Heating Up I

There’s a lot more to write about than there will be time to write, and I can tell that folks are eager for Perspective, so I’ll be cryptic to try to cover the Big Points, then see how much time we have to fill in details as we go…

The 27 June Full Moon tells us that The Most Important Thing is that we Realize how we’ve Merged with another Person (or People), and PIAVA to Find Our Own Center Again (The Full Moon Conjoins Saturn and Hylonome).  We need to Trust that it is possible to Manifest the End of our Despair over the Pain caused by trying to Live through someone else (The Full Moon Squares the Opposition from Chiron to Makemake-Eurydike-Atropos). 

This is not something we “Figure Out.”  We have to Intuit or Channel it, because the Merging, the Trust, the Pain, and the Despair are laced together in a complex knot of Paradoxes (The Full Moon Grand Cross is embedded with two Yin Gates) around barely identifiable Anger from Past Lives (one Yin Gate is centered on Mars Conjunct the South Node), and Breaking the Ancient Oath or Oaths that have Committed us to Abuse (the other Yin Gate is centered on Orcus-Veritas Opposite Nessus-OR10).

We are stuck in a Timeline that we Want very much to End soon, but we’ve been unable to find the exit.  The Insights are elusive, but there may be some variation on a White Dove leading you down a hidden Sacred Pathway to Pray to the Sun (Lachesis is the focus of a Mjölnir from the Hylonome-Atropos T-Square; the Vacancies that would complete the other three T-Squares are at 20 Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius).

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