Choice, Fate, & Consciousness

“Okay, this gets serious.  All human life takes place within the framework of certain universal principles.  These principles are unwaveringly powerful.  This is the principle that applies to imagination.  Consciousness does not know the difference between a powerfully imagined happening and an actual live, physical happening.  Why?  Simply because, in consciousness, there is no difference.  It is all timeless energy.”  –Michael Roads, Entering the Secret World of Nature, p.58

“When you bring your ancient inner ocean of imagination – of living matter – into synchronization and harmony with the imagination of the world, then you can have a powerful effect.  You can bless the world in ways beyond our [the Sidhe’s] ability.  But you can curse it as well.  This is your incarnate challenge as human beings.

“Here is where we [the Sidhe] feel our collaboration can be helpful, for we can help receive and channel your imaginative powers in ways that are more harmonious with the life of Gaia.  Your inner magic can emerge to harmonize with the magic in the world with which we are familiar.  This possibility is what lies behind our project of exploring collaboration with you.”  –David Spangler,  Engaging with the Sidhe, p.14

Pluto, which was Stationary, or Very Strong, on 30 September, in some ways represents the Imagination of the World and the Life of Gaia.  We usually refer to it as the Zeitgeist, which is a bit more Plebeian, but comparable when looking through a 3D lens and Linear Time.  And asteroid Lachesis, which was Stationary on 28 September, symbolizes Conscious Choice, especially the Choice to Manifest a specific Timeline. 

You can see the colossal Cosmic struggle between the Kavanaugh Timeline and the Ford Timeline, to see which one compliments the Life of Gaia, though of course it’s never Either/Or in Real Life.  The fact that it’s cast as an Either/Or by the Politic and the Media, tells us that it’s an Illusion.  As is always the case, it’s really a Negotiation of Degree between continuing the old Old-Boy Timeline and Facilitating the new MeToo Timeline.  The actual Political Result doesn’t matter that much. 

What really matters is your Powerful Imagining of the Future you want to Live in while you’re still in Linear Time because that will impact your own Experience far more than the Political Result of the current public Negotiation.  The Either/Or Political Result is like two Icebergs meeting; their above-Water tips don’t count nearly as much as their below-Water Mass.  Your own Powerful Imagining just determines which Iceberg you hang out in.  Thinking in terms of Vanquishing will get you nowhere, and certainly won’t Harmonize with Mother Gaia.

If your Powerful Imagining is Limited to repetition of the Past – yours or Gaia’s – think again.  Dwarf Planet Chaos, which was Stationary 26 September, is about Unlimited Potential.  How do we access Unlimited Potential?  With Powerful Imagining of course.  So keep your Focus on the version of Gaia you Want to Live in, not the one you Fear will happen.  The only thing you can Create from Fear is more Fear.

Here’s the Lachesis Station chart…

It’s a Flying Squirrel Configuration.  The head, which is about Powerfully Imagining Perfect Health (Varuna-North Node) – or Fearing the alternative (why the devil would you Choose that?) – is where the Configuration is heading. 

The green diagonals describe the Journey.  These are about Curiosity.  Not the sort of Curiosity that demands Judgment (like the Iceberg Juggernauts Pretend to do in their Drama), but the sort that has room for interesting new combinations and permutations, like the Negotiation of Degree going on beneath the surface.  These diagonals are…

  • How will Choice (the Lachesis Station itself) come to Balance with Transcendence of our Unconscious Beliefs (Saturn-Vesta-BZ509)?  If we’re trying to Choose Either/Or, we’re not Harmonizing with What’s Real.  Whatever we Choose, we’ll be struggling against tons of Karmic and Cultural Programming.  We won’t be Happy or Harmonize with Mother Gaia, or escape the Political Either/Or, if our Choices don’t have wiggle-room for lagging Beliefs.
  • How will our Memories of Abuse {Ford} or Privilege {Kavanaugh} (Nessus-OR10) come to Balance with the Truth of What We’re Creating (Sun-Veritas-Makemake)?  This is thorny.  Self-Righteousness and Rage will Manifest as more Rage and Self-Righteousness.  How will be work with this without Creating more Held Emotions that will glue us to 3D?

The Pluto Station chart…

…Challenges us to bring our Karma or Unconscious Patterns up into our Awareness, Promising a Rebirth into Liberation to the extent that we do.

Pluto Station Conjunct Klotho (Beginning a New Timeline) Opposing Moira (Fate and Choice) T-Squared by Mercury (Awareness) and Abetted (Trine-Bridged) by Atropos (Choosing to End Old Timelines) and Aletheia (Facing the Truth).

We also need to be Open to Ego Death, without Prejudgment about how we will Experience it or where it will Lead us. 

Pluto-Klotho and Atropos form the base of the Yod (two Quincunxes or Curiosity) Demanding that we Pay Attention to our Intuitively Authentic Ego Deaths (Asbolus-Moon-Nemesis).

We talked about the Chaos Station in Summer of Self-Love VI (

3 Responses to “Choice, Fate, & Consciousness”

  1. Lunesoleil Says:

    Reblogged this on L'actualité de Lunesoleil and commented:
    «D’accord, ça devient sérieux. Toute vie humaine se déroule dans le cadre de certains principes universels. Ces principes sont résolument puissants. C’est le principe qui s’applique à l’imagination. La conscience ne connaît pas la différence entre un événement puissamment imaginé et un événement physique réel. Pourquoi? Simplement parce que, dans la conscience, il n’y a pas de différence. C’est toute l’énergie intemporelle. »- Michael Roads, Entrer dans le monde secret de la nature , p.58

    «Lorsque vous apportez votre ancien océan intérieur d’imagination – de matière vivante – à la synchronisation et à l’harmonie avec l’imagination du monde, alors vous pouvez avoir un effet puissant. Vous pouvez bénir le monde d’une manière qui dépasse nos capacités [de la Sidhe]. Mais vous pouvez aussi le maudire. C’est votre défi incarné en tant qu’êtres humains.

    «Ici, nous [les Sidhe] pensons que notre collaboration peut être utile, car nous pouvons vous aider à recevoir et à canaliser vos pouvoirs imaginatifs de manière plus harmonieuse avec la vie de Gaia. Votre magie intérieure peut émerger pour s’harmoniser avec la magie du monde avec lequel nous sommes familiers. Cette possibilité est ce qui sous-tend notre projet d’explorer la collaboration avec vous. »- David Spangler, Engaging with the Sidhe , p.14

    Ce qui compte vraiment, c’est votre Imagination Puissante du Futur que vous voulez vivre pendant que vous êtes encore en Temps Linéaire, car cela aura un impact sur votre propre expérience bien plus que le Résultat Politique de la négociation publique actuelle. Le résultat politique Soit Ou Ou est comme deux réunions des Icebergs; leurs conseils au-dessus de l’eau ne comptent pas autant que leur masse sous l’eau. Votre propre Imaginateur puissant détermine simplement l’iceberg dans lequel vous vous trouvez. Penser en termes de vaincre ne vous mènera nulle part Gaia.

    Si votre imagination puissante est limitée à la répétition du passé – le vôtre ou celui de Gaia – réfléchissez à nouveau. Dwarf Planet Chaos, qui était stationnaire le 26 septembre, parle de Unlimited Potential. Comment pouvons-nous accéder au potentiel illimité? Avec l’ imagination puissante bien sûr. Alors gardez votre concentration sur la version de Gaia dans laquelle vous voulez vivre, pas celle que vous craindrez. La seule chose que vous pouvez créer à partir de la peur est plus la peur.

  2. msmonotone Says:

    Wow thank you, wise words to helps us navigate through the darkness of the matrix, your light and warmth received loud and clear for this little human-be-ing.

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