Empath and Empathy III

The Karma-Ceres Cycle spans about 42 years, so we’ll only Live through two or three of them in an average Lifespan.  The Cycle is about finding a way to deal with Karma that’s Workable for the Long Term.  This particular Cycle began June 2007 in 6 Taurus, “A cantilever bridge across a deep gorge,” which is so very appropriate for finding a way to deal with Karma that’s Workable for the Long Term!  But look at it this way – there IS a Bridge!  We just have to find it.

The Energy of a Cycle is Strong shortly before and during Initiation, but then goes Underground, as those who profit from the previous Cycle Resist Change.  The new Cycle gradually gains the upper hand, and at the Waxing Square, the Energy of the Cycle emerges and becomes prominent in the Cultural Mainstream.  These two asteroids travel at similar speeds (Karma about 4.2 years per orbit, Ceres 4.6 years), so they can Dance together for a while; their Waxing Square repeats seven times between 2017 and 2020.

In other words, we’ve found the Bridge, and we’re drawing maps to it.  The Deep Gorge is the chasm between our knee-jerk Karmic Archetypes and Judgments, and our Authentic Neutrality and Compassion.  Or between 3D and 5D.

We’ve slipped a partial Solar Eclipse into the July calendar, on the 12th (8pm PDT) in 21 Cancer – does that Degree Zone sound familiar to anyone?

The second T-Square in the Chiron Station chart is focused on Saturn (The Most Important Thing), Quaoar (our Survival Instincts), and Pholus (Being fully Responsive rather than Reactive), indicating – wait for it – that The Most Important Thing is to Fully Respond to our Survival Instincts. 

The base of the T-Square hints Strongly that we’re entering a New Time Province, and we’ll have the Choice of either Suffering over the Loss of what’s Comfortable or even Authentic for us (Chiron-Moon), or Trusting that we will have no trouble Manifesting What We Need in the New Province (Eurydike-Makemake).  All Losses must be Grieved, so we won’t be skipping that step, though if the Changes are sudden we may have to process it quickly to avoid accumulating Karma.  There’s a Difference between Grieving and Suffering.  “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Grief, aren’t you” will go a long way toward reducing or eliminating Suffering.

Our ultimate Mission as Huper Light Workers is to have Compassion for All Things, including All of “our own” Emotions.  As we’ve said before, we don’t “own” our Emotions, any more than today’s Weather is “ours.”  Emotional Microclimates are more complex than Weather Microclimates, but the principle is the same, except that while Weather Microclimates are relatively stable over Time and Space (Climate Change excepted), Emotional Microclimates are incredibly fickle. 

At various Times we Relate more Intensely to some Emotions than to others, so they certainly Feel like they’re “ours,” especially when we Ego-Identify with them.  When our Self-Talk is along the lines of “I Am Grieving” rather than “I Feel Grief,” that’s not just a grammatical difference, it’s unambiguous Ego-Identification.  When we’re Feeling Emotions rather than Merging with them, there’s room for us to Realize that like modern computing, we’re borrowing them from the Cloud. 

The Sensations in your Body are not Emotions, they’re Sensations.  Like Thoughts, Sensations can be closely Related to Emotions, and they can Feed one another.  But they aren’t the same.  Like Thoughts and Emotions, for instance, Sensations can be Intuitions. “My Pain” is different from “The Pain in my Heart.”  The Heart is yours, the Pain is a visitor, a separate Entity.  It’s useful to think of Emotions as Entities, as many Primary Cultures do because they know that Personalizing them is a good way to avoid Identifying with them.

These ideas are not original, but they are radical.  In fact, it was Steven Levine who first taught me that Emotions are not Personal.  It’s been a while since we spoke of what Castaneda called “Cognitive Dissonance,” the Ability to hold Mutually Contradictory ideas at the same time.  I don’t Ask you to Surrender your own Natural Understanding of Emotions and Sensations.  I don’t hold it out as Truth, but as Useful.  I do Ask you to hold this Alternative as a Possibility. 

As we move through these Transitions, this Alternative may turn out to be more Useful to us than our Natural Understanding, which is irretrievably tainted with our pre-Transition Limiting Beliefs.  And we need to be Open to several to many Other Alternative Perspectives, because as the World Pixelates and Reconstitutes, we may need many of them.  We need to be more Engineers than Scientists – in Engineering, Utility is always Situational, and many different Situations are recognized.  Science like Religion tends to be more Fundamentalist, Believing that its Metaphors are literally True.

Bottom Line – The more Perspectives we can carry around with us, the more Skills we’ll be able to bring to many different Situations.  Ego-Identifying with Emotions is as dangerous as Ego-Identifying with Thoughts.  Can you think of Situations where you tend to Ego-Identify with Sensations in your Body?  Identifying is dangerous because it’s Self-Limiting.  If you Are Scared, you’re very unlikely to also Be Happy.  If you Feel Fear, nothing prevents you from also Feeling Joy, even perhaps at the same time – like when you Respond to Fear with Kegels. 

We traditionally Ego-Identify with our Physical Body.  “I’m going to the store,” rather than “I’m taking my Body to the store.”  But what if you Ego-Identified with your Soul instead of your Body.  Then taking your Body to the store doesn’t sound so weird, does it. 

In the Chiron-Station chart, the Saturn-Quaoar-Pholus T-Square looks very similar to the Karma T-Square…

And in fact they’re closely Related.  For example, the Juno-Uranus Conjunction (our Soul Coming into Consciousness) makes a Trine Bridge to the Karma T-Square – Allowing Awareness of our Soul makes it Easier (Trine) to Transcend our Limiting Habit Patterns and Beliefs (Karma).  But Juno-Uranus makes a Quincunx Bridge to the Saturn-et al T-Square.  In the process of meeting the Challenge to Respond to our Survival Instincts, Awareness of our Soul triggers our Curiosity instead, and it’s important to hold that Curiosity as the Emotion that it is rather than regarding it as a puzzle to be Solved.  Mary Oliver expresses this exquisitely…

Curiosity should be Astonishing.  If it’s not, we’re Stuck.  How will we help Mother Earth Reanimate Herself if we aren’t Astonished?  Can we Reanimate the Faerie Realms without being Astonished?  What happens when we Ego-Identify with Astonishment?  Is that kind of like Identifying with our Soul?  Or with Mother Earth herself?  Or with Dragonflies, or Fireflies?


One Response to “Empath and Empathy III”

  1. desmene Says:

    Incredibly useful observations in this… “Engineer v. Scientist” and placing our identity with Soul (compassion) while living in (empathically recognizing) our (and others’) struggles of the physical/emotional selves that we are bound together with in living this life. Teasing out the parts helps with my non-identification work… and helps me further identify how I’ve overused my empathy muscles when “compassion reps” are healthier for me and others. Thanks, JBuss!

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