A Potentially Rough Week III

Full Moons impact the preceding several days and the following several weeks.  We’ve looked at the red lines (Squares and Grand Crosses) and the blue lines (Trines and Grand Trines) in the Almost-Grand-Unx Full Moon chart; what about the green lines (Quincunxes and Yods, and Unxes).  When a Grand Unx (12 evenly spaced planets) is Complete, then every planet in the Loop is the focus of a Pay-Attention! Yod. 

When the Grand Unx is Almost, two planets Stand Out because they aren’t the focus of Attention.  In this case that’d be asteroid Karma and Lilith-South Node.  So our Recovery from Codependence is particularly Important here, particularly our Recovery from Karmic Codependence.  When our Karma is really clawing at our eyelids, we Re-Create TraumaDramas Similar (or Opposite – the Unconscious is like that) to the original Drama that Wounded us so.

When we’re back in that What-Does-It-Take-to-Get-Out-of-Going-Through-All-This-Twice place, nothing we can do but Love ourselves to Death. 

It Feels Weird, doesn’t it.  Empty, like we’re not sure what to Do with Ourself, or Who to Be.  When the Ego Shatters, we’ll just screw up anything else we try to do.  The only thing we can do is Assemble a New Ego.  Start with Grounding.  Mother Earth is Evolving right with us (or rather, we’re Evolving with Her), so our usual Cable to the Center of the Earth may not feel very Stable.  Try dropping your Cable over Niagara Falls instead…

I used to work in the building next door to the room-size original of this painting.  It was at the top of a flight of stairs, and as you started up the stairs, before you could see the painting, you could Hear itI’m not kidding.  Blow the picture up to full-screen size and you’ll see what I mean…

Then after Grounding, Balance – Tapping will do that. 

Even though I’m Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues again, I deeply and completely Love and Accept myself…

Then after Tapping that Out a few times, PIAVA.  If you’re going to Conjure up a Rebirth worthy of your Soul’s Presence, you may as well make the effort Worthwhile…


“Lady Portia and the Advanced Levels of the Violet Flame, I call your presence to me now.  I enrol myself in the Advanced Violet Flame Purification and invite you to begin your work with me.  Please release illusions to bring forth and ground the presence of my essence fully within my being.  Please cleanse and purify my awareness of myself, reality, the world and my spiritual growth as well as my soul awareness.  Thus, my entire lineage of light.

”Let me [Lovingly and Gently] awaken into my expanded liberation, pure awareness and grounded presence of my essence.  I am surrounded by the Advanced Levels of the Violet Flame and breathe the high vibrational light and cleansing rays into my entire being.  Lady Portia please oversee the entire process and alert me to recognise the positive shifts, transformations and awakenings within my being.  Thank you and it is so.”

Then Change the Subject…


“We have taken the necessary steps to contact the other collectives and councils in all other dimensions that are interested in helping humanity, and every single one that we contacted agreed that we need to exchange information and be more united in our approach.  So the energies that you receive now are likely to include activations of many of the different types of experiences within you that you’ve had in all parts of the galaxy.

“You are more likely to get a download that will not only activate not only Pleiadian DNA, but also Arcturian, Sirian, Lyran, and so on.  You are also more likely to be connecting to federations of beings from all across the galaxy.  You don’t need to think of yourselves as just from one place, or one star system.  You are from all over the galaxy, which is very, very old.  And the history stretches back eons and eons of time, much further back than the history of life on planet Earth.

“So we come together now to present to you a unified collective of helpers, because that’s the type of galaxy that you want to ascend in.  We don’t need to segregate by star system.  And in our collective efforts, we are far more effective, and we can help to accelerate the ascension process that we know you are all so eager to get on with.

“There is so much cooperation in the galaxy now, and we are proud to say that we had something to do with it.  Humanity, with all of your many needs, also had quite a bit to do with it.  So you see, at times even the mess that your planet is in currently can be a good thing.

“We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Some Perspective.  These Earth-size Sunspots are happening right now…


How big are they (us) relative to the Sun?  Like so…

Now, back to Grounding.  Remember Paul?…


We Are Both – Infinite and Infinitesimal.  Get used to it.

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