Summer of Self-Love VI

Well, my apologies.  I’ve been so busy that I didn’t notice till yesterday that the Chaos Station was 26 July, not 28 July!  See, I’ve been too busy – I think it’s July.  Make that September!  The actual 28 September event is the Lachesis Station, which is actually okay, because after all isn’t being able to Consciously Choose the Length of our Timelines – Lachesis’s specialty – what it’s all about?  I mean, yes, we need to get Conscious of all that Unconscious material, so we make Real Choices rather than Karmic Puppet Choices, but then, Making the Choices is what it’s about.

The Chaos Station was a Yin Gate or Mystery School, where we get to Experience Paradox.  We Win if we stay with the Reality of it, the Reality that it doesn’t Make Sense.  We Lose if we Rationalize it and Make Sense of the Illusion as if it’s Reality…

The critical central axis is the Opposition between Respect for All Things (Hopi) and Consciousness of our Fear (Juno-the Edges of Consciousness and Sedna-Fear, or Power once it’s brought into Consciousness and Grounded).  So it’s our Xenophobia.  How do you Feel about yours?  “Kick the bastards out, they’re taking our jobs?”  Or “We need more Diversity!”  Or “I Feel Guilty about my Racism and Sexism.”  Or, most commonly, “What Racism?  I’m not Sexist.”

Castenada used to call it Cognitive Dissonance – holding several Contradictory notions in mind at once without having to debate about them.  Accepting that Belief in Contradiction is a Limitation of Duality that Separates us from an Alive, Unitary, Multifarious Reality that is rife with apparent Contradiction, when squeezed through the sieve of Intellect.  We build our Egos on Contradiction.  “I Am” because “I’m Not such-and-such.”

The Yin Gate is those two green Xs on each side of the red asterisk in the middle of the chart.  The red diagonals are important too…

  • Rebirth (Haumea) Opposing Authenticity (Moon, Conjunct Eris, which symbolizes Revelation of What’s Been Denied).  Another False Dichotomy.  The Second Harmonic (Opposition) represents Ritual.  So here’s our Opportunity to Choose – between Being Reborn into Authenticity, or Choosing between Rebirth and Authenticity.  Soul would Choose the former, Ego the latter.
  • Enchantment with Limitlessness (Sappho = Self-Love and the Stationary Chaos = Unlimited Potential) versus Being Responsive to our Craziness (Pholus = Being Fully Responsive and Ixion = our Forbidden Genius).  Do you see those as Contradictory?  Find a way that they are Contradictory.  Then hold every Imagined Interpretation without Judging between them.

Not drawn in is the Chiron T-Square across the Limitless-Crazy axis.  As we said last time, there’s Pain there.  We’re conditioned to Believe that our 3D Illusions are Real, and when we begin to see that they’re just Holograms, Illusion, we Freak Out a bit.  Or maybe a lot.  It destabilizes the Ego.  Which, if you want to Identify with Soul, is good.  Providing we Manage our Natural Reactions to it.  It is after all the same as “mental illness,” the only difference is whether or not we’re Managing our Egoic Reactions.

The inmates on this Planet actually Believe that their Limits really are the Edge of the World, and they’ll go to great lengths, incarcerating you even, to keep you from Dropping off the Edge.  So you can’t just Go Crazy.  You have to Pretend like you Understand their Illusions and Believe in them too.  Isn’t that Weird?

One Response to “Summer of Self-Love VI”

  1. Isaac George Says:

    Or as Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) once stated in Pirates of the Caribbean – “I just pretend it’s all a dream…that’s how I get by.”

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