A Potentially Rough Week

Let’s look at another Almost-Grand Unx, the 26 August Full Moon (5am PDT), from a different Perspective.  Almost-Grand-Unxes are not that common; we’re being Blessed here.  Let’s focus on the Squares this time…

A full Grand Unx gives us three Grand Crosses.  An Almost-Grand-Unx leaves one of them Incomplete, in this case the Saturn-Quaoar T-Square.  Along with the Vacancy that would Complete it, this T-Square becomes, by virtue of its Incompleteness, the Most Prominent Configuration in the chart.

A Saturn-Quaoar T-Square tells us that, at this time, The Most Important Thing is our Survival Instincts.  Within the two days following the Full Moon, Mars and Sedna are both Stationary (Strong), so we can take this as a solemn Warning that Anger (Mars) and Fear (Sedna) may not be very Cleanly converted to Good Boundaries and Productive Action (Mars) and Power (Sedna) this week, perhaps especially along the Potomac.

The base of the T-Square is the Opposition between Manifestation (Makemake) and Despair (Chiron), or if you make the right Choices, between Manifestation and Miracles (Chiron).  Chiron is the supposedly Unhealable Healer, yet we know that Empathy Heals.  Despair plus Self-Empathy (“You Poor Sweetheart…”) Creates Miracles.  That is, once you Empathize with Despair, the World becomes such a different place that it’s genuinely Miraculous.

So if our Survival Instincts are The Most Important Thing, and we know how to Manifest Miracles, it might be a good idea to PIAVA What We Would Want to Sustain ourselves when Survival is not Effortlessly Assured.  Suppose martial law was declared, for instance; how might that impact your Lifestyle?  If you had your Druthers, how would you handle it?  PIAVAing your Druthers might not be a bad idea.

The Vacancy here is 3 Cancer, “A middle-age woman, her long hair flowing over her shoulders, wears a braless youthful garment.”  That’s the Energy we would supply Consciously in order to Complete the Grand Cross and Balance the Energy.  So to start with, we might want to ignore the Gravity of the situation.  Remember how Bulletproof we were in our youth?  We didn’t even know we were Fearless, we didn’t even think about it.

The Full Moon itself is in one of the Complete Grand Crosses, with Truth (asteroid Aletheia) on the Sun and Intrusive Memories (OR10) on the Moon.  All by itself that suggests that we want to Respect and Embrace the Emotions that our Recollections Trigger, but the rest of the Grand Cross – Entrenched Habits (asteroid Karma) versus Choosing our own Timelines (Lachesis), really nails it to the wall.

While Grand Trines promise Ease in either Emotions (Water Signs), Spirit (Fire), Matter (Earth) or Thought (Air), Grand Crosses suggest Challenges in either Creativity (Cardinal Signs), Stability (Fixed), or Flexibility (Mutable)  The Full Moon Grand Cross Challenges our Flexibility (Mutable Signs), as any Configuration including asteroid Karma is likely to do.  And the Saturn-Quaoar T-Square Challenges our Creativity (Cardinal Signs) – what Miracles do we Need to Survive Abundantly?

The other Complete Grand Cross Challenges our Stability and Purpose (Fixed Signs), and the planets certainly reinforce that.  The Life Force (Varuna) animates our Mission (North Node), while our Held Emotions (South Node) are the same ones that inhibit our Self-Sovereignty (Lilith) – fortunately, we’ve been working on that already.  Squaring the Nodes are Soul, Descending into your Flesh (Uranus) and Endings (Atropos), in this case Ending our Resistance to Allowing our Soul to be in Charge (and Respecting our Survival Instincts).

Being an Almost-Grand-Unx, these three Complete or Incomplete Grand Crosses are either Sextile or Unx to one another – meaning that they Complement one another.  In general that’s true of any Grand Cross – they’re made up of four normally-Troublesome T-Squares, but somehow the various Troubles seem to Help one another, making the whole show Easier. 

By next Wednesday we’ll probably look back and think, “That wasn’t so bad.”  The following week-and-a-half may make it seem even Easier, as Midwifing the Rebirth of our Forbidden Genius becomes The Most Important Thing (almost-simultaneous Stations of Saturn, Klotho, and Ixion).

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