Quantum Jump 20: The Real Thing I

I know, I can hear the clamor, “What the heck is going on?  Haven’t we Finished all of this?”  Well, we’ve passed all of the preliminary and preparatory tests, and now we get the Real Thing, the Descent of Soul into Matter,  the first Station of Uranus in Taurus. 

Descent?  What happened to Ascension?  Other than our Judgment that Up is better than Down, what’s the difference between Soul Descending into Matter and Matter Ascending into Soul?  Actually, it’s the former that’s usually associated with Birth, and the latter with Death.  And this is Clearly about Birth; we’ve known that since Quantum Jump 2.

In November and December Uranus will backtrack into Aries, so we’ll have an Opportunity to adjust what fits poorly, but when we consider everything we went through in July, This Is It for now.  This is the Time we’ve been Waiting for.  One of them.  There will be many, but this is a Biggie.

Check in with yourself – what are you Feeling?  Excitement?  Trepidation?  Fear?  Ecstasy?  Pain?  Poised on the Edge of a Cliff?  All of the above?  Those would all be very reasonable.  The Station is 10am PDT 7 August at 3 Degrees of Taurus, “Natural steps lead to a lawn of clover in bloom.”  Yaay! said the Bees.  Remember when we used to suck the Nectar out of Clover Blossoms?

The Uranus Station chart is a doozy…

Look at all those lines and circles!  And look who the Players are!  It’s as Intense as you’re Intuiting it to be.  We’ve got a week to make sense of it all, which we’ll try to do, plus a few additional charts of the Fifth, Seventh, and Eighth Harmonics.

Oh, just to keep us Balanced, there’s also a simultaneous issue about Death – Death of our Egoic Hindrances to Self-Love, that is, as Nemesis (Ego Death) Initiates Sappho (Self-Love) 4am PDT 8 August in 4 Gemini, “Holly and mistletoe awaken old memories of Christmas” – substitute whatever holiday most Excited you in your youth.

“It is not yet possible to correctly structure our knowledge about the new Space of Reality because it is still in the process of becoming what it truly is.  But it is possible to figure out some laws guiding its way of manifestation.  First of all, we are presently taking part in two parallel realities.  They are not separated from another, but interconnected. 

“While the old over-materialized world structure is still governing the laws of our daily reality, the new etheric powers and qualities are already replacing its old etheric basis.  So we abide within a world that does not seem to have changed at all over the past few years, but in effect it is nearly completely new.  Its etheric base has already been renewed.

“The manifestation of the new Earth Cosmos will not manifest along the path of linear development.  The only way to transform a one-dimensional space and time structure is to become pluridimensional by way of an alchemical transmutation.  I refer to the ‘turned upside down’ principle. 

“The universe we see is going to turn inward, to perhaps become a seed for a future evolution, while the universe that we now perceive as an inner world is in the process of turning from the inside outward.  This inner world will become our daily reality.”

–Marko Pogačnik, Sacred Geography: Geomancy, Co-Creating the Earth Cosmos, p.150.

Eversion! – that’s one way to Liberate our Hidden Genius and our Deepest Desires.

One Response to “Quantum Jump 20: The Real Thing I”

  1. Robin Says:

    We’re ‘waking down’ now! Thank you for sharing ALL of this! :-)

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