That Was a Trick Question

Of course it wasn’t, since on so many levels so many of us will be Choosing our Karma, because it’s so Comfortable.  Think about your Least-Favorite recurring circumstances, especially your recurring Bummers.  Now reframe your Experience so you see yourself as Comfortable in those circumstances.  That’s what Karma is all about.  Least-Favorite, Bummer, and “Comfortable” seem like strange bedfellows.  But think about why those circumstances are your Least-Favorite.  Maybe you don’t like the Emotions involved, or maybe they make you Doubt yourself (I think of Doubt, like Confusion, as an Emotion).  But if they recur, you’re Familiar with them, and maybe Familiar isn’t so far from Comfortable.

But the sense that it actually was a Trick Question, is that we’ve dropped into a Station of asteroid Juno, and Juno is about the Edgs of our Consciousness.  Station means “Strong,” so we’ll actually have to work to not Grow our Consciousness between now and 11 October, when Juno actually Stands Still.  We say a planet is “Stationary” whenever it’s moving so slowly that we can hardly tell it’s moving at all, because that’s when we Feel the impact of the planet most strongly.  Usually we Feel this intensity for about a week before the planet actually Stands Still, depending on what else is going on, and how Sensitive we are to it.

We’re suggesting that you Assertively Choose Consciousness because the Portal is Open here – sure, we’ll all get a hit without trying, but while the Door is Open, let’s get Greedy.  As Gordon said, “Greed [about Consciousness] is Good!”   The Juno-Station chart is more complex than the New-Moon chart…

So we won’t get through it all tonight, but at the risk of sounding like a broken record, it’s really more of the same.  Well, maybe I should sound like a broken record, because this stuff – about Identity, Ego, Soul, Karma, Held Emotions, etc – is so Subtle and so Profound that we have to have it pounded into us.  We can hear or read the same thing a thousand times, and then on the next pass it coincides with some other goings-on and a Light goes on, and we suddenly “get” it.  “Oh, That’s what you meant!”  So as the Priestess may have said, “Repetition is Good!”

The Big Highlights of the chart include Juno itself Dancing with Fear and Power (Sedna) – remember your Kegels (Fear + Kegel = Power).  Juno in Gemini should be an Open Portal for Consciousness to Grow already, because Gemini is to flibbertigibbet.  No offense to your Gemini planets, but Gemini is probably the most loosy-goosy Sign in the Zodiac.  That’s Freedom par excellence, but it can also be Spacey and sometimes Scarily so.  Sedna Initiated Juno, which would have introduced us to our Fear in a whole new way, on 14 September.

Juno only stays in Gemini for a month, before it backs into Taurus.  Taurus is the Rock of the Zodiac.  Taurus and Change are not at all Comfortable together.  Stability is Good, but if we’re talking about Stable Self-Sabotage, which is what Taurus and Karma would do together, Shaking things up would be Good too, if not very Comfortable.  Juno doesn’t get back to Gemini for good till 24 December.  So our Window where it will be Easier to Change what needs Changing, will be Open till 24 October – take Advantage of it!  Changing our Relationship with Fear, so we Grok it’s Power, will be an option for us again in the second week of November.

The other Big Highlight of the Juno Station is that our Health and Vitality (Varuna) is the Star of the Show.  While the rest of the chart is packed in like a lunchbox, Varuna and the North Node look like the gondola under the balloon, where “everything” happens.  So a particular theme in this Station is our Opportunity to see how our Karmic Patterns Sabotage our own Vitality.  We’ll talk more about this over the next few days.

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