Quantum Jump 4

How appropriate to be awakened early today by the reverse Crescent of a Balsamic Moon, amazingly Bright for its size.  And how absolutely Miraculous to get a decent photo of it in one try, through the Venetian blinds, steadied only by the back of the couch…

No Craters appear beyond the margin because the thin Moon is so surprisingly Bright that the Craters are washed out.  It lacks the “Earthshine,” the Light reflected from Earth that sometimes faintly illuminates the Dark Side of the Moon.

The Balsamic Moon symbolizes Preparing to Molt. 

We’re actually 35 hours early, as the Exact Balsamic Moon appears at the Waning Octile (45 Degrees) to the Sun, while this one is close to the Waning Sextile (60 Degrees).

In German, Waxing means Zunehmen or Adding To, and Waning means Abnehmen or Taking Away.  If you write out Zunehmen in script, the first big curve you get, in the top half of the capital Z, is open on the left, like the true Waxing Crescent Moon,Moon symbol crescent.svg.  And if you write out Abnehmen in script, the first big curve you get, in the capital A, is curved on the left, like the Waning Balsamic Moon above.  Of course the Waxing True Crescent Moon only appears in the evening, and the Waning Balsamic reverse-Crescent Moon only in the predawn, but if you’ve just woke up and don’t have a local clock, you can use your Zu and Ab to know how long you’ll be shivering before the Sun returns, if you Pray enough to Make It So.

The Moon when it woke me was at 13 Degrees of Taurus, Opposing the Stationary Jupiter and T-Squared by Mercury (Awareness).

Then, less than two hours later, Dan Scranton chimes in with today’s Arcturian commentary…


“We have a sense of what you have been summoning energetically, and we also have a sense of what timeline you are going to jump to next.  We want to say that this is an important time in your evolution, but every time from this point forward will fall into that category.  So instead, we are going to predict that you are going to make the jump to the timeline that you want to be on as a collective.

“This particular timeline contains the energies that you’ve been summoning, and so much more.  In other words, once you receive some of that which you have asked for from the universe, more will be given.  More will be given because you will demonstrate your ability to handle the energy that you’ve summoned and to create a better reality for all.

“Those of you who are truly awake know that you cannot just create for yourselves.  You recognize the significance of being a part of a collective, and you empathize with those who are suffering.  You feel their pain, and you want to help.  Now, in the creation of a world where everyone has enough, where there is peace and harmony on planet Earth, you are also creating that throughout the galaxy.

“So by wanting what you want, summoning the energy for it, and then receiving it, you are doing so much more than satisfying your ego.  You are helping to create peace and harmony throughout the galaxy.  You are helping to end all suffering and to usher in a golden age, an age where co-creating between extra-terrestrials and humans will be the norm, rather than the anomaly that you sometimes hear about.

“You are truly the visionaries of this galaxy, and in the removing of your limitations, and the accessing of your power, you are making it all happen.  You are, of course, and always will be love incarnate, and as you continue to remind yourselves of that truth, you step into even more power, because you align yourselves with Source Energy.”

2 Responses to “Quantum Jump 4”

  1. alchemist0310 Says:

    (1) 4:44 is the read on my computer when this email was posted– the “adept” number it represents, i.e. metaphysical magic! – (2) the gorgeous crescent, its accompanying interpretation, (3) Daniel Scranton’s omniferous commentary: A trifecta indeed! A grand trine in its own right. Whew. Activated!

  2. Quantum Jump 4 — jbuss Astrology | tabletkitabesi Says:

    Reblogged on tabletkitabesi.wordpress.com

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