Mind, Heart, and Healing

The simultaneous 16-November Mercury and Venus Stations give us a great Opportunity to examine our Relationships with Mind (Mercury) and Heart (Venus).  Folks often refer to Mind as “Head,” but it’s actually our Solar Plexus/Third Chakra where thought originates, so we don’t choose to use that Metaphor.  Knowing that thought originates “below” the Heart is instructive, however, as a minuscule effort to counteract the Western European notion that Mind is “higher than” Heart.

When the Huper apparatus works properly, Heart defines the Direction, and Mind hews the path.

Whatever’s going on in your Young Life, try looking at it through that Lens.  Ask yourself about your Goals.  Imagine Achieving your First Priority Goal, or making significant Progress in that Direction…

Does this bring tears, or pride? 

Do you even actually Believe that it’s Possible to Achieve your First-Priority Goal?

For instance, if I look at why this blog is one of the Most Important things I devote my Time to, is my First Priority Goal to Raise Huper Consciousness, or is it to Restore Respect for our Home Planet and its Other Residents and Entities that Hupers Dismiss as Inferior, Imaginary, or Non-Existent?  Through this Lens I see that my First Priority Goal is the latter; Raising Huper Consciousness is the Means, not the Ends.  That Realization will shift some of my day-to-day Priorities. 

In the Hope that it will put your Identity into your Heart so you can be Reminded what that feels like, I urge you to spend a half-hour with this video…


Take a few deep Breaths, as we’re Shifting Direction in this essay as we are in Real Life…

We’ll be spending the next several days with our Abuse Memories, as dwarf planets Nessus and OR10 are Stationary through 20 November.  It might be temporarily more Painful to be in your Heart for this instead of in your Mind, but it will also be more Healing. 

Healing is like taking an Onion apart one layer at a time.  We get Conscious of the outer layer, the tears flow, then we get Angry, work through that in one way or another, come to relative peace, and then, if we’re lucky, Rest before the next layer presents itself to be peeled away. 

Don’t let the brevity of that paragraph diminish the Process it describes, as for many of us that’s the Story of Our Lives, and the complexities, detours, potholes, and washouts along the way are Monumental.  They Define us because they take up so much of our Time and Attention.  Moving back to the Heart Reframes our Identity so we’re more Conscious of Who We Really Are, so we are Reminded that our Healing Journey is the Means, not the Ends.

The 19 November Nessus-Station and 20 November OR10-Station chart is relatively straightforward…

Both Stations Conjoin Mars, which can bring up more unpleasant Memories than would otherwise be the case, as Mars can imply violence as well as Action.  On the other hand, if we Act to Heal our Memories by Embracing them with the Heart, Mars here can be a boon. 

The red line to Jupiter just tells us that this is a Big Healing.  Big Healings often mean Big Healing Crises, where the symptoms that Reveal the Need for Healing increase before they begin to subside.  It’s so Tempting to Freak Out and redouble our Efforts to suppress the symptoms when this happens. 

We can’t advise you to Resist that Temptation, but we can suggest that you Moderate your Reaction to the Temptation.  Try an Aspirin before you reach for the Fentanyl, or a Beer instead of a Bloody Mary, or a Cracker instead of a Cookie.  Better yet, take the space to put All of your Attention directly into the Center of your Discomfort and Hold it there.

The other two Stellia in the chart (a Stellium is a group of three or more planets) stand out as well, and they Challenge (the red line between them) one another.

The upper one is an amalgam of Truth (asteroid Aletheia), Boundaries (asteroid Pallas), and Manifestation (dwarf planet Makemake).  We could read that as “How might we best Manifest Boundaries around the Truth of our Discomfort?”  The green line to Nessus-OR10 indicates that it’s a Question, not an Answer.  The Root Truth of our Discomfort probably isn’t Physical, but Emotional and Spiritual. 

Our Reaction to suppress the physical symptoms, much reinforced by our Cultural Programming, may not be the Most Effective Boundaries to use.  We will almost certainly Heal faster and with fewer complications if we can Soften our Boundaries, Embrace our Discomfort, put our Attention Lovingly and Gently into it, and Let It Change our Identity.  If you haven’t Noticed yet that Changing your Identity Changes Everything, it would be a good time to Learn it.  Learning that is Life-Changing.

The other Stellium includes The Most Important Thing (Saturn), Transcendence (asteroid BZ509), and Self-Sovereignty (dwarf planet Hylonome).  The tell here is that We Are Somehow Giving Away Our Power, and this is a very Important Opportunity to Take It Back.  We may just be Allowing our Pain to Define us, rather than the other way ’round.  Or perhaps Allowing our historical or current Abusers to Define us.  By maintaining our Archetypal Reactions to Abuse, we may be Allowing someone else to Control us.

Ask yourself about that.  “Do I Allow someone else to Push My Buttons, so I’m a Sock Puppet in their hands?”  Be Loving and Gentle with the Answer you get.  Don’t try to use the Mind to Change your Reactions; use the Heart.  Do that with PIAVA – see https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/category/manifestation/piava-review/ if you’re new hereabouts. 

While it might be alarming at first, Dr. Perry has a great blog post on how this occurs, at https://makeitultrapsychology.wordpress.com/2018/10/26/you-teach-others-how-to-treat-you/.  Be very Gentle with yourself around this, and Take the Space you need to process it.  Start by PIAVAing Safety.

One Response to “Mind, Heart, and Healing”

  1. boozilla Says:

    Thank you, once again. I’ve been pondering all this of late, post recent Mastodon Kick to the Chest. It DOES get better and it is facilitated, that improving to better, so much with your insights.

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