Quantum Jump 12

This is an excellent time to take a Searching and Fearless Inventory of our Fears – all of the things that trigger our minds into “helicopter trips” of What-Ifs.  What If that weird Pain or Blemish is Cancer?  What If Pootin’ and his Toady finish remaking the Supremes in the Image of Andrew Carnegie?  What If I lose my income next week?  What If the whole Economy collapses?  What If so-and-so doesn’t like me?  What If I get Banished by my Family of Origin, or by my Family of Choice?  What If I’m not Cool?  Or not Hot?

I’m sure you can think of many more.  Now, how many hours over the last week have we spent “Worrying” about each of these Fears?  That’s time we could have spent Focusing on What We Want In Our Life instead – excellent Health, Life-Affirming Leadership, Abundance, Equality, Unconditional Self-Love, Respect for All Things, and the like.  Every minute we spend Focusing on What We Want, or better yet…

Focusing on How We’ll Feel When We Have Everything We Want (including both Stuff and Attitudes)…

puts us closer to Having Everything We Want, and Being Who We Want To Be.  The closer we are to Having-Everything-We-Want-and-Being-Who-We-Want-To-Be, the more Psychic and Material and Emotional Support we’ll be providing for Everyone to Have-Everything-They-Want-and-Be-Who-They-Want-To-Be.

I know, we have such great examples of Leaders who seem to be Having-Everything-They-Want-and-Being-Who-They-Want-To-Be and Destroying the Planet in the process.  Look at it this way.  If we ALL Have-Everything-We-Want-and-Are-Who-We-Want-To-Be, there are probably a million ways that they could Have-Everything-They-Want-and-Be-Who-They-Want-To-Be without Destroying the Planet in the process.

The Antichrist and his Masters are Adepts at Self-Love.  They just don’t give a shit about anyone else.  When the Universe presents Mirrors to us, they’re often Funhouse Mirrors – a bit warped and distorted.  It’s up to us to filter out the Distortion and Detox it.  That’s What We Do.  That’s Why We’re Here.  Not to Wail and Gnash our Teeth over what’s Wrong, but to Detox it and join the throngs sending out More and More Powerful Vibrations of What-We-Want.

If What-You-Want leaves anyone else worse off, then work on your formulation of What-You-Want to clean up its rough Edges.  What-We-Want needs to leave everyone else Better Off, and with a little work we can Easily convert our Wants to meet that need, if they don’t already.

One Response to “Quantum Jump 12”

  1. boozilla Says:

    thank you for all your Wonderful Work! reading you has been VERY sustaining for this bear, and i’m even getting better at “how will this feel when”….amazing, really.

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