Fear and Anger IV

As we were saying…

So what might our [Moon-Ceres] Coin be?  Perhaps Situational Awareness and Response, rather than Idealistic or Programmatic – or Karmic, Inertial – Reaction.  The other axis of the Grand Cross is Intense – dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential) on one side, and on the other a full nest of

  • Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs),
  • Pholus (Full Conscious Response),
  • Ixion (Forbidden Genius), and
  • Quaoar (Survival Instincts).

We just Danced with Saturn-Quaoar at the Full Moon, and Saturn and Ixion are both Stationary in the next Act of this unfolding Drama.  Pholus fits right in with the whole Situational Awareness and Situational Response thing – Observing and Acting from Consciousness rather than from the Unconscious.  Vesta would be about Becoming Conscious of Unconscious Beliefs, so we can See and Act Consciously.

Quaoar always suggests that our Survival might be at stake – which of course it always is at any Ego Death, as “we” Molt and Become a New Us.  Now, this Ixion business.  Could it be that our Survival is at stake unless we Open to our Forbidden Genius?  Of course.  Our Soul has just Descended into Matter – will Soul Tolerate Forbidding our Genius, or even Hiding it?  Probably not.

I got a timely ad the other day for a workshop on Identifying Your Soul Superpowers.  But the Programmers that we hired before our Birth into the Lifetime, to hide our Soul Superpowers behind our Held Emotions, did a good job.  So we not only have to find our Superpowers, we also have to Love our Held Emotions to Death.  Good job, Programmers!

We’ve talked about Loving our Held Emotions to Death so many times, it’s time for Feedback – how many of youalls can tell me how to do that?  We went through it just the other day.  Irritating, isn’t it.  In fact, the Mars Station was at the focus of a T-Square, which we would expect to be Irritating.  The other parameters of the T-Square were Eris (Revelation of what’s been Denied) and Haumea (Rebirth) – perhaps that means that if we want to be Reborn Enlightened in this Lifetime then we need to Open to what we’ve been Denying – our Held Emotions.

They’re ganging up on us.  The Vacancy in the T-Square is 26 Cancer, “Guests are reading in the library of a luxurious home.”  Why aren’t they in the dining room enjoying an equally Luxurious dinner?  Or enjoying the Luxury of one another in the bedroom?  What boring guests!  Sounds like more Denial to me.  We better Act like we’re “good” and read, instead of Enjoying ourselves and one another Luxuriously.  Reading doesn’t require Luxury.

Methinks this T-Square, and by extension the whole Full-Moon-Mars-Sedna-Stations Drama is about how really Irritating it is to Deny the Luxury of our True Soul Self and instead Pretend to be civilized and cultured and polite and not rock any boats.  We’re Irritated with ourselves for our own Dishonesty, our own Disingenuousness.  Isn’t that what’s really going on?  Really now, are we gonna get on the bus or not?

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