Quantum Jump 25: 3D and Ecstasy

Well, did you try Tapping while Affirming your Deepest Desires?  Or Affirming your Deepest Desires and Maintaining the Love and Respect of those you Love?  Respect for those you Love may be a part of your Resistance to your Deepest Desires, if you Fear that they wouldn’t Understand and Approve.  It’s certainly a Dilemma that Brenda Hoffman’s Channel is thinking about…


“Those of you reading this message no longer need to believe in doom and gloom. For you, en masse, have transitioned beyond fear.

“You are no longer of 3D no matter how diligently you try to be.

“Some of you are laughing because who would wish to remain in fear given the opportunity of a life of joy?  Who indeed?  So it is you have cleared entire lifetimes of fear, as well as fear dust pockets.  Resulting in your accurate proclamation that you are no longer of 3D.

“If you are angry or fearful, you are merely playing at being of 3D.  A somewhat difficult concept to grasp for who would wish to play with fear and anger?  You or you would not be asking about fear.

“So it is you are learning you no longer wish to feel or play with fear.  The fear that was is no longer fun, interesting, or practical.  For when you become fearful or angry, you halt the flow of love and joy that is now rightfully yours.

“What are you to do if someone in your inner circle is projecting fear or anger?  The answer is always your choice.  But the choice you are discovering as the most uncomfortable internally is to join them in their fear or anger.  For doing so merely enhances their anger, their fear…”

She goes on, at great length…

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