A Potentially Rough Week II

Of course the Full Moon (5am PDT 26 August) has its share of Grace – though it’s a Patriarchal Perspective, many astrologers consider the “best” sort of chart to have is one with a lot of Energy (red lines) and a lot of Blessings (blue lines), because such a chart provides both Motivation and Grace.  In the previous post’s chart we didn’t emphasize the blue lines, but as you can see there are plenty of them.  The long blue lines (Trines) portend the most Effortlessness – actually, the things that are so Effortless that we take them for granted. 

In the four-Degree zone that the Full Moon Lights Up, we’re Graced with ten of the twelve possible Trines.  Grand Trines in Fire (Spirit), Earth (Matter), and Air (Mentality) are Complete, indicating that if we encounter Difficulties they’re likely to be Emotional.  As usual, our Vacancy provides clues.  For instance, can you recall what you Felt the first time you went braless, or the first time you saw a woman braless? 

Or even now, what Emotions arise when you think about the concept of Bralessness.  This is an integral part of the Demise of the Patriarchy.  The Full Moon is not in the same Degree Zone as the Stations of Mars (Action, Anger) and Sedna (Fear, Power) that follow it, but the Full Moon Energy will drip with Mars-Sedna Energy.  That could be Fear of Power, Fear misinterpreted as Anger (yours or theirs), Anger misinterpreted as Fear, Fear of Anger, Anger about Fear, the Power of Action, Fear of Acting, the Power of Fear.

Don’t forget that Fear + Breathing = Excitement, and Fear + Kegels = Power.  You can imagine a zillion synonyms for Action/Anger and Fear/Power, and imagine a zillion-squared Relationships between them.  Whatever comes up for you first is probably the most Important this weekend.  The point is that we’re dealing with Emotion, not the thoughts which Emotion Triggers, not the Spiritual Transcendence of Emotion, and not the Projections of Emotion into Physical Reality. 

Emotions can be investigated as Emotions through the Sensations that arise in your Body when the Emotion is Lit Up.  Where in your Body do you Feel the sort of Fear, Power, Anger, Guilt, Excitement, Arousal, Envy, Urge to Merge, Infantile Bliss, or other Emotions that might arise from Bralessness?  And how do you Experience it?  It may not be easy to set aside the usual mental Content that these Emotions Trigger, so you may need to enlist your Meditation techniques – “Oh, there’s Thinking again; I’ll just Let that Go again” and again and again, as many times as it takes to bring your Attention back to the Sensations in your Body.

The word “Feeling” is ambiguous, at least in English – it can refer to either Emotion or Physical Sensation.  That’s no accident.  Our Held Emotions (South Node), those which We’d rather Die than Feel, will be particular hard to investigate in this way, but will also engender the most Powerful Liberation for us.  In the Full Moon chart the South Node is Merged with Lilith – Self-Sovereignty; this Full Moon gives us the Opportunity to Liberate ourself from the Tyranny of our Karmic Archetypes

It’s fabulous for the Soul to Descend into the Body, but if the Body is still run by Habit Patterns that were already Obsolete many Lifetimes ago, we can Expect Internal Conflict, and with the Full Moon’s Life Force (Varuna) Merged with our Lifetime Mission (North Node), there’s a good chance that the Conflict will Manifest as Fear of Physical Malfunction.  Dealing with it as an Emotion can prevent it from actually “migrating” into the Physical. 

We put “migrating” in quotes because Emotional and Physical and Mental and Spiritual are not Separate Realms that impact one another Strongly.  Emotional and Physical and Mental and Spiritual are Different Viewpoints on the Unitary and Multifarious Entity which is Us.  “We Are All One” doesn’t just apply to Us and Other Entities.  It also applies to All of what we usually consider to be Separate Parts of ourself.

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