Another Molt II

Daniel Scranton’s Arcturian friends contribute this today…

“We have sent all of you the energy that you have been requesting, the energy that will support you through the time that you have remaining in the fourth dimension.  We know that you often feel stranded there, as though all you can do is wait for something big to happen so that you can start living your lives as fifth dimensional beings.  We also know that you have more power, more creativity, and more access to higher frequency energy than you ever had as third-dimensional beings.

“But you are still under the impression that you have to live out the rest of this time of transition in a third-dimensional way.  You do not.  You are not trapped, and you can begin to enjoy what you have access to as fourth dimensional beings.  You can still create a beautiful life for yourself, as you await the shift.  Your journeys are not limited energetically in any way, but they are still limited by your minds.

“The more you look at life through a logical and reasonable lens, the more it is going to continue to show up as the same life you’ve been living.  Now, we can grant you access to all of the energy that you summon, but you still need to have enough faith in yourselves to do something with it.  We want you to know how significant it is that you are open to receiving that energy, and we also want you to understand how much power you have as creator beings in the here and now.

“You don’t need to wait for your light bodies and your fifth dimensional abilities to be able to create a wonderful reality for yourselves and the rest of humanity.  This doesn’t have to be a holding pattern for you.  It can be the beautiful and wonderful experience of growth that you have always wanted to experience, and you can live without limitations.  You can live the best of what life has to offer right now.”

Alls we gots to do, is just Embrace the Ego Death that Allows us to Let Go of our Self-Sabotaging Limits.  We do always need to be careful what we Ask for, so rather than…

“Ganeshi My Love, Please Remove All Obstacles to My Living the Best of What Life Has to Offer Right Now”

You might try something along the lines of…

“Ganeshi My Love, Please Gently, Lovingly, Rapidly, and Completely Remove All Obstacles to My Living the Best of What Life Has to Offer Right Now.  Thank you, Ganeshi!”

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