Heating Up II

In the 21 June Solstice chart, a Critical Issue is Trusting our Ability to Manifest.  Rather than lamenting that Politicians or Climate Change or Elimination of Environmental Protection or Immigration or Trade Wars will Destroy our World or our Ability to Survive, Focus your Attention on What You Want to Experience instead.  That’s your greatest Power for positive Change, and your Vibrations are needed by the Collective (the Solstice Sun is one corner of the base of a T-Square focused on Makemake-Eurydike, with Pholus-Quaoar on the other corner of the base).

Focus your Attention on what is Life-Affirming.  Replace your Judgments of Others with Honest Self-Inventory of the roots of your Karma – we Judge in Others what we can’t Tolerate in ourself.  Allow – and PIAVA – Transcendence into your Life.  (Varuna, asteroid Karma, and Klotho-BZ509 are at Angles of Grace and Curiosity to the focus of the T-Square; see https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2018/05/28/bz509-transcendence/ for an introduction to BZ509.)

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