Consciousness Expansion

Back in the 1960s we’d get stoned (or not) and go Play Street Theater by Challenging “Straights” (as we called folks who looked like they were following the Cultural Party Line) with ideas that we believed might stretch their Concept Set a bit, about the Vietnam War for instance, or just Materialism in general.  We undoubtedly weren’t nearly as subtle as we thought we were, but we weren’t ideologically clubbing people either; we were mostly pretty gentle about it.

No one ever beat us up about it; in those days the rednecks were busy beating up Gay People – they somehow thought it was their civic duty – and didn’t much bother Stoners.  We called our little Game “Consciousness Expansion.”  We met some interesting people that way and made some good friends among those who were either willing to be Stretched, or already were.  A few of them were already Expanded waaay beyond where we were!  They Expanded our Consciousness, a whole lot.

And that’s exactly what we’re all doing this weekend, Expanding our Consciousness, as asteroid Juno (Growth in Consciousness) Stands Still on 23 December (7pm PST) at 21 Taurus.  Since the Ides of October it’s been moving backwards from the first Degree of Gemini, over what’s called the Capricorn Decanate (ten Degrees) of Taurus.

The first ten Degrees of Taurus are about Making a Stand, Establishing a Solid Position, Making Rules That Work, and generally finding Stability.  It’s a natural Reaction to Aries, which flies around being totally Intuitive and Breaking all the Rules because Aries serves Creativity.  In the second ten Degrees of Taurus, the Virgo Decanate, the Bull has its Ferdinand moment, and looks inward to see if they may be overdoing it.  So the middle of Taurus is squishier than the Beginning.

The third Decanate is about Pragmatism – okay, so just exactly which Rules and Postures actually Served our Goals, and which ones didn’t?  Which ones are Keepers?  Toward the center of this Decanate, in the 25-27 Degree Zone, Taurus meets the Fixed Stars Capulus and Algol, symbolizing from the Patriarchal Perspective Male Violence and Female Rage.  We can translate that to Male Servitude and Female Self-Respect, but whichever Perspective we use, late Taurus has to pass this test – do the new Rules we’re considering work in this context?

Asteroid Juno entered the third Decanate of Taurus in mid-August, five weeks after Mr. Kavanaugh was nominated to help decide which laws are Keepers for the USofA.  He was approved for this position in early October, a week before Juno turned Retrograde on the Gemini Cusp.  Obviously there was a serious eruption of Female Rage and Male Servitude (in this case clustering into the Old Boys Club) while Juno made its initial pass through this Zodiacal territory.

While the Patriarchy may perceive this as a Big Win, I don’t doubt that it will find it has Hell to Pay.  And soon.  A Retrograde period is a time to Go Inside and give an issue Serious Consideration – What do we think about this?  How does it Feel?  Does it match our Values and serve our Goals?  Can I Adapt to it, or must I go back to the barricades?  This being Juno, we’ve all had some big Expansions of Consciousness during this Retreat.  And this being the last Decanate of Taurus, we’ve come to some pretty firm Conclusions.

Now we begin to cross this Decanate for the third time, and it’s time for all of our Expanded Consciousness and New Conclusions to come out of the closet.  I expect some serious Ego Death for the Patriarchy.  Perseus may have Believed that he slew Medusa, but it never works that way.  Medusa is a Deep, Indomitable, Very Powerful Current in the Huper Psyche.  When it’s forced Underground, like any Unconscious Energy, it seeps up around the Edges in Disguise, and takes Control of our Lives.

Asteroid Juno will cross Capulus, Perseus’s sword, for the third time around 23 January.  Juno will cross Algol, the Eye of Medusa, around 31 January.  Mark those dates on your calendar, and see what happens.

Greek Mythology describes what happens when we React to Life, Unconsciously.  We can pretty much just turn it over to see what it would be like to Respond to Life Consciously.  Juno was the Latin name for Hera, Zeus’s wife.  Zeus was the poster child for the Patriarchy, as he basically Fucked everything that walked, and many things that didn’t.  If he was here today they’d call him a “Force of Nature.”

Hera/Juno meanwhile had a strong Jealous streak, and tended to turn her Rivals to Stone.  The #MeToo Movement these days is instead throwing Stones where they belong, at the self-proclaimed “Forces of Nature,” rather than at their fellow Goddesses.  That’s a big Expansion of Consciousness.  On a deeper level, acrimonious Jealousy is a symptom of Merging, of Codependence.  Juno could easily have just gone after Ulysses, or Paris, or Hercules, but she didn’t want to surrender her Privilege as Queen of the Garden.

These kinds of dilemmas aren’t foreign to any of us, though hopefully in much less Dramatic fashion.  But we’ve Learned to Avoid Reactions that we subsequently Regret, or that just perpetuate the Pain that Abandonment gives us.  For instance, one good way to shift from Reaction to Response, is to Realize that we all have Abandonment issues within us.  So instead of Blaming that so-and-so for Hurting us, we can instead say to ourself, “Oh, there’s my Abandonment again!” and use the Opportunity to study it more.

It’s an Ancient Emotion, as in many situations, Banishment meant Death, so it behooves us to study it well.  Through much of recent Herstory, Genders were not Equally regarded, and when a Woman was Abandoned, it often meant Death or worse.  Men have no less Abandonment in them, as their missteps often meant Death as well; that’s why they love Hierarchies.  It gives them an Alpha to follow, and if they Play that Game right they may be able to Avoid being Abandoned themselves.  It’s tricky, sucking up to your Alpha while somehow showing your Gammas that, while they aren’t as good as you, they can Get Ahead by regarding you as their Beta.

Making all these Abandonment and Loyalty and Fealty Games so Public, so we can get Conscious of them and Learn to Play Games that are more Collaborative and Constructive and Productive, more Fun, and more in line with our Goals and Values, is a Public Service being offered by the Dramas in the Antichrist’s tawdry White House.  The Circus in London and Dublin, and that place with the Sprouts, is probably doing the same, but apparently at a more sophisticated level.  More Shakespeare, less Melville.

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