Ends and Means II

Asteroid Eurydike is the easy one – she’s sitting right behind the New Moon.  So this Moon has something about Trust to teach us.  What might it be?  Well, this triumvirate is one foot of a Yod (the green wedge, meaning Pay Attention!) to Nemesis (Ego Death).  The other foot is Chariklo (Confidence).  The green lines are Quincunxes, symbolizing Curiosity.  So our Lesson is about not Figuring It Out, but waiting to see what we Learn.  “I Wonder,” without an object – our assignment is to Wonder.

I was lucky enough this morning to catch what I seldom get to see – the Balsamic Moon lying on Her back…

The red stripes are limbs of the intervening Tree.  I’m more likely to work late and sleep late – folks say we’re at our peak during the time of day at which we were born, and I was born late in the day – and this phase of the Moon only occurs during the early hours.  Plus, for the first time in my Life, I’m now Living in a place where the Sky is Clear often enough to be able to follow Ms. Moon.

The New Moon chart (previous post) features two “Fezzes” – trapezoids – a Square Fez (with the nonparallel sides red) and a Trine Fez (nonparallel sides blue).  More Wondering, as Fezzes are best approached through their diagonal Quincunxes.  We can see what our Challenges might be, though, as the two Squares are…

  • Truth (Veritas) Challenging (Square) Confidence (Chariklo) – are we Faking It somewhere in our Life?  Nothing wrong with Faking It, sometimes we have to Fake It till we Make it.  But the Real Thing is a lot better.  How to get there?  Maybe by Wondering where the need to Fake It arises, and Tapping that out?
  • Our Comfort with Ego Death (Nemesis) Challenges our Relationship with God/Goddess (Neptune).  If we still Resist our natural Ego Deaths (it’s how we Grow), is that a sign that we don’t Trust God/Goddess?  If we aren’t Comfortable Delegating our Growth to a Higher Power, is that Hubris?  Nobody gets to 5D by Doing everything themself.  5D is about Directing our Imagination toward What We Want to Co-Create, and then Letting it Happen.  What actually happens Teaches us about what we still have to Learn.

The one Quincunx that’s in both Fezzes is between asteroid Truth (Veritas) and our Relationship to God/Goddess (Neptune).  We don’t want an Answer here, especially a “yes or no” Answer.  We just want to keep an eye out for anything that happens in our Life that implies we might be Faking It.  For instance, do I always need to predict what will happen, or get things “my way”?  Or am I willing to Publish my Request (that is, to Imagine my Wants Manifesting), then wait to see what God/Goddess Co-Creates to complement my Effort?

The 7 November (8am PST) New Moon chart itself is a lot simpler than our Effort to Avoid Conclusions will be. 

The New Moon Action happens in the Midpoint of the Signs.  But, as we mentioned, there are a couple of big Sign Changes going on too – Uranus backing into Aries on 6 November (11am PST), and Jupiter entering Sagittarius on 8 November (4:30 am PST).  These are the other poles of the Signs – their Cusps.  Lots of Action here…

Our Mission (North Node) is the Clear Leader here, standing out on one side and knitting the rest of the chart together like Spider Grandmother.  Soul (Uranus) and Sustenance (Ceres) Challenge (Square) the Nodes.  Are we Willing to Let Soul Sustain us instead of Ego? 

It’s not easy to pick out – look for the two green Xs –  but Ceres-Uranus is the focus of a Yin Gate here.  So we can Expect Paradox to be involved.  We know Confusion is the first sign of Growth, so all this looks great, right?

We’re also likely to be granted Epiphanies about our Relationship to God/Goddess (Mjölnir to Neptune – the orange lines, though they may look red to you). 

And we’re Challenged (T-Square) to Take Responsibility for our Survival Instincts (Pholus-Quaoar).  This Challenge has something to do with Pain, Miracles, and Boundaries (Chiron Opposite Pallas).  Do we Dwell in our Pain, or do we Poor-Sweetheart ourself about it?

What do our Survival Instincts say about the US elections?  Do we know for sure if those are Intuitions, or just Fear that our ancient Karma will repeat?  It’s going to be really Easy to Forget that We’re Co-Creators and Imagine What We Fear.  Imagination though is one of the most Powerful ways to Manifest.  It’s the V in PIAVA.  By all means stay with your Image of your Karma long enough to Recognize that you’ve seen it before.  But then you want to bomb it back to the Stone Age where it belongs.

“No longer lend your Strength to that which you wish to be Free From,” is Jewel’s way of putting this, and I don’t know any better way of saying it…

One Response to “Ends and Means II”

  1. understandingmarie Says:

    Love Jewel. Thank you for sharing all. 🙏❤️

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