Wants, Mission, Compromise 8

Uranus Initiated Sappho June 7 at 5pm PDT in 2 Taurus, “An electrical storm.”  We just had a Volcano, now more Lightning and Thunder.  The four-year-plus Sappho-Uranus Cycle is about the Soul’s Urge for us to Love Ourself.  Think we’ll be struck by Lightning if we Criticize ourself?  Probably not literally, but we might find the World Mirroring our Critiques back to us more Vividly than usual, as the Ego has more difficulty keeping us in the Dark about our justifications for them.

Jupiter Initiated Hopi November 16 of last year at 3pm PST, starting a new ten-year Cycle in 8 Scorpio, “A calm lake bathed in moonlight.”  The Hopi-Jupiter Cycle would be about reducing our Judgments of Other Entities.  A calm Lake reflects Moonlight, and Moonlight reflects Authenticity. 

As kids we used to return a taunt with “It takes one to know one,” implying that whatever they were accusing us of must apply to them as well.  But what if, next time someone Projected their Shadow on you, you replied, “It takes one to know one, so I must be one.”  Then you could Ask yourself, “I Wonder what this has to Teach me,” and Change the Subject.  You don’t want an Answer, you want to Inspire Curiosity.

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