Quantum Jump 9

Mars is at its every-fifteen-years closest approach to the Earth, and it’s brighter than Jupiter…


Usually by now there are rumors flying that Mars is closer than the Moon.  Look for it around your local midnight – it’ll be the brightest object in the sky.  Because it’s still bathed in a planet-wide dust storm, it looks more yellow than red.

Here are the charts for the 15 July (9am PDT) Hopi Station…

And the 16 July (8am PDT) Initiation of Moira by Chaos…As you can see, the Chaos-Moira Initiation chart is a lot more complex than we’ve described so far.  It’s a lot like the Haumea Station chart (Quantum Jump 2, https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2018/07/07/quantum-jump-2/), but the Sun has moved into position to Complete the Pluto T-Square and make it into a Grand Cross.  That’ll ease our Rebirth Labor, and I can see that the hunger for Perspective has already moderated.

The five-year Moira-Chaos Cycle is about how much Choice we put into Reaching for our Dreams, and on a deeper level, whether we even Give Ourselves Permission to Dream, or just let our Karmic Limitations control the Edges of our Life.  Nothing we can do about it, it’s just The Way It Is.  We can fantasize all we want, but on this Planet, those are just Immature Longings.  Just think how much it would Disrupt our nicely organized Life if we followed those Longings.  We’d probably be arrested, and certainly ostracized.  Those Longings aren’t even Real, they’re too weird.

That’s the way we Justify our Limits to ourself so we don’t have to take a Risk and Break Out.  That’s our Choice, isn’t it.  To not rock the boat, to not be Crazy.  To not Betray anyone.  Except Ourself.  It’s easier to leave those dead fronds on the Palm Tree, isn’t it.  That ladder looks dangerous.  God, they’ll Freak Out, won’t they.

So, we’re Stuck, aren’t we.  We can’t Betray our Commitments – what will that do to our Karma?  And we can’t Betray Ourself – our Deepest Desires are too Deep to Let Go.  What can we do?

We have to PIAVA Both/And.  There’s nothing in Reality that Prevents us from Following our own Soul’s Demands without Betraying anyone.  What Prevents us is our Limiting Beliefs.  We may not even need to Analyze what they are; we can just PIAVA,

“God/Goddess, Creator of All There Is, I Command that I Receive Both ‘A’ and ‘B.’  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank you, God/Goddess.”

You may not want to even add “Show Me.” to the end, because the more you think about it, the stronger your existing Limiting Beliefs become.  You may just want to Change the Subject, then check in later to Pay Attention – then do a “Show Me.”

Or, you may want to add the “Show Me.” because it might give you clues about which of your Limiting Beliefs are ready to be cast aside, so you can use some of that Fat Mars Energy and take Action.  We’re Enduring a Big Rebirth, and Nothing will be the same.  Have you noticed that you occasionally forget how to shift, or how to put on your shoes?  Those kinds of things happen to Newborns.

Mars is Retrograde on the South Node, so it’s a great time to throw a carefully aimed grenade into our Karmic soup.  The South Node Initiated Mars on 13 June at 4:30 pm PDT in 9 Aquarius, “A flag is seen turning into an Eagle.”  That’s half of the Enlightenment promised at the Turn of the Millennium – see, eg, https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2014/11/04/devolution/, for a summary, or find the Chiron-Pluto entry in the list of Categories.  The South Node and Mars Conjoin again 18 July at 8:30 am PDT, so Action to Safely reduce our Limiting Beliefs is on the docket.  Both/And.

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