Our reader (the one with the knees) responds…

“This was all so thoughtfully answered, fascinating in scope, and beyond helpful – I’m still processing all of it, really, but I can’t tell you how spot-on and surprising and eye(soul)opening this is.  Much gratitude and grace in abundance emanating your way.

“So much to digest here, and so much that a deep thread in me sings to.  Abbey Road is my father’s favorite Beatles album, and I listened to it so much growing up I feel it is nearly inextricable from my dna – strange to say in a way, but it is really hard to separate (sometimes) the sounds/songs you grow up with from your current timeline.  This alone is a Big Thought…”

A Big Thought indeed!  How many songs from our formative years still go through our head and get stuck there!  Music is Powerful.

“…but I find it so amazing that for as much as I have always loved “Oh Darling!” I never truly heard those particular lyrics, “Nearly fell down and died”, so loud and clear.  “Something” paired with it is almost a call and response, and absolutely relevant to my thoughts that January eve.  Ingeniously appropriate you chose the Clapton version – Patti Boyd and all.  :)”

I didn’t know of Patti Boyd, I was out of the loop at that time.  But what a story.  When young Women were “Birds.”

“All of this made me contemplate holes as well – what is an interpretation of a black hole or dark matter?  Do they have a place?  I’m assuming/ believing of course they must, but it makes me think mostly of the kinds of things we carry without knowing consciously the what or the why or the how of it.  A little like karma you unconsciously carry?  (Fixing a hole where the rain gets in and stops my mind from wandering where it will go) Ringo and his hole in his pocket, and of course, Alice and that particular trip down a hole. I suppose on a macro scale the 60’s offered a lot of holes, and this interpretation needs obvious work, but perhaps not all missteps are missteps, and not all holes are void – or even to be avoided?  Narnia and other such portals might agree :)”

Voids and Holes (Wholes) are the complements of Matter, teleologically and epistemologically necessary to Complete a Material World seen through Duality.  I think that’s why Holes and Wholes are homophones.  As kids we believed for a while that if not for the Moon radiating Cold, the World would get too Hot from the Sun.  Till we Learned that Cold is the relative Absence of Heat, the way Fear is the Absence of Love and Small is the Absence of Larger.

Some elements of our Language are Unitary rather than Dual.  Since Physics defines Heat as the degree of Movement of elementary particles, it doesn’t define an Anti-Heat.  There’s Movement and there’s Rest.  In these cases, the Limit – the Absolute – is usually unreachable, only Approachable.  As we Approach the Limit we can only Adjust our Scale to measure Smaller and Smaller.  So with a Black Whole, where Gravity Approaches Infinity, we as Matter lose all Opportunity for Perspective.  We have to travel out of our Body to Experience it.

With Dualities it helps to use Circular or Spherical or Cyclical Scales, where if you go far enough toward North you end up going South, or far enough toward Absolute and we end up Relative.  The same might be true of Black Wholes – if we fell into one we might end up Knowing the Incredible Lightness of Being, as our Material Vehicle would be so torn apart that the only thing left would be Spirit.

“(My knee faired so much better this time around – nothing ice and time can’t fix, thank god/goddess!)”

Good news!

“BZ / Transcendence – I’m still really curious about this, and your perspective resonates, and I’m very interested to see what it continues to reveal.

“I’m working carefully on absorbing all of this, along with my PIAVAs, but in the meantime I just wanted to extend an effulgent parhelion of gratitude to you.”

You’re teaching me new words!  Thanks!!  And thanks for the complements!

As for asteroid BZ509, or Bee-Zed as it’s known (if you’re looking for it, you might find it under “514107” or “2015 BZ509”), here’s its Discovery chart…

A lovely Grace-filled Grand Sextile, with planets near 19 Degrees of all of the Dynamic (Air and Fire) Signs. There’s a T-Square (Challenge) to Pallas (Boundaries) in Scorpio (Fearlessness), but it’s Self-Resolving (a Diamond Star).

A Discovery chart is a Birth chart (the birth of Hupers’ Awareness of Bee-Zed), so we could easily have stretched our Sensitivity to six Degrees or so, which would include…

  • Lachesis in Virgo (Allowing Ego Death)
  • Aletheia in Capricorn (Conjunct Pluto and Karma – Accepting the Truth of What Is)
  • Chiron in Pisces (Poor-Sweethearting our Suffering)
  • Sedna in Taurus (Reframing Fear)

…leaving only the Vacancy at 19 Cancer to fill in the Magnetic (Earth and Water) Signs and make a Grand Unx, where there would be a planet near 19 Degrees of every Sign.  Since Unx is the Twelfth Harmonic – Pattern-Breaking – a Grand Unx is the epitome of Liberation.

The Vacancy in any Almost-Complete Configuration becomes one of the Most Important, if not The Most Important, indicator in the chart.  Cancer 19 is “A priest performing a Marriage Ceremony.”  So to Complete our Liberation from Patterns, we need a Ritual – a Pattern whose Power lies in its Repetition – and we need to break out of Separation and Duality into Unity.  Gollum couldn’t have come up with a more twisted Riddle.  The message is that what we need to do to graduate into 5D is to Recognize and Embrace our own Anxiety and Discontent, our own Resistance to What Is.  It’s not about Changing 3D.

The chart has a litany of other Clues to our Transcendence…

  • Bee-Zed itself is in the process of Initiating asteroid Nemesis at Leo 19, “A houseboat party” – rather than sinking beneath our Held Emotions or Living in them, we need to Float atop them and Celebrate our Ego Deaths.
  • Sappho (Self-Love) is being Initiated by Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) at 28 Aquarius, “A Tree felled and sawed to ensure a supply of wood for the winter” – do we need to Love our Abuse?  No, we need to deconstruct it and make Lemonade out of it.
  • Pluto (Trance re-Formation) is Initiating asteroid Karma (Recurrent Bummers) at 13 Capricorn, “A Fire worshiper meditates on the ultimate realities of Existence” – what are the Relative Values in our Life of Comfort and Learning?
  • Orcus (Oath-Breaking) is Initiating Moira (Fate/Choice) at 8 Virgo, “A five-year-old child takes a first dancing lesson” – Our Oaths inevitably get Forgotten, and become Limitations, with or without Held Emotions.  So a Cycle where we Discern our Historical Limiting Oaths and Dance out of them.
  • Vesta (Beliefs) is being Initiated by Hylonome (Self-Sovereignty) at 27 Sagittarius, “A sculptor at work” – Which of our Beliefs sculpt a Reality Devoted to the World we Want to Live in, and which carve a Reality that someone else Wants us to Live in, someone to whom we have Consciously or Unconsciously Given our Power?  Time to Reject Codependence and PIAVA our own Path.

Offhand I don’t think it’s routine for five Cycles to be Initiated in the same Discovery chart.

2 Responses to “Wow XII”

  1. Deanna Says:

    Thank you for the beautiful writings and this wonderful collection of information. The simple way you express these complex issues is admirable and very helpful. The Wow writings have really been helpful to me especially the latest one. When I plugged the activation and activated asteroids into my chart I had a 2-6 pointed star patterns. First was complete in my natal and another involving Neptune complete save 1 position that was filled by transit of the asteroids. After interpreting them both I did fire ceremony to release the oaths I may have made and inviting in the new energy. Nessus research I did the next day uncovered confirmation of many of the threads of my chart including past life and north node requirements. Brilliant work. Blessings to you.

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