Summer of Self-Love II

Here’s the 22 September (7pm PDT) Equinox chart, which applies till the December Solstice…

The single Challenge (“Square,” the short red line) in the chart is between The-Truth-Will-Come-Out (Sun-Mercury-Veritas) and The-Most-Important-Thing-Is-To-Revise-Our-Beliefs-So-They-No-Longer-Deny-Our-Survival-Instincts (Saturn-Vesta-Quaoar), suggesting possible Hard Times ahead if we try to keep our head in the Sand. 

But the Big Picture in the chart is Dumb-Luck Grace Directed (a “Kite,” the stacked blue triangles) at Our Aptitude For Our Mission (Varuna-North Node), particularly with regard to How-Well-We-Protect-Our-Own-Health-And-Honor-Our-Physical-Vehicle.  The fact that the Equinox itself is one corner of the underlying Dumb-Luck Grace (the Grand Trine that underlies the Kite), tells us that the Challenge will Flow Easily, as long as we don’t Resist it too vigorously.

The other two corners of the Big Grace are Becoming-Conscious-Of-Our-Fear (Juno-Sedna) and Owning-Our-Anger-And-Our-Codependence (Mars-South Node-Lilith).  As part of the Big Grace, these two Energies, which would normally be some of the most Difficult things we will ever do, will also Flow Easily.

“Coincidentally,” Archangel Michael, Channeled by Natalie Glasson, has some exercises for us to Ease the process further…

“In my communication with you today, I, Archangel Michael wish to share with you tools from the Angelic Realm and my own energy to gift to you adding your ascension and empowering your current journey upon the Earth.  The tools, techniques, and practices I wish to share with you are focused upon enhancing your spiritual and physical journey upon the Earth, while recognising that both are the same. 

“Your spiritual and physical journey are synthesised, they do not exist separately and should not be recognised as disconnected either.  Your physical life is the canvas for your spiritual being and soul to paint and create whatever inspires and fulfills you.  When you exist only in your physical reality and do not engage the presence of your soul then life becomes boring, mundane and challenging.

“When you only engage with your spiritual self and pathway and give less importance to your physical reality you miss the purpose of life and are unable to see the beauty of the Earth.  The physical reality and spiritual reality are one and the same, when you are able to recognise this, you access the magic, purpose, and fulfillment of life.”

He continues with the exercises.

And Daniel Scranton’s Arcturian friends also contribute…

“We are surprised and excited to see how many people are waking up every single day.  We have noticed this trend occurring as you get closer and closer to the equinox, but we also notice that there is a portion of the population who are struggling.  They are struggling to find something to believe in, and they have not been able to make a leap of faith to the truth that we are all one and we are all Source.  They certainly are far from believing that they create their reality.

“We have been looking for ways to reach this particular group of individuals on your world, and we know that at times you will attempt to share something with one of them to bring them into the light, to help them awaken.  But you are going to have a hard time convincing someone of something when they don’t really know what they believe in.  So it is much more effective if you just hold space for those individuals.  Send them love.  Have compassion for them, and live your life without apologies.

“Live your truth in every waking moment of every day, no matter what anyone else feels or thinks about your truth.  The more of you who are out there shining your light and living your truth, the more of the human collective consciousness is going to get what you know.  You can reach more people by tapping in to the collective consciousness then you can by trying to convince someone who doesn’t want to be convinced.

“But know that those who are looking for something to believe in are always served by having those like you around.  Your presence, and the knowing that you hold within you is enough to bring one or more people to the light.”

And, though it’s too long to quote, Dr. Kim D’Eramo also repeats the same theme – Your Presence Is Your Greatest Healing Tool – to a Conference of MDs…

And last night I was privileged to join a short workshop in Communicating with Trees, led by Joanne Marks (, and Joanne emphasized the same point about Separation – The Planet’s greatest need is that Humans get past Thinking and get down to Who We Really Are, Instinctively, As Individual Entities.

One Response to “Summer of Self-Love II”

  1. alchemist0310 Says:

    beautiful channelings from all “3” wayshowers… yet one needs only to put on one pair of glasses to see how it all weaves together.

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