Self-Doubt 6

The last major segment of the Sappho-Station chart is a second Yin Gate, this one focused on the Expansion-of-Fear, or, with Kegels, Expansion-of-Power, Jupiter-Sedna Opposition…

Notice that, unlike the first Yin Gate, Love-of-Our-Potential (Sappho-Chaos) and its protagonist Responding-to-Our-Survival-Fears (Quaoar-Pholus) is directly involved in this one.  We talked about Fear recently – Fear plus Breathing, Fear plus Tapping, Fear plus Kegels, and the like, so if we’ve built these Habits we should be well on our way to working with this one.

But it’s a Yin Gate, so we have to expect Paradox to reign.  For many of us, developing hygienic Habits around Fear may be easier than around Paradox, since Paradox involves holding Contradictory Concepts at the same time without forcing them to Compete.  That’s actually excellent practice for what will follow the Patriarchy, as Duality will no longer be in Control.

We’re probably more familiar with Fear-of-Expanding than we are with Expanding-into-Fear or Embracing-Fear.  And we may be more familiar with Fear-of-Power than we are with Expanding-into-Power or Embracing-Power.  In The Findhorn Garden, one of the Herbs, Artemesia I think, pointed out that having more Power allowed it to Serve God/Goddess more Powerfully.  We may all have different Paradoxes to deal with around Expansion, Fear, Extroversion, and Power.

The “whole story” for our 26 October Sappho Station (11:30 pm PDT) on Transforming Self-Doubt into Self-Love looks like this…

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