Summer of Self-Love IV

The Full Moon is very busy…

We could spend a lot of time with this chart, especially since it will be with us for at least the next two weeks, but there’s so much else going on that we’re unlikely to find the time.  A quick summary of a few of the biggest Trends…

We could start with the three (!) Diamond Stars, which, you probably recall, mean a Self-Resolving Challenge. 

Foremost is the Diamond Star about how The Most Important Thing is to Detect and Modify our Self-Sabotaging Unconscious Beliefs (Saturn-Vesta-Quaoar). Maybe you’ve noticed how your Stealth Addictions, the ones where your Evil Twin is Acting Out and Sabotaging you with too much Sugar or other Attention-Diverting Drugs.  The Self-Destructive Habits where you very successfully Pretend like you can “get away with it” without a second thought, until you cross the line and get yourself in trouble – and then remember, “Oh yeah, I can’t really do that, can I.”

Won’t it be fabulous if we can Heal that one way or the other – either curtail our Addictive Behavior, or figure out how to step into a Parallel Life or a Different Dimension and Repair the Original Karma so we can just Enjoy our Addiction without the negative consequences.  Instant Healing is always a Possibility.  Here, where our Difficulty is Self-Resolving, it’s worth a try to just PIAVA such a Miracle a few times.  If it fails we can always try Moderation, though of course that would require that we Recognize our Evil Twin, Consciously, so they can no longer Walk In unannounced.

This Diamond Star is Foremost because its base is the Full Moon itself, which on its own is far from simple.  The Moon is decorated with Pain or Miracles (Chiron), and the Sun dances with The Truth About Manifestation (asteroid Veritas and dwarf planet Makemake).  Which is to say, Just what sort of Pain are we Creating for ourself?

By the way, the folks who complain that “Creating Your Own Reality” amounts to “New Age Guilt” are missing the basic point – the “You” in Creating-Your-Own-Reality is not your Ego, it’s your Soul.  Whatever Reality is being Manifested “for” you, is your Soul’s Purpose.

Maybe your Soul Wants you to Experience this Bummer (we’re likely to Experience it All eventually) for some reason, or maybe there’s a Worse “Fate” awaiting you that you can Avoid by Responding Fully to your current Bummer.  Remember that Fate is what occurs when we’re Operating Unconsciously; Choice is what we get by Living our Life Consciously. 

So maybe your current Bummer is only there to remind you that you have Choice about something.  What might that be, do you suppose?  Well, we can Trust that it’s Important, because the second Diamond Star is about Trust (Eurydike), and it’s base is the Nodal Axis, which signifies our Karma and Lifetime Mission.

The Karma end is enhanced by Self-Sovereignty and Action/Anger (Lilith and Mars), while the Mission end is Dancing with our Life Force (Varuna).  Twisting the Cat’s Cradle further, the Life Force itself is the focus of the third Diamond Star, and it’s base is all about Trusting our Soul (Eurydike Opposite Uranus)!

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