Outline of the Next 3 Months

Timing Patterns:

  • Stations increase in Impact for 3-7 days prior to the event then diminish rapidly if we’re Conscious
  • Moons are Important during the 2-4 weeks following the event
  • Sign Changes will be felt until the next Sign Change, starting a day or two before the event…


2-10 December – Breaking Through More Karma 

  • Mercury (Communication) Station 28 Scorpio 1:30 pm PST 6th
  • New Moon 16 Sagittarius 11:30 pm PST 6th
  • Eurydike (Trust) enters Sagittarius 8th
  • Atropos (Endings) enters Capricorn 8th
  • Chiron (Pain/Healing) Station 28 Pisces 9th
  • Orcus (Oath-Making/Breaking) Station 12 Virgo 10th


19-24 December – Calling Out Bullshit

  • Capricorn Solstice 1 Capricorn 2:30 pm PST 21st
  • Veritas (Truth) enters Scorpio 21st
  • Full Moon 1 Cancer 10am PST 22nd
  • Juno (Growth of Consciousness) Station 21 Taurus 24th


27 December 2018-10 January 2019 – New Identity

  • Makemake (Manifestation) Station 6 Libra 3rd
  • Solar Eclipse New Moon 16 Capricorn 5th
  • Uranus (Soul) Station 29 Aries 12:30 pm PST 6th
  • Eris (Revelation) Station 23 Aries 10th
  • Lachesis (Choosing Timelines) Station 23 Taurus 12th


1-7 February – Eating Fear for Lunch

  • Vesta (Beliefs) enters Pisces 1st
  • Sedna (Fear/Power) Station 27 Taurus 7th


13-18 February – Opening to Miracles

  • Eurydike (Trust) enters Capricorn 13th
  • Pallas (Boundaries) Station 30 Libra 18th
  • Chiron (Pain/Miracles) enters Aries 18th


19 February-10 March – Transcending Bullshit

  • Aletheia (Truth) Station 28 Libra 24th
  • Moira (Fate/Choice) Station 8 Cancer 26th
  • Asbolus (Intuition) Station 17 Gemini 27th
  • Veritas (Truth) Station 11 Scorpio 2nd
  • Chaos (Unlimited Potential) Station 24 Gemini 5th
  • Uranus (Soul) enters Taurus 6th
  • Lachesis (Choosing Timelines) enters Gemini 7th

One Response to “Outline of the Next 3 Months”

  1. Casey Caruso Dureau Says:

    Thanks for making this!! Super handy and helpful!! ❤️It!!

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