nearest parallel.

      • astrobuss Says:

        Yes, thanks “again” (meant to thank you for your first comment, but forgot), Jesse, and Welcome! My main focus is on the Angles between planets, and the Configurations made by the Angles, or as you say, the “geometry” or topology of the chart. These describe the Dynamic Energy in a chart, while the Signs and Houses are more about the Material Manifestation of the Energy. I think of the Angles as the most important part, but also, lots of others are writing about the Signs and Houses, so I don’t need to duplicate it.

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