Quantum Jump 14: Eclipse II

One of the most obvious signs of a Lit-Up Uranus (it’s now Stationary and T-Squared by the Full Moon) is Sleep Patterns – they aren’t.  They may have been Patterns before, but they aren’t now, and probably won’t be till 8 August.  It does only harm to lay awake worrying about being tired tomorrow.  You have to sleep when you’re tired, and work or play when you’re awake.  When I’ve had to perform tomorrow and surrendered to Uranus and stayed up most of the night, I actually haven’t been tired, as Uranus Energy takes over.  You can’t predict it; just follow it.

And of course this isn’t just a Mars Full Moon (if you see the night Sky you’ll see the Moon approaching Mars tomorrow night), it’s also Mars (Physical Energy) Squaring Uranus (Soul Energy), so we don’t even want to Try to Control it, especially since this is a Waning Mars Square, the place where we need to Surrender.  The Square isn’t Complete till 1 August (7pm PDT).

The Mars-Uranus Cycle we’re Leaving Behind began late February 2007 in 22 Aries, “The gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires.”  Well, that’ll be disappointing to Leave Behind.  Remember though that to the extent we’re Conscious, we’re Learning Animals, and our astrological Experience is Cumulative. 

Once we’ve Manifested something, we can Manifest it again.  The caveat is that the Universe never Stands Still, so Conditions are never quite the Same.  We Manifested All Fulfilled Desires while the Sun was shining – can we do it while it’s Raining?  Yes, we just need to PIAVA a Both/And.  It may not be obvious at first just what has Changed, so we may need to do some research to discover what to put after the And.  But we can.

Notice (in Quantum Jump 13: Eclipse, https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2018/07/22/quantum-jump-13-eclipse/) too that there are some subtle purple lines connecting the ends of the Mars-Uranus Square to Venus.  This is a Mjölnir, meaning Lightning, or Epiphany.  So, and you can probably Feel it happening already, our Values (Venus) are Changing.  The Most Important Thing will be Different next week than it was last week. 

So we may be in the middle of a GardenofAllFulfilledDesiresxit, but there are More Important Things coming along to occupy our Attention.  We can use the Manifestation Skills we Learned in the Garden to Resolve any Challenges the next Chapter might bring.

And actually, that’s just about what the second T-Square says – Saturn T-Square to the Chiron-Makemake Opposition; The Most Important Thing (Saturn) is our Fascination with Relieving (Makemake) Pain (Chiron).  All three of these people just Changed Signs; there’s a New Province here, and we’re Rookies again.  Time for some Curiosity, some Relaxing of our Expectations and Conclusions.

Instead of The Most Important Thing (Saturn) being to Shake It Off (Sagittarius), The Most Important Thing is now Just Fix It (Capricorn).  Instead of Manifestation (Makemake) being Devoted to Ego Death (Virgo), it’s now aimed toward Meeting New People (Libra) – a new Ego requires new Friends.  Instead of Healing (Chiron) being Dedicated to our Emotions (Pisces), it’s now all about Healing our Relationship with Spirit (Aries). 

So we’re Inspired to Just Fix any glitches we find between Ego and Soul, and to Just Meet New People who can easily help Resolve our most intractable Challenges.  Even Joel Salatin is writing about that in the new Mother Earth News magazine. 

Pain isn’t a Problem, it’s a Symptom of some Deeper Problem.  Now we need to Pay Attention to the Pain rather than trying to Banish it, because it’s the doorway to the Deeper Issue.  If nothing else, we can just Ask ourself, “I Wonder what this has to Teach me.”  We’re likely to be Surprised at how quickly we get an answer.

2 Responses to “Quantum Jump 14: Eclipse II”

  1. QuillessBending Says:

    Thank you! As for the Mjölnir, what is the degree and harmonic of that aspect so we can look for it again?

  2. QuillessBending Says:

    Totally feelin* the sleep cycle non-existence. Just going with the flow is resultin* in no- or low- stress scheduling…because Schedule does not exist 😂

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