Hope You’re Rested VI

This chart of the 9 September (11am PDT) New Moon is remarkable…

…in being so specific.  It has one complete Configuration in it, and nothing else (in the New Moon Degree Zone).  I don’t recall seeing the Universe be so Unambiguous before.  It’s a “Diamond Star” Configuration, created when a Yod (green wedge meaning Pay Attention!) and a T-Square (red triangle meaning Challenge) point at the same planet.  It means that a normally Difficult Issue will be Resolving Itself.  Nevertheless, it will behoove us to know what the Issue is, so we can Learn from it “only” Taking Advantage of it.

The Star of the Show is of course the planet highlighted by the T-Square and Yod.  The other two corners of the red triangle describe the Difficulty, and the two planets in the base of the green wedge help describe the nature of the Self-Resolution.  The green lines indicate Curiosity.  Not as in I-Need-to-Figure-Out-What-The-Answer-Is, but as in Whoa-Isn’t-That-Mind-Boggling!  Maybe we should refer to them as Amazement, or Wonderment, rather than “Curiosity.”

A New Moon implies that the Energy will be prominent for at least the two weeks following.  And, in the last post, we showed that the Ixion Station referred us to the subsequent Full Moon (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), so even though we’re past the Ixion Station there’s no sense in which we’re done with this The-Most-Important-Thing-Is-Rebirthing-Our-Forbidden-Genius Drama.  It will be Evolving instead of Ending.

Also recall that the next, 12-September set of Stations, Pholus (Full Responsiveness) and Quaoar (Survival Instincts) have already begun.  Besides, the already-Stationary Quaoar was Merged with Saturn at its Station, and the already-Stationary Pholus was Merged with Ixion at its Station.  So we’ll be in this bubble for a while, probably the rest of September.  In other words, we need to Learn to Appreciate it.

But meanwhile, what’s this Self-Resolving Difficulty about?  Which planet is the Star? 

The Self-Love planet, asteroid Sappho.  So we can expect all the places and situations where we don’t Love ourself Unconditionally to be Lit Up.  All the places and situations where we Judge ourself.  All the situations where Other Peoples’ Criticism Hurts us.  Make a list – it’s time to Banish Self-Judgment.  We don’t need it.

Particularly Social and Religious Self-Judgment.  The places where we’ve been Expected to Conform to Social Standards, the situations where we’ve been Expected to follow someone else’s Rules, especially if they’re punishable by Eternal Abolishment.  I know, you have all these pictures of Don’t Do Unto Others as You Wouldn’t Have Them Do Unto You.  You don’t have to start Hurting people.  You just have to stop Hurting yourself with these Judgments of your Natural Self.

Which is to say, Sappho Squares Neptune.

Neptune’s greatest contribution to our Skillset is to enable us to look behind Material Form to see the Energy that holds it in place.  Material Form is transitory; the Energy behind it is Forever.  Neptune symbolizes Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity.  Since we know that Confusion is an early sign of Growth, we can Recognize that this is about Growing into our own Spirit.

Then there’s Ego Death.  Self-Love is not about Loving our Current Ego.  The Ego will take care of itself just fine.  It’s about Loving Who We Really Are, behind whatever Ego-costume we happen to be wearing.  Have you ever looked to see who’s behind the Ego curtain?  Steven Levine’s book Who Dies is an excellent guidebook to the back rooms.  It’s about Loving our Core Essence so much that we can Change Egos as easily as changing our undies.  We have to get to know Ego Death pretty well to do this, so we can recognize its Symptoms as Dramas.

Which is to say, the New Moon is in Virgo.

What about the Astonishments?  Jupiter is one of them – Expansion, Growth, Letting Go of Judgments.  Can we approach Ego Death with wide-eyed Wonderment?  Remember the last time you thought you were Dying, or that you Felt like you’d rather Die.  Spend a few minutes with that Memory.  Open your Heart to yourself.  “You Poor Sweetheart, you were afraid that you were Dying, weren’t you.”

It’s probably been awhile, but do you ever Remember doing this?

Mimic that pose, and see how it Feels.  Can you put that together with the Fear that you were Dying?  What if we approached Rebirth this way?  Rebirth really is a Miracle, no matter how it happens or how we approach it.  What if we actually knew, without any Doubt, that We are not our Ego.  We are our Eternal Soul.  We are a coherent (relatively) constellation of Energy and Consciousness.  We put on Egos and even Bodies for Entertainment, but neither is Who We Really Are.

The other Wonderment is Rebirth and Transformation itself – Pluto Merged with Stationary Klotho Merged with Chariklo.  Chariklo is our Self-Confidence, our Self-Trust.  We well know Klotho/Rebirth, we’ve just been working with her Station.  And we all should definitely get to know Pluto – Compulsion, Dark Tunnels with Unknown Exits, Places where We Can Trip Out So Far That We Never Get Back to Know That We Left, as Kesey put it; Transformation, Re-Formation of our Ego Trance and/or the Cultural Zeitgeist.  It’s akin to Rebirth.

If we Remember that Fear + Kegels = Power, we’ve got a good handle on Pluto.  As with Despair and Poor-Sweethearting, it’s a Profound Shift of Identity.  These three Merged together – Klotho, Pluto, Chariklo – are about Having Confidence in our Ability to Take a Powerful Rebirth in Stride, to Respond to ourself in the throes of a Life-Changing Rebirth with an Open Heart, as we would Respond to an infant.  It’s the same, really.

The Grace Created by a Diamond Star that renders the T-Square Challenge Self-Resolving, flows through these two Wonderments, through the Graceful interaction of Easy Growth (Jupiter) and Confidence in the Power of Rebirth (Chariklo-Pluto-Klotho), and in turn their interaction with Ego Death itself (New Moon in Virgo) and Spirit (Neptune). 

A Profound Ego Death that’s Easy is like Waking Up in another Galaxy – you’ve probably already Experienced that.  Our familiar surroundings are just a little Off, like someone has swapped in furniture and accouterments that look a lot like ours, but they’re somehow just a little different, or not quite where we left them.  You’ve probably already Experienced that, and you may find more of it.  No worries, it’s just someone tinkering with the Hologram.

This New Moon Energy is our Vehicle for at least the next few weeks, but on 12 December, both Pholus (9am PDT) and Quaoar (11pm PDT) are Stationary on the Galactic Center.  So we’re already deep into Pholus-Quaoar Energy, which is about Being Fully Responsive (Pholus) to our Survival Instincts (Quaoar).  Not our Ego’s Tenacity, but our Body’s Knowing about what to Do to Keep on Keeping on.

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