Self-Sovereignty II

For once we get to Interpret a fairly straightforward or “tidy” chart…

Well, at least it’s tidy in the sense that it’s only got one major Configuration, which is the Big Diamond Star focused on the convergence of Pluto and Lilith, and no confounding outliers.  Such relative simplicity is pretty rare, which we can read as “This is pretty Important; we’d be ahead to Pay Attention to this.”  In this Configuration, the Chaos New Moon is just a supporting actor, though it provides a good deal of the Grace.

A Diamond Star is a T-Square (the red triangle) – which is normally a Big Challenge – that Resolves itself by virtue of the “Bowl of Grace” (the blue lines) “under” it.  Diamond Stars are created when a T-Square and a Yod (the green wedge) point to the same planet(s).  We’ve got a post in the oven about Yods in the 20-25-Degree Zone.

So the Biggest Deal in the 13 June New Moon chart is this Gift (Self-Resolving Challenge) of Mandatory (Pluto) Self-Sovereignty (Lilith).  Of course T-Squares aren’t just Challenges, they’re <Challenges to Mastery>, coursework in our process of Mastering the Challenge, in this case Self-Sovereignty.  That just means that we’re Masters of our own Lives.  We can hardly Master our own Destiny if we don’t first Master our own Lives. 

(Note to self – find a better word than Master here; it has too many connotations of Patriarchy and Slavery.)

That is, we need to be able to make our own Decisions about our Lives before we can truly Choose how our Life Evolves.  That’s actually a tall order, since most of our Decisions are actually based on our Unconscious Beliefs, but if we Aim to Achieve Liberation, we need to get Conscious about as many of our previously Unconscious Beliefs as we can, so we can short-circuit Self-Sabotage.

The new Lilith-Pluto Cycle was Initiated 17 May of this year (11pm PDT) at 22 Capricorn, “By accepting defeat gracefully, a general reveals nobility of character.”  That would be General Ego, as it’s Ego that enforces the Sovereignty of our Unconscious Beliefs.  So in the best of Worlds, we can Interpret this New Moon’s Gift as, should we Choose to Accept it, the ability to Gracefully move through the Ego Deaths necessary to dislodge our Unconscious Beliefs.

While it’s not in the same Degree as the New Moon, asteroid Nemesis (Ego Death) Squares the Nodes (our Path in the Lifetime), with Mars on the South Node (Actively Facing Held Emotions – or Held Emotions Attacking us if that’s what we “prefer”) and Aletheia (Truth) on the North Node (Mission).

The nine-year Lilith-Pluto Cycle is a bit of an oxymoron, as Lilith laughs at anyone else’s attempts to exert Control over Her, yet Resisting Pluto is Futile.  But we don’t need to assume that Lilith is stupid.  Pluto represents the Flow of (Linear) Time.  It’s Self-Destructive to Fight the Flow of Time.  Manipulate it, Bend it, Steer it in the Direction we’d like to see it go, absolutely.  But Fight it, nah, that’s dumb.  Self-Sovereignty and It-Is-What-It-Is collaborate just fine, once we Discern What-We-Want from What-Isn’t – yet.

The Challenge in the T-Square is to Manifest what’s Illuminated at the apex of the T-Square (here, Lilith Conjunct Pluto), given the situation that’s lit up by the Opposition at the base of the T-Square (here, the Apparent Contradiction between Rebirth/Haumea and the Coming into Consciousness that which we’ve been Denying, or Juno Conjunct Eris).

Eris Initiates Juno on 17 June (9:30 pm PDT), halfway between the Makemake Station and the Neptune Station, in 24 Aries – “Blown inward by the Wind, the curtains of an Open window take the shape of a Cornucopia.”  That’s an amazing omen, as it indicates a profound Opening of the Natural Mind (Wind) through a gap in the walls of the Concept-Set (Birdcage) through which our Unconscious Beliefs Manifest.  The Juno-Eris Cycle spans five years.

The Opposition is the Second Harmonic, which is the Priestess, or Guardian of Traditional Rituals.  So the Second Harmonic is about the Rules we normally use to Resolve Apparent Contradictions.  Since we’re Conscious that the Mind and Language are Limited to Duality and Separation, while the Universe is Multitudinous and Unitary, we Realize that Apparent Contradictions are just that – Apparent.  When confronted with Apparent Contradictions, we “Move to the Coin.”  It’s neither Heads nor Tails, it’s a Shekel.

So how do we Resolve Accepting what we’ve been Denying (Juno-Eris) on one hand and Rebirth (Haumea) on the other?  Well, obviously we could just finesse the Ego Deaths, though in “Real” Life that may be easier said than done.  So what does Mandatory Self-Sovereignty (Lilith-Pluto) have to do with it?  Well, what if we gave Priority to the gentle Wishes of our Soul rather than the overbearing Demands of our Unconscious Beliefs? 

We may not always know how to Choose that, but a few Passionate PIAVAs would undoubtedly help.

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