Quantum Jump 7

We’ve been wrestling with this Big Rebirth (8-10 July Haumea-Jupiter Stations and fellow travelers), and the 12 July Partial Solar Eclipse outlined some Difficulty dealing with the Transitions.  In the previous post we talked about the Trine Bridge, or the Gift of an Easy Path through the thickets. 

The Eclipse chart also contains three Quincunx Bridges, which are also Easy Paths, but unlike a Trine Bridge, they require an admission fee.  In order to use them productively we have to Maintain our Curiosity.  Quincunx Bridges include single-log spans, and if we slip into a mental approach and try to Figure It Out, rather than Trusting our Intuition and Trusting a Don’t-Know approach, we’ll fall into the rushing torrent of our Ego’s lust for Business-as-Usual, and kill the Golden Goose of Growth in Consciousness.

Truth (asteroid Aletheia) is one of the Quincunx Bridges, but it Conjoins Mercury/Mind.  Conjunctions indicate Merging, so this is actually more of a Challenge than a Bridge, as the first Truth that will be available to us is the Truth of the Birdcage of Concepts that Define – and Limit, and Enforce – our Current Reality and our Olde Ego.  To make this work we’ll have to PIAVA that we receive the Soul’s Truth and Tap Out Imposters and Doubt while Maintaining Curiosity, which will be tricky.

Unconscious Beliefs (Vesta) form another of the three Quincunx Bridges.  This makes more sense, as obviously if we’re going to get Reborn in many Levels, our Unconscious Beliefs are going to have to Change.  But what do we do with our Unconscious Beliefs?  We can’t normally access them, because they’re Unconscious.  Well, we PIAVA.  That even makes it easier to Maintain our Curiosity.  Maybe something like, “I Wonder what Unconscious Beliefs will be Changing as I’m Reborn, and I Wonder what will Change in my Reality as a result.”

The third Quincunx Bridge is the Conjunction of Moira (Choice) and Asbolus (Intuition).    Moira symbolizes Fate when we operate Unconsciously, and Choice when we Live Consciously.  This is a great combination for the role of Bridge here; we can Maintain our Curiosity with a PIAVA on the order of “Wow!  Will I be able to Intuit the situations where I don’t have Choice, and then perhaps consider the kinds of Choices I might make if I had the Option?”

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