Love Ends When Judgment Replaces Curiosity

From Michael Roads’s new book, Entering the Secret World of Nature, pp.45-46…

“One day while I was learning to listen to the silent voice of the river, it asked me a question.  ‘Do you see me as new?’

“I struggled with this for a long time…  For months I practiced looking at the river to see newness while listening to the river to be sure it was not laughing at me!

“After nearly a year of this, my intent was still unwavering.  I hindsight, I now know that when you set your intent, life will take you seriously.  But, you are also required to persist.  And persist I did.  I spent most of my practice time in attempting to see the newness in my wife and my children.

“Month after month passed by, yet they remained aggravatingly the same.  Same river, same wife, same kids, same me, same old same old.  I was literally overwhelmed in sameness, but bereft of newness.  I even wondered if what I was attempting was possible, but I kept on, feeling increasingly ridiculous.

“One morning, just as I awakened, I heard/felt words moving through my consciousness.  Only the newness in you can see the newness in the river and in other people.  I thought it was the river speaking, as it seemed to carry river energy.  Later I confirmed this.

“From this point I began to look for the newness in me!  Phew!  That took another six months or more …[but] there came a breathtaking moment when I discovered the newness in me.  Then, from the foundation of this startling newness in me, I started looking for – and eventually seeing – the newness in my wife and children.  I remember the initial excitement, and the frustration of being able to tell so few of my friends; but my wife knew, and she understood.

“Eventually, when I went down to the water’s edge and looked at the river, I experienced it as continual newness.  I smiled in delight.  It seemed so simple now.  What was the difference?  As I thought about it, I realized that it is normal to look through the brain-eyes, they connect. 

“However, by persisting I had gradually learned to also look through the heart-eyes connection, which has always metaphysically existed.  It is not a by-pass of the automatic brain-eyes connection; it is an inclusion, a more holistic way of deeper seeing.  I also suspect that although this was a discovery for me, it has probably been known among indigenous people of various nations for ages.”

Drunvalo Melchizedek also talks about and teaches this in Living in the Heart.

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