Hope You’re Rested IV

Another reader says…

“I don’t want to leave traces, so no official comments but, good lord, thanks for prepping us.  I’m a living proof of what you’d warned us about.”

The “ER” has been far too prominent in my Young Life this week, so let’s start there.  In Hope You’re Rested II, https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2018/09/02/hope-youre-rested-ii/, we drew in the Uranus T-Square, but haven’t found time to comment on it.  Uranus (Soul) Squares the Nodes.  Any planet Squaring the Nodes is a big Red Flag, not in a negative sense, but in a Hey, Look At Me sense, because the Nodes show Where We Came From (South) and Where We’re Going (North). 

So a Square to the Nodes indicates Two (or more) Roads Diverging, whether in a Yellow Wood or not.  When the planet that’s Squaring the Nodes is a Biggie like Uranus, the Divergence is likely to be between the Road Home to the Squire and the Road to Mordor.  It says This Is Where The Soul Wants You To Go!

Which Road then?  Both.  We Left Something Where We Came From, and we need to go back and get it, because it’s the Key to making progress toward Where We’re Going.  What we Left there is our Held Emotions.  We’ve been studiously Avoiding those ever since, but it doesn’t work that way.  Denial is a Powerful and Positive Tool for narrowing our Focus by eliminating Distractions.  But when we have a Configuration like Uranus Square Nodes, the loud and clear message is Now We Need to Make those former Distractions Front and Center.  We need to go Retrieve our Held Emotions.

What does that mean?  Well, there are Emotions that we’d rather Die than Feel, because literally, Feeling them will generate all manner of Ego Death – “you,” your Olde Ego, will have to molt.  It’s the End of the Line for that Ego.  Since we’re left with Nothing when we Surrender to a Big Ego Death (the New Ego hasn’t Formed yet), the Olde Ego is Terrified of it.

Now if there are planets on the Nodes as well, that will tell us a lot about what we need to Recover from the South Node and what we need to Progress toward the North Node.  In this case, Mars (Action, Energy, Anger) and Lilith (Self-Sovereignty) sit on the South Node.  Can anyone say #MeToo?  Who isn’t Outraged over the times in their current Lifetime when Others rendered them Powerless over their own Life?  And that’s Nothing compared to Lifetimes past, when for instance, Slavery was common.

On the North Node we have the Moon (Authenticity, Flexibility) and Varuna (the Life Force).  Hence the ER visits – Not Feeling our Outrage may threaten our Life Force.  But Varuna on the North Node has a deeper meaning.  The Changes going on in our Life Force will facilitate our Mission – Where We’re Going.  I’ve already seen that, as the ER Victims I know emerged from their visit with more Power over their own Life than they had when they went in.

The Vacancy – the missing planet that would Complete the off-center T-Square and convert it to a more-Balanced Grand Cross – is 2 Scorpio, “A delicate bottle of perfume lies broken, releasing its fragrance.”  The Vacancy reveals the Energy we have to supply ourself, because there is no planet in position to supply it for us.  The Implication is that both the Life Force, and our Self-Sovereignty, are fragile, easily broken.  We need to manage both Assertively.

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