Wants, Mission, Compromise 5

The next thing we notice about the 17 June (9:30 pm PDT) Eris-Juno Initiation, is an additional dose of Grace…

In the form of a Fire Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Blessings, the big blue triangle above) among the Initiation itself, Abandoned Genius Ixion, and Sustainable Authenticity Moon-Ceres.  It’s augmented by two additional corners, making five of the six corners we’d need for a Grand Sextile (Great Blessings flowing from our Actions).  The two additional corners are Rebirth Haumea, and Essential Potential Sun-Chaos, leaving the sixth corner, or Vacancy, at 26 Aquarius, “A mechanic testing a car battery with a hydrometer.”

The Vacancy is of course Energy we will have to supply Consciously in order to complete the Grand Sextile and Activate the Blessings – the Intuition, Knowledge, and Willingness to Risk and Learn needed to Troubleshoot when we encounter Difficulty.

Finally, we return to Curiosity when we look at the Square Fez…

A Square Fez is a trapezoid with Squares (90 degrees, the red lines) on the non-parallel sides.  It signifies a complex problem that is Resolved (not Solved) by following the (green) diagonal Quincunxes, or Curiosities.  The interacting Dilemmas are the mismatch between Fear and Sustaining Authenticity, and between Rebirth and Self-Sovereignty.  These are astrological Angles, not word games, so our usual Language-based approach to a World that is much bigger than Language, may not work.

For instance, Sustaining Authenticity is usually Scary, but is that the issue here?  Maybe it’s about Being Authentic when we’re in Fear.  We won’t know till we Experience it.  We may get clues from the Signs – for instance, Authenticity is in Leo, which we could read as a further admonition not to fake it.  And Sedna is in Taurus, which could indicate our Scarcity.  And how does that interact with Self-Sovereignty and Rebirth?

It’s the Quincunxes that hold the answers.  First we need to remind ourself that Curiosity, Like Love, is an Emotional State to be Sought, not a Problem to be Solved.  We use our PIAVAs to Invite our Intuition to look beyond what our mind, constrained as it is by our Limiting Beliefs, can see. 

We might try “I Wonder how my Self-Sovereignty and my Authenticity might serve one another.”  Then we Change the Subject, because if we don’t put our mind elsewhere, our habitual Patterns of thought will keep us in our old Birdcage.  And we might Ask, “Am I Afraid of Rebirth?” and then Change the Subject.  Later we’d Pay Attention to see if any Insights appeared to us.  We might use Tapping or Poor-Sweethearting or further PIAVAing to follow up on any Insights that did appear, to see what else we might Learn from them.

We’ve been describing the chart of the Eris-Juno Initiation, which, using three-Degree Sensitivity, will to some degree describe our Experience of this weekend.  But, with six-Degree Sensitivity, it will also describe the processes of the next four years, and this new Juno-Eris Cycle unfolds.  We don’t have nearly enough mental bandwidth to follow all 2,000 Cycles, but we can Intend that, when an issue relevant to a give Cycle arises, we Remember the nature of the specific Cycle and gain Perspective from it.

For example, this Initiation is at 24 Degrees; what do we have in our natal chart near 24 Degrees?  We can expect that over the next four years these places in our Life will be enhanced (and probably, along the way, also complicated or troubled) by the Coming into Consciousness of that which had been previously Denied.  We might spend a few moments Asking ourself, with regard to each of our natal planets around 24 Degrees, “What am I Denying about the Influence of this Planet?”

For instance, if we have natal Mars near 24 Degrees, we might Ask ourself “What Angers might I be harboring without being fully Conscious of them?  Have I made Compromises in order to skate around these, avoiding full Authenticity?  Is there any way I might unravel these Patterns Lovingly, Gently, Rapidly, and Completely?  Do I have a Belief that it’s better to Get Along than to be searingly Authentic?  How might my Loyalty to that Belief Contribute to my Lifelong Frustrations?”

We know that this weekend, and the chart of the Initiation, and therefore the next four years, is permeated by the Stations of Makemake and Neptune.  So we know that there are Big Changes afoot around how we Manifest, and around how we view the Material and Spiritual Worlds.  The Initiation chart has hinted about Sustainability and Fear of Scarcity.  We’ve been emphasizing Authenticity and Fear, but we could also emphasize Sustainability and Fear.

It may be useful to Remember that the other side of the Sustainability coin is Sustenance, which involves Eliminating what is Unnecessary.  It may be useful for us to Prioritize what we Really Want in our Lives.

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