Quantum Jump 23: The Real Thing IV

A reader writes…

“The post you made this morning about PTSD really hit home.  I don’t think you totally understand the actual biochemical experienceof being triggered, though.  It’s not something that one can ‘laugh off.’  It, in one instant, starts a chain-reaction of chemicals that, even in the most peaceful of people, takes a certain amount of time to ‘come down’ from.  I can sometimes choose to ‘channel’ the energy – into exuberant song, physical activity, dance, speech, performance, whatever: but people don’t like that either.  Rock and hard place doesn’t begin to illustrate it.”

I do appreciate that, and didn’t mean to reduce PTSD to anything less than the Monster that it is.  Thanks for pointing this out.  I’ve been impressed by Bessel van der Kolk’s book The Body Keeps the Score (which recommends Theater as a pathway to Healing) and by Gary Craig’s success with Tapping (see Gary’s – not Dawson’s – book EFT for PTSD, or Gary’s website https://www.emofree.com/trauma/ptsd-post-traumatic-stress-disorder/stubborn-article.html).

Besides the T-Squares in the 7 August (10am PDT) Uranus Station chart, there’s the Grand Cross…Which is four Squares end-to-end.  A Grand Cross doesn’t make its four T-Square Challenges automatically Self-Resolving, but the four do tend to Assist one another, if by no other way than Distracting us before we can get hung up too much on any one of them, the way we do when they’re Isolated.  Grand Crosses tend to make us good at Multi-Tasking, and good at Tolerating Incompleteness, if not Disorder – Skills very useful for Creativity.

The Grand Cross introduces us to two new Corners; asteroid Moira and Saturn-Quaoar. 

Moira represents the Choice we all have between Accepting Our Fate and Changing it.  Virtually all of the Greek and other Classical Dramas, which seem so Fated, are about Consciousness, or lack of it.  Yes, “Fate” can Chase us out of town or Shame us into a Speck, but What If we turned around and Stood Our Ground? 

I know, there’s a bus about to flatten us, but what have we got to Lose?  Our Karma.  Flattened might be a far better Choice than being Stuck in an Archetype that constantly Abuses us.  If stepping in front of the bus was the final Choice that Liberated us from the Archetype, in the next go-round we could be Reborn as the Abuser.  That may not be much of an improvement, but it might be Easier to Stop Abusing than it is to Stop Being Abused.

Fate is nothing but the Choice to Not Choose one of the many Alternatives.  I know, it’s usually not Conscious, but that’s the point.  Fate – aka Karma – is what happens to us when we aren’t Conscious.  If we Don’t Like it, we need to Get Conscious about it.  Our Fate starts to Change when we stop Feeling Bad about going through the Olde Pattern again, and start Feeling Good about Noticing that we went through the Olde Pattern again.

You probably remember that Saturn means The Most Important Thing, and since Quaoar is about our Survival Instincts, Saturn-Quaoar tells us here that Our Survival Instincts Are The Most Important Thing.  Not sure about you, but this week I hear more people talking about how it feels like the End Times, than I did last week.  Which is Good, because the End Times is the Track we’re on.  The sooner we stop Lamenting that we’re on the End Times Track and start Feeling Good about Noticing that we’re on the End Times Track, the sooner we’ll start Choosing Alternatives.

Notice that in the Grand Cross, the Venus-Makemake T-Square makes another Diamond Star…

So whether or not we can Manifest (Makemake) What We Want (Venus) depends on whether we can start Choosing Alternatives to being on the End Times Track (Moira Opposite Saturn-Quaoar).  But as a Diamond Star, this is Self-Resolving.  The Grace which Allows that Flows from the Uranus Station itself (Allowing Soul to come Home) and OR10 (making Lemonade from our Intrusive Memories).

The Moira T-Square and the Saturn-Quaoar T-Square are also Diamond Stars.  In the Moira T-Square…

Our Choice (Moira) is to Get Conscious that our Despair Because We Can’t Always Get What We Want (Chiron Opposite Venus-Makemake), is a natural result of our Failure to Choose one of the Many Alternatives to the Choices we make every day.  For instance, we could make the Choice to Feel Grateful that Sometimes We Get What We Need.

The Cosmic Assistance we get to make this Dilemma Self-Resolving, is Consciousness of our Karma (asteroid Karma) so we can Act Contrary to it in order to Create Self-Sovereignty (Mars-Lilith-South Node).

In the Saturn-Quaoar Diamond Star…

the Duality to overcome (base of the T-Square) is about our Despair (Chiron) and Desire (Venus-Makemake).  Definitely try Poor-Sweethearting.  If you’re a Buddhist you know that Desire and Despair are really One and the Same from the start, but even then you may not make a Clean jump from Idea to Emotion.  It’s a Human Dilemma irregardless.

The Self-Resolution (the Trine Bridges or blue lines) arrives through Appreciation for our Vitality (Varuna-North Node) and through Comfort with Molting (Sappho-Nemesis).  We’ll need a separate post on that, as it’s a much bigger event and topic than the iceberg-tip we see here.

This leaves only the Chiron T-Square as failing to Self-Resolve.  However the Chiron T-Square is also a Corner of a Grand Trine, which may make it even Easier than a Diamond Star…

It’s a Fire Grand Trine, fitting for Chiron now in Aries.  This will be a big Change for us, as we get enough Chiron in Aries under our belts to see the Difference from Chiron in Pisces.  Sure, we’ll Encounter Spiritual Despair, but that’s a whole lot less gut-wrenching than Emotional Despair, even if it’s more serious from other Perspectives.  Spiritual Despair eventually leads to Surrender, and as long as that happens before we pull the trigger, it Opens us to a Whole New World of Miracles.  Chiron does a Pisces Debriefing between late September and early December, but other than that we’re home free.

The Duality that we need to overcome here is between Fate and Survival (Moira and Saturn-Quaoar) – we do need to Choose Alternatives to business-as-usual, and we’re running out of time.  The Dumb-Luck Blessing is about Distinguishing the parts of our Karma that we actually want to keep.  Our Karmic Patterns are some of our greatest Skills, we just use them in too many inappropriate situations.

Once we Learn (Notice) and Practice breaking out of our Karmic Straight-Jackets, we need to put them in a closet.  Later on they’ll become Life-Jackets instead, once we Learn to apply them only when they fit the circumstances.  Think about your most tenacious and unpleasant knee-jerk Reaction, the one you’d most like to Change but that causes you the most Difficulty. 

Then Imagine someone else Reacting that way.  Now Imagine yourself in any given situation, and freeze-frame while you consider whether to use it or an Alternative as your Response to the situation.  I know, you’ve been in that Coulda-Woulda-Shoulda place a zillion times – after the fact.  You just have to Practice going there before the fact.  Acting it Out with friends will help.  Karma is a wound in our Timing, and when we get to the Seventh Harmonic we’ll see how favorable this week is for Good Timing.

Notice that Uranus and OR10 do make Trine Bridges to the Chiron T-Square, they’re just on the “wrong side” of the tracks to make a Diamond Star.

The Venus-Makemake T-Square is positioned the same way, with an Air Grand Trine enhancing its Diamond Star.  The Friendly terms are Unexpected Ease at Loving Ego Death (Sappho-Nemesis), and the Willingness to Take Action to Choose an Alternative to our usual Reactions, an Alternative that Enhances our Self-Sovereignty rather than Surrendering it.  PIAVA Painless Self-Sovereignty, then Change the Subject and watch it happen.

2 Responses to “Quantum Jump 23: The Real Thing IV”

  1. QuillessBending Says:

    As for what we say while we tap, I also tend to go for positive affirmation sort of thoughts instead of focusing on the negative feeling… which doesn’t always need to be twisted into words… but something like “I am worthy of having my needs taken care of” or “I am perfectly safe and bolstered by the universe, and all is well,” that sort of stuff. It really depends on which way the emotional wave may be taking me. If the goal is to fully accept ourselves, then we accept ourselves whether we are looking right, left, up, down, or are totally confused.

  2. astrobuss Says:

    The pudding (as in “the proof is in the”) would be whether it works.
    I use whatever Negative thing I’m Feeling or Imagining as my Tapping phrase under the theory that by Aligning the Meridians with The Truth about what I’m Feeling, the Negativity is Resolved, and the Apparent Truth that
    *Nothing Changes Until It Is Fully Accepted Exactly As It Is*.
    So I might be Tapping on “Even though I’m Scared, I deeply and completely Love and Accept Myself.” But *before* I start Tapping I Ask myself, “How Scared Am I?” on the usual 1-10 scale. Then I Ask the same question again *after* Tapping. If I’m less scared, then the Tapping worked.
    Since most of the time when I use Tapping this way it works very well, this is how I use Tapping, when I’m Feeling untoward. So I Trust it. If it doesn’t work, I Trust it enough to assume I’m not reading my Emotions correctly, so I change my phrase a little and try again. And of course, always, if it doesn’t work *enough*, then I Tap again.
    Using Tapping as a Power Boost for Affirmations is a great idea, if it works. So before Tapping on “I am Worthy…,” we might Ask ourself, “How Worthy do I Feel right now?” and then Ask again after Tapping. If our Feeling of Worthiness has increased, then Bravo! – we’re onto something. Some Tapping pros start with the Negative and gradually shift into the Positive.
    I don’t use Tapping this way, so I don’t know if it would work for me. I’ll play with it. My first few tries with it leave me very Confused, which is a good place to be, if I can Avoid putting it back in the Birdcage.

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