Quantum Jump 22: The Real Thing III

A reader (we’ll keep it confidential because we don’t like to reveal Birthdates) comments…

“This station is happening on my birthday (although my actual solar return is the day before) and my ascendant is 4 Leo.  Uranus is stationing 23 arcminutes away from a hard angle to my natal Pluto.  I could go on.  But I don’t think it’s a good idea to harp on it!”

As the Transformation Game says, the hardest assignments are only given to the best people.  Harp away!  I used to play a lot of Hearts, and the way the game is scored, a streak of bad luck can last a long time.  I noticed many times that our bad luck never shifted until we Complained about it.  I happen to know that this person is Committed to Growth, so I have no doubt that they’ll have a lot of Lemonade to drink.

Of course it’s a huge Blessing, as the next week for them will be as Growthful as the average Lifetime.  Varuna-North Node Rising (on their Ascendant) should flush out any smoldering Health issues, with positive implications and results.  The Station on their Birthday will stretch this oh-so-busy chart so it serves as a map for their entire, probably oh-so-busy year.

With Pluto involved, it will behoove to remember that while we can steer the canoe in a Plutonian River, it’s folly to try to paddle against the current – we’ll just be washed over the Falls backwards.  So Resolving to Go With The Flow, while taking the Time and Care to be Loving and Gentle with Resistance (“You Poor Sweetheart, you aren’t Eager to do this, are you”), will pay big rewards.

When a Solar Return (a chart for the moment when our Sun returns to its position at our Birth, which chart will impact the year between Birthdays) falls on an adjoining day (which it does because of leap years), I usually look at the Numerology for both days, as those numbers will provide an Overarching Theme for the year irrespective of the Solar Return chart.

7 August 2018 is an “8” day (2018+8+7=2033, and 2+0+3+3=8), and the 6th is a “7” day.  So our reader will be spending the year Bringing Themselves Back into Balance (8) and Enjoying excellent Timing (7).  Since Timing is Everything, and Balance is Everything Else, they’ll be Golden.  The quickest way to Bring Ourself Back into Balance is to Tap, so I’d suggest that they can shortcut any Chagrin that arises by Tapping on Everything.

There’s a second Self-Resolving Challenge (or Hassle, should we Eschew Growth and Not “Choose to accept this Mission”) in the Uranus Station chart…

This one is focused on “OR10,” which is the nickname we use for an “unnamed” dwarf planet that, a decade after Discovery, still answers only to the astronomer’s codes of “2007 OR10” or “225088.”  You’ll need one of those two codes if you use http://www.true-node.com/eph1/ to follow its Celestial location. 

OR10 is about Intrusive Memories, which are of course a fabulous Blessing if we’re trying to track down a Karmic Held Emotion, and a Pain in the Butt if we aren’t, particularly if they trigger PTSD.  They aren’t always like Daydreams or Thoughts, they can be Misinterpretations of “real-life” events.  Like when someone points a cane at us and we Believe it’s a rifle and React accordingly.  No one talks about it, or when and whether ex-combat folks are involved, but I’m sure many of the shootings by police that have become so popular result from exactly this.

The base of the OR10 T-Square (red triangle) is the Opposition between asteroid Karma and Sappho-Nemesis.  Unfortunately for the folks with the canes, these are extremely fertile grounds for hatching untoward Reactions to Misinterpretations of OR10 Memories.  Karma is just Habits, and the Power to Strengthen, Weaken, or Extinguish any Habit lies in Repetition. 

If we somehow find the Presence to say, “Oh, that’s Funny!  I thought for a moment that your cane was a Roman lance!” instead of breaking both of the cane-bearer’s legs with our bullwhip, we Liberate ourself a Little Bit, and we never know when the next Little Bit will be the last one we need.  Once we start on a Virtuous Spiral by Congratulating ourself for Noticing the Pattern, we can often Extinguish Karma in shockingly few Iterations.

The Grace that helps this Diamond Square Self-Resolve, Acts through Varuna-North Node and Venus-Makemake, which we’ve already discussed.

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