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September 13, 2018

No.  Not “No!”  Not “No Thank You.”  Just “No.”

No Discussion, No Arguments.  Just No.  From now through 17 September we’re immersed in a Major Letting Go of historical Abuse.  It’s about Realizing that we have the Right and the Ability to Change the old Timeline.  Making the Choice to Set New Boundaries.  Never Again.  Claiming our Sovereignty, Permanently.

Details at Eleven.

Hope You’re Rested IX

September 11, 2018

Scared about your Survival?  Respond to it.  How?  Well, the first thing you need to do is find out whether your Fear is an Instinct about actual Likely Futures, or a Regression to Past Events or Lifetimes.  How?  Here’s the Strategy I use to differentiate…

Pholus (Ability to Respond) and Quaoar (Survival Instincts) are both Stationary on 12 September, Pbholus at 9am PDT in 28 Sagittarius on the Galactic Center, and Quaoar at 0:00 (!) Capricorn and 11pm PDT.

Of course Futures aren’t Determined yet, and if we Indulge our Karmic Fears overmuch, we can bend the Future in that Direction.  Every recurrence of a Karmic Pattern is an Opportunity to Let It Go or Grasp it a little tighter.  Karma doesn’t Grasp Us, We Grasp It.  That usually happens because we Confuse thoughts and Feelings.  We Feel Fear, which could be someone else’s Fear, an ambient astroevent, an Instinct, a Memory, a Regression, or an Alien landing on your head.

And then we start Thinking.  Omigod, what’s happening?  Am I gonna lose my job or my lover or my house or my Life?  It’s the Thinking that dooms us.  We Experience Emotions in the Body.  Fear, usually in the Belly or Bowels or the back of the Neck, sometimes the follicles, or we could Shake all over or Feel Cold.  Thinking doesn’t happen in the Body, it happens in that little Bubble over your head.

That’s the first step – Focus on what’s going on in your Body and Banish the Bubble.  What is it you’re Feeling, in your Body, and where is it?  Put your hand on it and Warm it – Love is Soft and Warm, Fear is Cold and Hard.  Soften it.  Send Energy to it from your Heart.  Keep Warming and Softening it till it Changes or Moves.  When you Notice that you’ve started to Think instead of Feel, Gently and Lovingly bring your Attention back to your Body.  Over and Over again. 

I know, you Think you have to Figure It Out, but that’s Bad Karma that you’re Grasping.  If you Figure It Out while you’re in Fear, you’re going to Manifest more Fear.  FIRST, Love your Fear into Submission, THEN when you Figure It Out it’ll be much Easier, Incredibly So.  In fact, you’ll probably find that Love has made most of the Difficulty disappear.

Give yourself a Poor Sweetheart if you want.  “You Poor Sweetheart, you can’t stop Thinking, can you.”   Or “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Really Scared, aren’t you.”

Now that whole process can take a while.  For something like an abscessed Tooth for instance, it might take you a couple of weeks of Focused Meditation.  I can tell you that moving from Fear to Love is the Most Important Thing you can ever do anytime anywhere in any Circumstance, but you may Think you don’t have the time.  There’s that Thinking again, eh?  I’ll tell you again that Thinking while you’re in Fear will help What-You-Fear Manifest.

But let’s add a quicker process anyway.  The first step in this process is to Tap on your Fear –  “Even though I’m scared of [Whatever], I deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself” etc etc usw.  Or “Even though I can’t Stop Thinking and Making Up such Horrible Stories about What I’m Scared Of that I’ll probably Create it, I deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself.”  That may help immediately, but often we have to Tap several times till we get Clear.

The Sensation of Getting Out of a Fear Trance Feels much like Grounding – you Get Back Into your Body.  You may no longer be Making Up Horror Stories, but you still may be Curious about what made you so Scared.  So we can test whether our Fears are likely to come True, using Theta –  It’s a Ritual, so we recommend using the same wording every time…

“God/Goddess, Creator of All Things, I Command that [What I Want, rather than What I Fear].  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank you, God/Goddess. [Pause] Show Me.”

If you’ve been Fearing that you’ll Lose your Job, for instance, you might use something like “I Command that I’m Able to Keep my Job.”  Or better yet, something like “I Command that I Keep this Job or Effortlessly Stumble Into a better one with better pay and more fun.”

Then when you say “Show Me,” look to See what Picture you’ve Received.  If you don’t easily See Pictures when you close your Eyes, Command that you Are Able to do that.  Be Mindful when you’re Thinking a Picture instead of Seeing one.  If you See a Picture of yourself Doing your Job, you’re Golden.  If you don’t, then we need to Tap some more.  Your Fear about your Job has probably evolved since you’ve been Working with it.  Maybe now you Fear you’ll be Demoted instead of Fired.

So we’d Tap on something like “Even though I Fear I may be Demoted, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself.”  And maybe Theta with something like “I Command that I Get a Raise.”  We cycle back and forth between Tapping and Commanding till we get a result we like.  If we don’t get one, go back to Differentiating Feeling from Thinking and Loving your Feelings In Your Body for a while.

Tap on only Negative Outcomes, and Theta on only Positive Outcomes.  Tapping is about Recognizing the Truth of what’s going on in your Energy Field (it Feels Negative or you wouldn’t be Tapping), and Letting your Meridians Readjust themselves so you’re back in Balance.  You’d Tap on the likes of “I’m Scared I’ll Get Fired.” 

Theta on the other hand Reaches into the Unconscious, and the Unconscious does not Recognize Negation.  So if you Theta on “Not Getting Fired” you’re actually upping the odds that you’ll Get Fired.  So you’d Theta on Keeping your Job, or Getting a Raise or the like.

Hope You’re Rested VIII

September 10, 2018

Now here’s a big clue about our Forbidden Genius…

“You are the best examples in the entire galaxy of beings who do not exercise their complete power.  You have more access to Source Energy, and that which you truly are, because of how emotional you are as a species.  And yet, you have been fooled into believing that being emotional makes one weak.

“You have been taught, over and over again, to hide your emotions.  As children, even when you were in a state of absolute joy, if there were other people around that could be disturbed by your joyous behavior, you were told to settle down.  You were told not to be a crybaby.  You were told that there was something wrong with your angry outburst, and it was labeled a tantrum.  You were told not to be a scaredy cat, and you were taught that love was only really appropriate between males and females.

“And so, all of your emotions, whether negative or positive, have been squashed by some member of your family, or a teacher, or perhaps even a clergy member.  And therefore, you have had less access to makes you truly powerful.  It is your ability to feel, not your ability to take action, that makes you powerful creator beings.  You are more powerful than you know, and many of you are starting to access that power, as you have been given permission as adults to feel your feelings.

“Now, when you allow yourselves to feel all of the feelings that come up within you, you are much more in the flow of the high frequency energies that are all around you.  And if you can access those higher frequency energies, you can know true power. 

“The next step for all of you will be not fearing that power.  Power has been given a bad name by those who have abused it, but the power that you access by allowing all emotions to flow through you and by accessing the truth of who you are as Source Energy Beings, that power, could not and would not harm a fly.”

Hope You’re Rested VII

September 9, 2018

Some outside Perspective wouldn’t hurt at this point.  Daniel Scranton’s Arcturian friends have this to say…

“We have accelerated the pace at which we send you downloads because you are ready for that accelerated pace.  What we can see happening for all of you is the coming together of intentions with opportunities, and we want to be a part of it.  We want to give you what you need in order to act on those opportunities.

“Sometimes you need a nudge.  Sometimes you need a little bit more vitality, and sometimes you need a boost to your confidence.  We can provide any and all of those things and more, through the downloads that we are transmitting.

“Now, if you are concerned about not receiving your download, or that you will somehow fail to access it and utilize it, that just means that you need to relax.  The more relaxed you are, the more likely you are to let them in.  You tend to go to one extreme or another, rather than seeing your action and relaxation as being parts of the same cycle.

“So we are letting you know that it is alright for you to slow down and relax so that you can do some receiving, because ultimately, you are going to want to take action.  You are going to want to capitalize on the opportunities that flow your way.  And again, we are here to help.  You are the ones who make it all happen, and we are the support staff.

“When we see you receiving one of our downloads and putting it to good use, we feel that warm glow that you feel in your hearts when you look upon someone you love.  We are all in this together, and from what we can see, you all are getting that more and more every day.”

Marilyn Raffaele’s new Channeling is also very timely.  Here’s an excerpt, but I highly recommend the whole message…

The material sense of earth will change as the false beliefs that formed it begin to dissolve.  It can never return to what it was in spite of efforts by those attempting to make this happen because the substance of it is different.

“People are beginning to honor and appreciate all life forms and are finally giving serious thought to cleaning and protecting the earth because they are starting to understand Oneness–that what they do to others and to Gaia, they do to themselves.  Humans are the only species that defiles its own nest.

“Those who do not yet know that they are spiritual beings (consciousness and not just a human body), are experiencing varying degrees of panic at this time as they observe their reality (the ‘right’ way of things) fall apart.  Because of this, some are acting out through violent and thoughtless reactions in a useless effort to keep the status quo…

“Shifts in consciousness can feel like and often are thought of as being a personal failure because they often result in the collapse of one or more parts of one’s life that were created out of a past state of consciousness.  Always remember that nothing real can ever dissolve, only concepts entertained about something can disappear.  If something in your life is a spiritual reality meant to be there, it will reappear in higher and better forms as your consciousness (the substance of it) evolves…”

And I’ve been reading a fascinating book about some of these “other life forms” that Marilyn mentions, David Spangler’s Conversations with the Sidhe.  Students of Irish Lore will know well the Sidhe.  They are a parallel race or species of Life Form that split off from the Hupers, maybe somewhere around Lemuria, since they are less tethered to Matter than modern Hupers.  Being more in Spirit than Matter, they can see many things that we can’t.  Here’s a short passage from a Sidhe (pp.136-7)…

“The reconciliation between human and Sidhe is part of a much larger project of integration going on in the world as a whole as Gaia moves to establish a greater coherency within herself.  We contribute to this, as do many others. 

“Frankly, the human world is both a driver of this integration and one of its obstacles.  Knowing how to understand and work with your energies and your world – and to have a better attunement to ordinary humanity – is an important asset to those of us working with this project.

“We need to understand your connection to matter, the love you bring to it and the love you draw out from it.  This is something even you do not always understand or think much about.  You take your physicality for granted, not always realizing the miracles embedded in it…

“To do our work, we need your help in drawing close to your world.  But for many of us, your world is filled with turbulent and often painful energies.  We need your help in buffering the impacts that arise from the conflicts you experience and create.  This is so whether the conflicts are physical or psychological. 

“I am not speaking here of your personal emotional conflicts; these we can weather if need be and may even be able to help.  Instead, it is the impact of your collective negativity that makes it hard for us to approach.  We need your help in bypassing this, like you would build a road around a swamp.  You do this by finding your own calm and peace in the midst of your life.  If you stand in serenity, we can stand there with you….”

I highly recommend the whole book; it’s less than 200 pages.  Some of you may not know that David was one of the founders of Findhorn.  Like Michael Roads’s Through the Eyes of Love series, David’s book introduces several non-Huper Life Forms that co-reside with us on Earth.  The Sidhe clarify many confusing aspects of these other Forms. 

Michael’s books left me with a much greater and deeper understanding of where Hupers stand on the Planet and in the Cosmos.  David’s book on the other hand leaves me with a greatly Expanded sense of the Energetic Matrix of the Planet and a much better appreciation for its Spiritual Matrix – which I believe are a prerequisite for our ongoing Existence on a Transformed Gaia.

Another Amazing and even shorter book I’m reading is Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Living in the Heart.  This is just a teaser (p.41)…

“At the end of my talk [at a conference in Queensland], I … walked to the back of the room and waited to hear the next speaker.  But I was intercepted by a group of five or six elderly Aboriginal men.  They motioned for me to come over to their circle, which I did without thinking much about it.

“These old men took me in their midst and told me that I was the first white man they had ever heard speak the truth as they knew it.  They told me how Mother Earth provided everything to them without their having to struggle, that the world was just light and that human consciousness was more than whites usually understand.  (They consider us a mutation of their consciousness, just babies who are still learning about the outer world.)”

Again, I highly recommend the whole book, it’s full of Mind-Boggling information about a litany of very important and surprising topics.

Hope You’re Rested VI

September 9, 2018

This chart of the 9 September (11am PDT) New Moon is remarkable…

…in being so specific.  It has one complete Configuration in it, and nothing else (in the New Moon Degree Zone).  I don’t recall seeing the Universe be so Unambiguous before.  It’s a “Diamond Star” Configuration, created when a Yod (green wedge meaning Pay Attention!) and a T-Square (red triangle meaning Challenge) point at the same planet.  It means that a normally Difficult Issue will be Resolving Itself.  Nevertheless, it will behoove us to know what the Issue is, so we can Learn from it “only” Taking Advantage of it.

The Star of the Show is of course the planet highlighted by the T-Square and Yod.  The other two corners of the red triangle describe the Difficulty, and the two planets in the base of the green wedge help describe the nature of the Self-Resolution.  The green lines indicate Curiosity.  Not as in I-Need-to-Figure-Out-What-The-Answer-Is, but as in Whoa-Isn’t-That-Mind-Boggling!  Maybe we should refer to them as Amazement, or Wonderment, rather than “Curiosity.”

A New Moon implies that the Energy will be prominent for at least the two weeks following.  And, in the last post, we showed that the Ixion Station referred us to the subsequent Full Moon (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), so even though we’re past the Ixion Station there’s no sense in which we’re done with this The-Most-Important-Thing-Is-Rebirthing-Our-Forbidden-Genius Drama.  It will be Evolving instead of Ending.

Also recall that the next, 12-September set of Stations, Pholus (Full Responsiveness) and Quaoar (Survival Instincts) have already begun.  Besides, the already-Stationary Quaoar was Merged with Saturn at its Station, and the already-Stationary Pholus was Merged with Ixion at its Station.  So we’ll be in this bubble for a while, probably the rest of September.  In other words, we need to Learn to Appreciate it.

But meanwhile, what’s this Self-Resolving Difficulty about?  Which planet is the Star? 

The Self-Love planet, asteroid Sappho.  So we can expect all the places and situations where we don’t Love ourself Unconditionally to be Lit Up.  All the places and situations where we Judge ourself.  All the situations where Other Peoples’ Criticism Hurts us.  Make a list – it’s time to Banish Self-Judgment.  We don’t need it.

Particularly Social and Religious Self-Judgment.  The places where we’ve been Expected to Conform to Social Standards, the situations where we’ve been Expected to follow someone else’s Rules, especially if they’re punishable by Eternal Abolishment.  I know, you have all these pictures of Don’t Do Unto Others as You Wouldn’t Have Them Do Unto You.  You don’t have to start Hurting people.  You just have to stop Hurting yourself with these Judgments of your Natural Self.

Which is to say, Sappho Squares Neptune.

Neptune’s greatest contribution to our Skillset is to enable us to look behind Material Form to see the Energy that holds it in place.  Material Form is transitory; the Energy behind it is Forever.  Neptune symbolizes Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity.  Since we know that Confusion is an early sign of Growth, we can Recognize that this is about Growing into our own Spirit.

Then there’s Ego Death.  Self-Love is not about Loving our Current Ego.  The Ego will take care of itself just fine.  It’s about Loving Who We Really Are, behind whatever Ego-costume we happen to be wearing.  Have you ever looked to see who’s behind the Ego curtain?  Steven Levine’s book Who Dies is an excellent guidebook to the back rooms.  It’s about Loving our Core Essence so much that we can Change Egos as easily as changing our undies.  We have to get to know Ego Death pretty well to do this, so we can recognize its Symptoms as Dramas.

Which is to say, the New Moon is in Virgo.

What about the Astonishments?  Jupiter is one of them – Expansion, Growth, Letting Go of Judgments.  Can we approach Ego Death with wide-eyed Wonderment?  Remember the last time you thought you were Dying, or that you Felt like you’d rather Die.  Spend a few minutes with that Memory.  Open your Heart to yourself.  “You Poor Sweetheart, you were afraid that you were Dying, weren’t you.”

It’s probably been awhile, but do you ever Remember doing this?

Mimic that pose, and see how it Feels.  Can you put that together with the Fear that you were Dying?  What if we approached Rebirth this way?  Rebirth really is a Miracle, no matter how it happens or how we approach it.  What if we actually knew, without any Doubt, that We are not our Ego.  We are our Eternal Soul.  We are a coherent (relatively) constellation of Energy and Consciousness.  We put on Egos and even Bodies for Entertainment, but neither is Who We Really Are.

The other Wonderment is Rebirth and Transformation itself – Pluto Merged with Stationary Klotho Merged with Chariklo.  Chariklo is our Self-Confidence, our Self-Trust.  We well know Klotho/Rebirth, we’ve just been working with her Station.  And we all should definitely get to know Pluto – Compulsion, Dark Tunnels with Unknown Exits, Places where We Can Trip Out So Far That We Never Get Back to Know That We Left, as Kesey put it; Transformation, Re-Formation of our Ego Trance and/or the Cultural Zeitgeist.  It’s akin to Rebirth.

If we Remember that Fear + Kegels = Power, we’ve got a good handle on Pluto.  As with Despair and Poor-Sweethearting, it’s a Profound Shift of Identity.  These three Merged together – Klotho, Pluto, Chariklo – are about Having Confidence in our Ability to Take a Powerful Rebirth in Stride, to Respond to ourself in the throes of a Life-Changing Rebirth with an Open Heart, as we would Respond to an infant.  It’s the same, really.

The Grace Created by a Diamond Star that renders the T-Square Challenge Self-Resolving, flows through these two Wonderments, through the Graceful interaction of Easy Growth (Jupiter) and Confidence in the Power of Rebirth (Chariklo-Pluto-Klotho), and in turn their interaction with Ego Death itself (New Moon in Virgo) and Spirit (Neptune). 

A Profound Ego Death that’s Easy is like Waking Up in another Galaxy – you’ve probably already Experienced that.  Our familiar surroundings are just a little Off, like someone has swapped in furniture and accouterments that look a lot like ours, but they’re somehow just a little different, or not quite where we left them.  You’ve probably already Experienced that, and you may find more of it.  No worries, it’s just someone tinkering with the Hologram.

This New Moon Energy is our Vehicle for at least the next few weeks, but on 12 December, both Pholus (9am PDT) and Quaoar (11pm PDT) are Stationary on the Galactic Center.  So we’re already deep into Pholus-Quaoar Energy, which is about Being Fully Responsive (Pholus) to our Survival Instincts (Quaoar).  Not our Ego’s Tenacity, but our Body’s Knowing about what to Do to Keep on Keeping on.

Hope You’re Rested V

September 8, 2018

Stage 3 of our early September The Most Important Thing Is Rebirthing our Forbidden Genius Drama is the Forbidden-Genius part, the Ixion stage (Stationary 12:30 pm PDT 8 September in 26 Sagittarius).  The chart is pretty specific.  This stage is about Accepting the Paradoxes (Yin Gate) that arise when we Bring Our Xenophobia (Fear/Power=Sedna, Respect for All Things=Hopi) into Consciousness (Juno)…

The Yin Gate is the blue box in the middle that contains two green Xs and one red one.  Yin Gates are about Paradox, growing beyond the Duality of the Intellect, into a more Spherical Perspective on our Understanding of the Reality we seem to be Embedded in. 

The primary Paradox of a Yin Gate is the central, red, axis, here between asteroid Hopi (Respect for All Things) and the meeting between Sedna (Transforming Fear into Power) and asteroid Juno (the Edges of Consciousness).

We have so many Fears that are below our Threshold of Consciousness – every Judgment we make for instance.  And every Doubt.  We’re still Living with the previous two charts as well, the Saturn and Klotho Stations.  That includes the Mergers of Ego Death with Self-Love (Nemesis-Sappho Conjunction), and Rebirth with Self-Confidence (Klotho-Chariklo Conjunction) in the Klotho-Rebirth chart (  An appropriate name for this Energy would be Question Everything!

So how does this serve our Forbidden Genius?  In the chart above, Ixion Merges with our Unconscious Beliefs (Conjunct Vesta) and with our Need to be Fully Responsive (and Pholus).  Since Ixion is by definition Banished, of course Everything We Have Believed Is Up for Grabs

The only other Configuration besides the Yin Gate is a Veritas (Truth) T-Square (Challenge) – on the Opposition between Ixion et al and Unlimited Potential (dwarf planet Chaos).  The Challenge becomes How Much Boat-Rocking Are You Really Willing To Tolerate In Order To Unlock Your Unlimited Potential!  Somewhere in this Bottomless Pit of Urgent Questions and Monstrous Doubts lies a Truth.

While there may be some Objectivity to “Facts,” there is nothing Objective about Truth.  Truth Resides in the Heart, and every Heart is Unique.  The more Turmoil you’re able to Tolerate, the closer you’re likely to get to your own Heart’s Truth, because that Turmoil is the (Ego) Death Throes of your old Birdcage of False Beliefs.  Jeez, are they all False?  Yes, we need to Live from our Instincts and Intuitions, not from our Judgments and Beliefs.  That’s what the Yin Gate is telling us, and that’s what Ascension is all about.

What about the “most important part” of a T-Square, the Vacancy (the Degree which would Complete the Grand Cross)?  That’s 27 Pisces, “The Harvest Moon illumines a clear autumnal sky.”  In the Northern Hemisphere the Harvest Moon this year occurs at 2 Aries on 24 September – its previous and Germinal New Moon is tomorrow, 9 September (4pm PDT) and as we’ll see very soon it’s tightly bound to this The-Most-Important-Thing-Is-Rebirth-of-Our-Forbidden-Genius Adventure.  Aries 2 is “A comedian reveals human nature.”

These are the Energies we need to add to the Mix Consciously.  So our hints are two – Prepare for Sustenance (autumnal sky suggesting winter), and Add Levity (the Comedian).  Look into the Doubt, Extract the Fear, and Kegel it into Power.

In the Southern Hemisphere, the next Harvest Moon occurs 20 March 2019 in 1 Libra, “In a collection of perfect specimens of many biological forms, a butterfly displays the beauty of its wings, its body impaled by a fine dart.”  Wow.  That’s exactly what we said a few paragraphs ago – We need to Live from our Instincts and Intuitions, not from our Judgments and Beliefs – because our Judgments and Beliefs Freeze the World into a snapshot of itself.  They literally Kill the World. 

And that’s Exactly what our Overintellectualization has been doing to the Planet, Killing Her. 




Hope You’re Rested IV

September 8, 2018

Another reader says…

“I don’t want to leave traces, so no official comments but, good lord, thanks for prepping us.  I’m a living proof of what you’d warned us about.”

The “ER” has been far too prominent in my Young Life this week, so let’s start there.  In Hope You’re Rested II,, we drew in the Uranus T-Square, but haven’t found time to comment on it.  Uranus (Soul) Squares the Nodes.  Any planet Squaring the Nodes is a big Red Flag, not in a negative sense, but in a Hey, Look At Me sense, because the Nodes show Where We Came From (South) and Where We’re Going (North). 

So a Square to the Nodes indicates Two (or more) Roads Diverging, whether in a Yellow Wood or not.  When the planet that’s Squaring the Nodes is a Biggie like Uranus, the Divergence is likely to be between the Road Home to the Squire and the Road to Mordor.  It says This Is Where The Soul Wants You To Go!

Which Road then?  Both.  We Left Something Where We Came From, and we need to go back and get it, because it’s the Key to making progress toward Where We’re Going.  What we Left there is our Held Emotions.  We’ve been studiously Avoiding those ever since, but it doesn’t work that way.  Denial is a Powerful and Positive Tool for narrowing our Focus by eliminating Distractions.  But when we have a Configuration like Uranus Square Nodes, the loud and clear message is Now We Need to Make those former Distractions Front and Center.  We need to go Retrieve our Held Emotions.

What does that mean?  Well, there are Emotions that we’d rather Die than Feel, because literally, Feeling them will generate all manner of Ego Death – “you,” your Olde Ego, will have to molt.  It’s the End of the Line for that Ego.  Since we’re left with Nothing when we Surrender to a Big Ego Death (the New Ego hasn’t Formed yet), the Olde Ego is Terrified of it.

Now if there are planets on the Nodes as well, that will tell us a lot about what we need to Recover from the South Node and what we need to Progress toward the North Node.  In this case, Mars (Action, Energy, Anger) and Lilith (Self-Sovereignty) sit on the South Node.  Can anyone say #MeToo?  Who isn’t Outraged over the times in their current Lifetime when Others rendered them Powerless over their own Life?  And that’s Nothing compared to Lifetimes past, when for instance, Slavery was common.

On the North Node we have the Moon (Authenticity, Flexibility) and Varuna (the Life Force).  Hence the ER visits – Not Feeling our Outrage may threaten our Life Force.  But Varuna on the North Node has a deeper meaning.  The Changes going on in our Life Force will facilitate our Mission – Where We’re Going.  I’ve already seen that, as the ER Victims I know emerged from their visit with more Power over their own Life than they had when they went in.

The Vacancy – the missing planet that would Complete the off-center T-Square and convert it to a more-Balanced Grand Cross – is 2 Scorpio, “A delicate bottle of perfume lies broken, releasing its fragrance.”  The Vacancy reveals the Energy we have to supply ourself, because there is no planet in position to supply it for us.  The Implication is that both the Life Force, and our Self-Sovereignty, are fragile, easily broken.  We need to manage both Assertively.

Hope You’re Rested III

September 6, 2018

Phase 2 of our Adventures about The Most Important Thing Is Rebirthing Our Forbidden Genius is here, and it emphasizes the Rebirthing part, namely, the 7 September (3pm PDT) Klotho Station at 15 Degrees of – you guessed it – Capricorn.  Any Rebirth worth its salt involves an Ego Death, including this one…

Which includes Curiousness (Quincunx) between our Rebirth (the Stationary Klotho) and both Ego Death (Nemesis) and Self-Love (Sappho), which itself might be considered a Curious combination.  A new Cycle between these two began in early August (, with an image about Little Kids being Excited about getting the Materialistic Gifts that they believed they Really Wanted.

True Curiosity Asks Big Questions without really expecting an Answer.  The Answer is eventually delivered by the Universe in mysterious ways, through Events and Occurrences.  But if we think we Know the Answer to the Question, we don’t get to Receive the Insightful Wisdom that the Real Answer holds.  The Questions are something like…

  • I Wonder what sort of Ego Death I’ll have to Endure to Rebirth my Forbidden Genius.
  • I Wonder what Unconscious parts of Myself I’m not Loving.
  • I Wonder what it would be like to Love my Ego Deaths.

There is one thing that’s fairly clear.  This adventure in Rebirthing Our Forbidden Genius as The Most Important Thing isn’t about Self-Judgment or Intention to Change.  It’s about Accepting, not Judging.  About Expanding to make room for the Previously Unknown, and Rebalancing everything to Integrate it all. 

What, you say, Saturn about Expanding?  That’s supposed to be Jupiter.  You forget that in the Unconscious, Opposites are Equals.  The Unconscious is Circular, not Linear.  If we try to make the Circular Unconscious Linear in order to make it Conscious, the only thing we’ve done is pour cement into Duality and Separation.  Instead, we have to make Consciousness Circular, even Spherical.

Hope You’re Rested II

September 2, 2018

Phase I of our current 1-8 September Adventure is the 6 September (4am PDT) Saturn Station in 3 Capricorn.  When Saturn is Lit Up we are advised to Pay Attention to The Most Important Thing.  We might Fear otherwise, but we can Trust that second and subsequent Priorities will wait patiently for the return of our Attention.

Fail to Trust this, and you slide back into the average astrologer’s interpretation of Saturn as Limitation.

Our Local Timing…

  • We expect Saturn to be Strong (Focusing on The Most Important Thing) from about 31 August through 6 September,
  • With overlaps from phase 2 (the Klotho Station, or {The Most Important Thing is} Birthing a New Timeline) around 4 through 7 September,
  • And the Ixion Station (phase 3, {The Most Important Thing is Birthing a New Timeline for} Recovering our Forbidden Genius) about 2 through 8 September.
  • Plus, our next Adventure, Being Fully Responsive to our Survival Instincts (Stations of Pholus and Quaoar) will span approximately 5 through 12 September.

So for the next ten days we end up with something like The Most Important Thing is Birthing a New Timeline for Recovering our Forbidden Genius, which is likely to be Critical for our Survival

The Ascension of Planet Earth, and our Ability and Willingness to Ascend with it, depends on a giant jigsaw puzzle.  Each of us is a key piece in the puzzle.  Without our Wholeness, including our Forbidden Genius, we don’t have the Codes necessary to insert our key piece into the puzzle.  This isn’t Life-or-Death for the Planet; there are margins for error, though we don’t know how big they are.  And at the same time it is Life or Death, for our current Sense of Self, because Rebirthing our Forbidden Genius requires of us an Ego Death.

Meanwhile, Capricorn is about “Just Do It” – get it Done.  It’s a very busy sign, with eight planets there, six times as many as would occur “by chance.”  And three of those are Stationary.  Plus there are three more planets Dancing on the Cusp – and two of those are also Stationary, one on the Galactic Center.  And we’re nowhere near the December Solstice, with its traditional Saturnalia Capricorn Parties.

In case you’ve never heard of it, Saturnalia, which occurred near the December Solstice, was in many ways the Roman equivalent of the German Oktoberfest.  The whole idea was just about the opposite of what we now think of as Capricorn.  The Romans reversed roles, for instance, masters serving servants – not exactly Lawn Order.  It was the Popes that followed who redefined many previously normal things as Evil, creating an additional foundation for your Forbidden Genius, beyond that of the Greek Founders of the Patriarchy.

Here’s the Saturn Station chart…

The Saturn Diamond Star and Grand Trine are drawn in heavy lines.  A T-Square and a Grand Trine pointing at the same planet indicate a relative Balance between Motivation and Grace.  A T-Square and a Yod pointing at the same planet (that is, a Diamond Star) indicate a Self-Resolving Challenge.  So the prognosis is actually quite good that we’ll find the key that will Open the door to the Dragon’s Lair.

All the same, it would behoove us to investigate the Vacancy that would convert the T-Square to a Grand Trine and bring the whole Configuration into greater Balance.  That’s 2 Cancer, “A person on a magic carpet hovers over a large area of land,” Implying that we would be ahead to Broaden our Perspective on what we’re Doing and Why.  It can also Imply the opposite – that our Forbidden Genius may hide in the spaces where we Lack a Broad Perspective.

What is it that Limits the Scope of our Thinking and Feeling?  A moral Lesson perhaps, that we took seriously early in Life, something that we consider to Define Us As A Person?  If you think about the anthem you’d like to see on your gravestone, some Quality that you’ve been Proud to Maintain All Your Life, what would that be?  Who would you be if you Violated that Self-Expectation?  What if that Person was your Forbidden Genius?

If we extend the “Bowl of Grace” underlying the Saturn T-Square to include Mars-Lilith-South Node (which is basically about the places where we Overreached in Support of our Self-Sovereignty and Lost it, like winning a battle but losing the war), we get an Almost-Grand-Sextile, making the Vacancy of that Configuration important.  That’s 3 Sagittarius, “Two people playing chess.”  Interesting, as it sort of echos Mars-Lilith-South Node in suggesting that Force isn’t enough, Politics are also required.

So where in our Life do we “play politics” or “play nice” instead of Forcefully Expressing our True Self?  What would your Forbidden Genius do instead?