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A Diamond Star is an astrological Configuration that suggests a Self-Resolving Problem; a Challenge to Become Adept (a T-Square, red triangle) is Blessed with High Attention (a Yod, green wedge) and two Easier Pathways that Complement one another (two Trine Bridges, the blue truss). 

Diamond Stars are not common, but we’ve been seeing them all over the Zodiac lately, haven’t we.  Blessings from the Universe, making it a little Easier on us Visitors.  A Diamond Star looks like this (the heavier lines)…

The “Problem” here is that our Boundaries or Judgments (Pallas) need Adjusting, as they are Brightly Illuminated (Eclipsed), they’re the Focus of Attention (the Yod), and they seem to Present a Dilemma (the T-Square).  An Eclipse, by virtue of Absence, makes what we usually Take for Granted suddenly Stand Out.

The base of the T-Square (the long red line) further defines the “Problem.”  The Problem is always a Duality.  In this case it’s Expansion of Consciousness (Juno) versus Respect for All Things (Hopi).  That’s pretty Clear.  The Heavy Hitters – Social and Spiritual Pressure (Neptune) and a Shift in the Zeitgeist (Pluto, with Klotho/New Beginnings) pave the Easy Paths.  Blame the Millennials.

There are a couple of appendages (the lighter lines).  One of them shows us what’s Sustainable (Ceres and Veritas/Truth) and makes it Easy for us to Ground that (Juno-Pluto-Ceres Grand Trine in Earth) into the course of our New Lives, so newly Enhanced with the Descent of Soul into Matter (the Quantum Jump Uranus Station).  It also forms a third Easier Pathway for the “Problem” to Resolve itself (Trine Bridge).

The Second appendage is about Trust (Eurydike).  It’s Highlighted (Yod), and it Emphasizes Curiosity.  Not the “I gotta figure this out” kind of Curiosity, but the “Wow, that’s Amazing!” sort.  Yes, everything’s sort of Spacey here in the Infancy of our Rebirth.  We aren’t sure what we’re doing any more.  We can Trigger our old Habits if we want, but they don’t interlock with our Identity any longer.

Can we Trust all this Change, or are we just Stoned?  We’ll have to see what Happens, as someone we wish we didn’t know is wont to say.  Wait, is that a Judgment?  There are several counts of Curiosity here.  “If our old Judgments no longer work, what can we Trust?” (Eurydike makes a Quincunx Bridge to the T-Square).  I guess we just have to Trust that Spirit will Guide us Properly – we are after all being Driven by our Soul now! (the Yod, and a Eurydike-Juno-Pluto Tricolor). 

We get some free Insight too, as the Eclipse chart also features two interlocking Mjölnirs…

We could call this Configuration a Pedestal, like the one the Lion is sitting on…

It’s a trapezoid like a Fez, but instead of Curiosity-Quincunx Diagonals, it has Insight-Trioctile Diagonals (the orange lines).  The red sides present a potential Hassle, and the orange wedges point to the Epiphanies that Change our Perspective and make the Hassle moot.  With our new Perspective we’re like the Lion Tamer, about to Lose our Head (Identity).

“You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Confused aren’t you” (Chiron) can help reduce our Xenophobia (Hopi Square Eclipse-Pallas), and we can Easily step our of our Discomfort (Saturn Square Chiron) by Shifting our Boundaries (Eclipse-Pallas).

Of course this is only the beginning, as there are many appeals yet to come, and thousands of other lawsuits in the wings, but in honor of the Eclipse a jury has awarded a man dying of cancer (and his heirs, we hope) just shy of $300 million because they concluded that Monsanto’s Roundup caused his cancer.

One of the toxic ingredients in Roundup is Glyphosate, an antibiotic.  They don’t just use Glyphosate on GMOs and as a Weed-killer.  They use it to kill growing plants like Wheat and Sugar Cane because it makes harvesting easier.  So every time you eat non-Organic Grains or Sugar, you inhibit your Immune System, as the Glyphosate kills your Gut Bacteria, which is your Immune System’s front line.

With the Soul in Charge now, can we overcome these silly Physical Limits and Judgments and give our Body free reign to do what it wants?  I’m finding that it’s quite the opposite, as my Body is very Clearly telling me to shape up and jettison Self-Sabotaging habits like Sugar, even Organic Sugar.  The Soul’s Message seems to be “Take Good Care of our Physical Vehicle – I Live here now!”

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