Quantum Jump 27: The Real Thing VII

Remember the Mjölnir?  When a third planet is Trioctile to each end of a Square?  They’re the orange lines in this copy of the Uranus Station chart…

It means that the third planet may provide Insights to assist with your handling of the Square.  For instance…

  • If your Survival Instincts and your Values are tripping over one another (Saturn-Quaoar Square Venus-Makemake), what if it could be Both/And (Juno as Growth in Consciousness).
  • Confused about whether to Set a Stronger Boundary or Let Go of One? (Jupiter-Hopi Square Pallas-Sun-Mercury; oops, forgot to draw in that red line)  Give yourself, “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Confused, aren’t you.” (Chiron as the Miracles Created by Self-Empathy)
  • Another possibility for the same Dilemma (Juno Square Pallas-Sun-Mercury): what do your Survival Instinct tell you? (Saturn-Quaoar)
  • Feeling Victimized and Lack of Healthy Control in your Life? (Moira Square Chiron)  Who is it that you aren’t Respecting? (Jupiter-Hopi)  Too often when we’re Judging Others it’s because we’re doing exactly what we’re Judging them about, just in a different arena.  The Ego will Deflect Change whenever it can.
  • Regretting all those places in your Life when you didn’t Act in your own best interest? (Uranus Square Lilith-Mars-South Node)  Honestly now, would it have been Sustainable to have acted Differently then? (Ceres-Veritas)
  • Are you Rejecting your Survival Instincts because it feels like it would be too Painful to Trust them? (Chiron Square Saturn-Quaoar)  Their are Easier ways, but you’re Walling them out.  Try “God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that I be Shown the Shortcuts that I’m not Seeing.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank you, God/Goddess.  Show Me.”

Here’s a wonderfully Insightful note from the Fairy & Human Relations Congress…


“Diomira D’Agostino joined us from Virginia, and she wrote us this beautiful letter…

“In my experience, The Fairy Congress is a one-of-a-kind gathering for so many reasons, not the least of which is that at its fulcrum is such a powerfully focused and specific intention: to heal and restore the relationships between the human and Fairy worlds.

“As this intention and vision has also been at the center of all I do for over a decade, I found a natural home at Fairy Congress and was easily able to ‘tuck up under’ and harmonize with the heart of your event!

“I’d also like to acknowledge you for all of your hard work, dedication and years of commitment [this was the 18th annual Congress].  The result of which is clearly evident to me in the palpable sense of willingness from the invisible realms to meet and greet the human participants.

“Also not unnoticed was the strength of relationship and trust that has been fostered over the years with the spirits of the land and the event itself.  And this energy seems to spill out beyond the scheduled ceremonies and rituals into every moment, activity, nook and cranny.

“The flame of creative partnerships between human and fairy vividly burns strong at Fairy Congress and in this geographic place once again because of your 18 years of service.  For upon arrival I was greeted by two Faery beings, members of what many refer to as the Sidhe.  Seemingly native to the area, I sensed a past that contained a long-standing relationship between these beings and the First Nations who once populated the area.  Between these beings and myself there was an openness and from them to me passed a gesture of welcome.

“Later, just before I departed I experienced a sacred communion with the Deva of the Land – beautiful golden rays of lights streamed over the land, the mountains and the valley below.  Then about 10 or so native Sidhe approached.  We spoke at length.  And while I know that you know this, I must pass this along anyway (because we humans sometimes need to hear it).  That is, that the beings I communed with there are so filled with…gratitude hardly feels like it conveys…filled with fullness of celebration and joyful hope and expectancy for humanity.”

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