Wow IV

Here’s how our friend the Sun is celebrating our Wow Uranus-Square-Nodes New Moon and Mercury-Chiron-Orcus Stations event…

…by apparently splitting in half down the middle!  The root-beer-colored area is the Sun’s normal Magnetic-Sphere Boundaries or Corona.  Many efforts to embrace Nuclear Fusion for generating electricity involve containing the 25-million °F Nuclear soup in a “Magnetic Bottle.”  The Sun’s Light and Heat and Power are Electromagnetic, and so are the Energies which hold it Condensed into a ball rather than Exploding all over the place.

The darker area in the picture is a “Coronal Hole” – a rip in the fabric of the Sun’s Magnetic Bottle.  A Coronal Hole Allows Energy to escape from the Sun’s normally-self-possessed Center, spewing “Solar Wind,” a stream of electromagnetic particles, out like a firehose at an average of 500 km/sec – over 100,000 mph.  This particular Coronal Hole is pointing right at Earth, and its Solar Wind is expected to arrive this weekend.  While Solar Wind can cause severe Disruption of Communication and Destruction of Electronic Memory, the most common result looks something like this…

This Phoenix-shaped Aurora appeared over Norway last month, on 11/11, when the Hole pointed our way.  By “Coincidence,” 11 November is also when a mysterious earthquake-like Energy of unknown source shook our Home Planet…

You can find more information about the Coronal Hole at…

You’re free in interpret the Phoenix and 11/11 symbolism however you like.  The Arcturians may or may not have been thinking of these things today when they Channeled this through Dan Scranton…

“We have been exploring the possibilities that are in front of humanity at this time, and we can see how many choices you have to move to a better feeling timeline.  We see that the current state of affairs on planet Earth is actually urging you to choose one of those better feeling timelines.  But the way to access those timelines is not to point out what is wrong with your current state of affairs on Earth.

“We encourage you to feel what you feel, but you don’t need to keep pointing out how bad things are, and it actually is not serving you to do so.  The solution to the problems of your modern society is always to go within, and the way that you access that timeline that you want to be on is to harmonize with it.  Now, what we are telling you right now is that you are not as far away from a much better feeling timeline than you might think.

“Humanity is making tremendous strides forward, and those tremendous strides are the result of everything that you see in your world that is unfair, that is downright wrong.  It is all there to act as a catalyst for each of you to get within and to find what it is that you want.  Now, we are speaking especially to those of you who are awakened, because you know how to do this.

“You knew the moment you realized that you could create your reality that a better world was possible.  You knew that you didn’t need to rely on politicians, governments, banks, or corporations to change.  When you first had that knowing, you got very excited, and you thought you would see change sooner than later.  And now here you are, and some of you have been at this for decades, which is why we want to assure you that you are close to those timelines.

“You have the support from your fellow humans.  You have the support energetically.  You have the support from those like us in the higher realms, and you have more support than you ever have.  So don’t give up hope.  Go within and find that vibration, and you will see the changes that you want to see in the world around you.”

Or yesterday when John Perkins wrote…

“When Dr. David Dao was dragged off a United Express Flight by police officers from Chicago’s O’Hare airport on April 9, 2017, the ensuing outcry resulted in policy changes at major airlines.  When Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered, the highly split US Senate came together and voted for the first time in U.S. history to advance a bill to withdraw military forces from an unauthorized war (in Yemen) using the War Powers Resolution Act.  The November 27, 2018 Senate vote, a stunning 63 to 37 bi-partisan action, delivered an historic rebuke to Saudi Arabia and President Trump.

“These two stories are among the many examples of actions that trigger demands for change…”

John goes on to talk about the decline of Predatory or Death Capitalism (maximizing profits is the only goal) and the rise of Life Capitalism…

“This has led to an economic system that is failing us, the Death Economy I often describe in these blogs.  It is based on the myth – the perception – that this aberration is in fact capitalism and something we must accept as ‘just the way it is.’

“The Seattle event was one of many where I hear people breathe a collective sigh of relief when speakers proclaim something along the lines of: ‘This is not just the way it is; we can transition to a Life Economy.’  History attests to the fact that their optimism is well-founded.  Changes in perception trigger changes in the realities of human institutions, laws, and life-styles…”

2 Responses to “Wow IV”

  1. DavidKornSpecialProjects Says:

    Love this. Thank you!

  2. Isaac George Says:

    Definitely a “WoW!”

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