Wow.  Lots of folks checking in today.  Usually that means a Disturbance in the Force, or at least a Twinkle in it.  Let’s have a look.

Ah so, Uranus (Soul) makes an Exact T-Square (Challenge) to the Nodes (Lifetime Theme) today, so it’s not a Surprise that a lot of folks would Wonder what the Heck is going on.  Basically, every aspect of our current Timeline that’s out of Alignment with our Life Mission is likely to be Lit Up today.  As if we’re Innocently walking through the park with our pants unzipped, and our mother-in-law comes along and notices, and doesn’t say anything about it, but we can feel that she’s looking askance at us.

So it’s Lesson day, all we have to do is Find Out what the Lesson is.  If we got blindsided somehow, it’s because we encountered some material that our Soul wanted to show us, but it was on a different track than the one we’re on.  So we’ll have to compose a PIAVA.  Something like “I Wonder how I can Integrate that, whatever it was!” or “Ganesha, please Remove All Obstacles to my grokking how that fits into my Life!”  Then, of course, Change the Subject.

If you’re new here or you’ve Forgotten what PIAVA is all about, have a look at

Last week was supposed to be a “week off” – I hope yours was Easier than mine!  There were many Angels, so it worked out well, but it was a Challenge along the way.

3 Responses to “Wow”

  1. QuillessBending Says:

    Interesting… I did have an instance like that yesterday. I notice though that you use the mean node. I had to switch my program to see what you were talking about. Do you have anything to say on this, why you feel the mean node is more accurate or readable?

    • astrobuss Says:

      Hi Quilless! Hope you got yer pants zipped up in time! I’ve always used the Mean Node, and found it very very useful. So I have no experience with the Wandering Node. A Vedic astrologer once told me that one version advises WHAT will happen and the other advises WHEN, but I can’t remember which they said does what.

  2. Matilde Mbulo Says:

    Hi. I’m new here and I’m really eager to learn more about astrology. Thank you for creating this great platform.

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