Kelley Hunter has some Wisdom for us as we approach the 11 August (3am PDT) Partial Solar Eclipse and New Moon at 19 Leo.  The Eclipse is mostly about Relaxing our Judgments (Conjunct Pallas T-Square to Hopi Opposite Juno, a Diamond Star with Neptune and Pluto adding the Grace).

“New ‘Waves of Grace’ are entering our solar system and sweeping through our cells.  This is altering the whole molecular structure of Earth and all creatures — with a wash of higher frequency.  This is giving rise to anxiety as many of us are arguing with ourselves about our lives, concepts and belief systems.  Many feel a loss of control.  Mystic Beth Hin of the White Rose Foundation talked of this in a recent visit to Vermont as ‘our goodness seeking to remember its strength.’ 

“We can be kind and compassionate as well as grounded and centered in our higher Self, without getting out of balance to accommodate others.  All this retrograde movement turns us within, rediscovering internal space.  Turn off input from the world; find your strength within.  Let hope fill your heart, and maintain a steady vision of positive outcomes.”

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